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Adventure Treks

5 Stars based on 13 reviews (review)

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Camp Location: 1899 Berea Church RD, Hendersonville, North Carolina, 28739,
Ages: 12-18
Gender: Male and Female
Camp type:Overnight
Session dates: Late June- Mid July or Mid- July- Early August
Cost (range): 600-800 per week
Contact Person: John Dockendorf
Phone: 888-954-5555
Fax: 828-698-0339
Mailing Address:
PO Box 1321
Flat Rock, North Carolina, 28731
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Camp's Description

Ever climbed a snow covered volcano? Slept under a starry sky on a wilderness beach or rafted a crazy fun whitewater river? Here is your chance! At Adventure Treks this is just a snapshot of your best summer ever. You will see incredible scenery, make great friends from across the country, laugh more than you ever thought possible, and become a better leader. A recent study shows Adventure Treks will improve the 21st Century life skills you will need for future success. Temporarily escape the digital age. 12 - 18 year olds can visit exciting destinations on the West Coast, British Columbia, Colorado, Alaska, New England and the Southeast. Give us just two or three weeks and you will see benefits and make friendships that will last the rest of your life.
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Our Daughter's First Adventure Trek - won't be her last! September 04, 2013
Reviewer: Marlinman from South Carolina
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Our daughter went on her first Adventure Treks this Summer to British Columbia. We are completely hooked - it was an excellent experience! The staff does such an excellent job of making sure your child is safely challenged while at the same time forges phenomenal relationships with kids from around the country (and world). She had 6 counselors in a group of 18 kids which offered her exposure to different leadership skills and lots of guidance. The activities they did were world class with safety always as the top priority. Our daughter will certainly return next year and beyond.
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Great way to spend your summer :) October 19, 2012
Reviewer: Mfranke from Des Plaines, IL
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Adventure Treks is a life changing experience. It opens teenagers' eyes to a whole new world. It teaches them valuable lessons including the fact that you can survive three or more weeks without any electronics which I think many teens don't believe is possible today. I went on the Blue Ridge Adventure and British Columbia trip last summer. I meet people from all over the world who are great friends that I still keep in tough with, and the activities are a blast. You will surprise yourself with how you are capable of doing things you would have never thought you could do, like summit a mountain, or hike 6 miles in a snowstorm when you don't have gloves (my fault). The environment is always positive, exciting, and safe. After every year I wonder, how could it get better, but it's possible. If you are looking for an exciting adventure, go on an AT trip!!!!! You can travel to beautiful places, meet tons of fun people,and do amazing activities. It will be the best summer you have ever had.
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Wonderful experience! September 17, 2010
Reviewer: Lolly from Southern California
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After extensive research on many outdoor programs, I chose Adventure Treks for my 16 year old son (summer of 2008). He had never been been backpacking before but is athletic and open to new experiences. His trip was California Challenge, and it was the year they had many wildfires in the area. I was extremely happy with the way the AT staff handled communication with us about the fires and the subsequent changes in their itinerary. The trip was everything I wanted for my son -he made close friends (still in touch with some after 2 1/2 years), had great mentor-like counselors, learned a lot about the outdoors, and gained confidence by successfully climbing Mt. Shasta, among other things. He just went off to college but frequently sites his Adventure Treks summer as an experience that he continually draws from. In response to the 3-star review, AT is definitely not for kids with behavioral problems of any sort. Sending three kids home from a trip is definitely highly unusual for AT. In terms of the counselors from my son's trip 5 of 6 were great. One counselor was mediocre, according to the report I got, however the counselor did not detract from the overall amazing experience and did not put the kids in danger at any point. (He was just average.) There were no discipline problems of any kind on the trip and nobody was sent home or left early. I would highly recommend Adventure Treks to any parent looking for a challenging and fun trip for their teen. Note: I sent my 15 year old in 2009 on the California Adventure trip and he loved it as well. (Totally different personality from his brother.) No problems on his trip either.
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Amazing Experience for you teen February 15, 2010
Reviewer: Dana Maryland from Maryland
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My older children have attended Adventure Treks for three summers. They went on the Pacific Northwest Adventure, California Challenge, and Alaska. My youngest will attend his first adventure this summer and he can't wait. My kids have loved their experience with adventure treks. As a parent, I always felt informed and confident that they were safe and having fun. They come back with a better understanding of the world we live in. They learned to work together as a community. I love the trek checks that kept us updated with where they were on their adventure, what they were doing and seeing. The instructors are very professional and you can't ask for better mentors for your children. A couple of instructors are still in contact with my kids even now when they are in college. My children have made life long friends, some which we have traveled to visit and several who have come to visit us and a couple who have spent vacations with us. My son and daughter have climbed mountains, white water rafted, ice climbed, back packed, kayaked, and had countless other experiences that have helped shaped who they are and who they are becoming. When times have gotten tough, they draw from those experiences and push through with confidence because of what they have learned to do. I cannot wait until my youngest son gets to have some of the same experiences that his brother and sister have had. Yes, I recommend this program.
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Fabulous!! October 26, 2009
Reviewer: Parent from Long Island NY
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Adventure Treks is a fabulous experience for kids and teenagers. I wish I had known about them 10 years ago as I would have sent my first child through their programs. They give the kids wonderful experiences that develop both connection with the outdoors and meaningful relationships with each other. The staff is great.
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Awesome! October 23, 2009
Reviewer: Nancy wenzel from
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My 14 year old son spent the best 3 weeks of his life this past summer, and he owes it all to Adventure Treks. It was his first AT camp, but will certainly not be his last. I loved that he was spending July canoing, hiking, rockclimbing and kayaking, instead of stting inside playing his xbox, to escape the brutal Texas heat. AT does a fabulous job of building community--he truly felt at home from the very first day, and said when he got home, “Mom, I made more good friends in 3 weeks at Adventure Treks this summer than I did all 3 years at Middle school”. He is currently facebooking with them to arrange next years trip, and I will be first in line with my deposit. Great instructors, great communication, good food and high behavior expectations, makes it a first class experience. l
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Adventure Treks... we loved it! October 14, 2009
Reviewer: Pam rivers from
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I have only good things to say about Adventure Treks. My son had an amazing time and asked, as soon as I picked him up, if he could go again next year. I was very impressed with the level of professionalism and training the staff had. The communication with parents was beyond what I had anticipated. I was really fortunate that we live near the airport where the trip began and ended. I was able to see my son with the kids and the instructors. I have to say, I had tears in my eyes as these instructors came up to me one by one and talked about my son and what an amazing young man he is. (They aren't always so wonderful at home but we know it is there!) I saw the very real and deep connections as they all said good bye. The thoughtful written evaluations of my son that I received after the course were wonderful. The caliber of staff and kids alike made the experience what it was. My son "loved" everyone and I really got the feeling he was truly loved by the staff and kids alike. More importantly I feel he was at his best there. His leadership abilities were noticed and he apparently really stepped up in helping to create positive norms in the group. I feel that the AT staff try their best to screen the kids before they accept them into the program and I truly appreciate this goal. We were looking for a wonderful group wilderness experience for a young man about to enter high school. A sort of right of passage. I did not want him in a program for troubled teens or with troubled teens. I looked at a few different programs and talked to the directors of a number of them before deciding on AT. It was really important to me that along with physical safety there was also emotional safety and that the staff would ensure this. For us, this was the case. All around, both my son and I feel the experience exceeded our expectations. I thought it would be good but it was truly exceptional. He is in touch with many of the kids from his group and I think most of them are planning on returning; in fact they had chosen a course together for next summer, while they were on their trip last summer! For our family it was wonderful. For my son, I know it was one of those experiences that punctuates his life. Thank you AT.
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5 consecutive Adventure Treks Summers and more to come! October 14, 2009
Reviewer: Insidecampsart from Ft Lauderdale, FL
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My son, now 16, has attended 5 Adventure Treks trips and loved every one of them! He’s planning his 6th, and may be able to do a 7th. Hiking, camping, backpacking, and white water rafting were already activities we liked to do as a family. And so it was sort of natural to look for a camp that would offer that. Initially, I had looked for the more traditional sleepaway camps and he attended one the first year he went away for summer. The next year, I looked for something different. I read the Duke Tip reviews book, and stumbled on Adventure Treks. I made a call, spoke with the director a couple of times, even called some parents for references. I was hearing such positive comments from everyone that I decided to take a chance. In great part, I chose Adventure Treks because it offered more hands on attention to my teenager, who frankly was not very unsociable. My son has ADDADHD, and though you would not think it now, he was super shy, very insecure, and though physically strong and more than capable, he didn’t seem to know it. The first few days were super difficult for me. I worried whether I had made the right decision. I was checking the online posting boards daily, pouncing every time my cell rang, I was not at ease. But as the post cards started to come in and I spoke with him, I started to relax. When he returned home, I found a more confident kid. He was more talkative, more outgoing, and happier. The next year, we talked a lot about what he should do. It was a mutual decision to go back to Adventure Treks. And that time, he made much more progress than the year before. He’d challenged himself more physically and made more of an effort to socialize. I could see the positive impact the summer had for him for months later. After that, the only questions have been which AT trip to go to. And with each trip, a more involved kid, more community centered kid, more engaged and self assured kid would emerge. I know that he has become more than a camper. He is a leader, a problem solver, a positive attribute to each trip. And AT, in turn, has made him a leader in life. I’ve heard of kids going home early, either because of discipline or other factors. Kids are pushed out of their comfort zones in AT adventures. That’s very true. My kid broke down in tears a couple of times. And yet every time he attended an AT trip, he’s matured greatly, and had the best times of his life! Adventure Treks is a huge part of my son's summers. You’ll love listening to the stories your kids come back with.
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Amazing. Simply amazing. October 13, 2009
Reviewer: Grantmg93 from New York
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I would wholeheartedly recommend Adventure Treks. The entire experience is one of the best I've had--the activities are extremely fun (the whitewater rafting is a particular favorite of mine) and the community bonds together quickly and well. The instructors on the trip were really nice and accomplished, and well prepared for everything (I fell on a rock and split my lip on a backpack, but despite having another day in the backcountry the instructors were able to clean it, bandage it, and keep it from getting infected). I am still good friends with everyone on my trip, instructors included. Some of the food requires you to be adventurous (or if you're cooking it, creative) , but if you do then it is remarkably good for cooking with propane stoves. An AT trip does involve helping out a lot around the campsites and bonding with people you may not be as good friends with if you weren't at AT, so coming into a trip with this with the right mindset of volunteerism, open mindedness, and cooperation, then the trip will be as amazing as promised. Since most everyone hears this and sooner or later gets into the AT mindset, the trip becomes the best three to four weeks of the year.
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great experience October 13, 2009
Reviewer: Minnmom from Minneapolis, MN
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I have two daughters who participated in Adventure Treks on several adventures. The experiences they had were amazing, both from “fun” perspective and from the character building perspective. They had great counselors, exciting itineraries and experiences for a lifetime. They had great memories and long lasting relationships. I highly recommend it.
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Amazing summer experiences at Adventure Treks October 13, 2009
Reviewer: AT Mom from Saint Louis, Missouri
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I have 2 boys, ages 17 and 14, who have been on multiple summer trips with Adventure Treks (AT). My 17 year old has been going for 4 years, starting with the Pacific Northwest and having just completed the Alaskan Adventure. My 14 year old has done 2 summer trips with AT. They are two very different kids, but both have had amazing experiences with this very professional and safety conscious group of people. The philosophy of the program is safety first and my children have learned to respect and enjoy the wilderness. AT also stresses the importance of community among their campers. My children have maintained their friendships and start planning next year's trip immediately upon returning home. The experiences they have had (mountain biking, ice climbing, white water rafting) will be with them their entire lives, but the most significant characteristic of this particular outfit is that I feel very confident that my children will arrive home safely and have learned the necessary skills to survive and thrive in the wilderness.
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Amazing experience October 13, 2009
Reviewer: SuzQ from San Francisco, CA
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My daughter just finished her 4th year with Adventure Treks. I would say this experience was one of the most transforming of her life. She gained a lot of self-confidence and made incredible friends from all over the country. She's hiked, kayaked, rafted, climbed glaciers and has become a real outdoor enthusiast- something she can take with her forever. She admired many of the counselors and I think they were good role models. She even used her adventure treks experience in her common application to college! Now that she is at Tufts, she has joined the outdoor club and has had many of the east coast friends she made through AT come and visit her. I think Doc (the director) and his crew are very conscientious and caring. I would wholeheartedly recommend Adventure Treks.
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An expensive mistake August 01, 2009
Reviewer: Yogamom from New York
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My 15-year-old son enjoys hiking and the outdoors and has been happily going to sleepaway camp for a month every summer for several years (with no problems whatsoever and only good reports from his counselors). I thought Adventure Treks would be a great step up from the usual camp experience. Unfortunately, the trip he was on did not go well. He was sent home shortly before the end of the trip for disciplinary reasons, so obviously my opinions about this program were affected by that. I am sharing only my own subjective opinions in this review. My impression is that while the counselors may have a great deal of experience with camping and wilderness activities, they do not seem to have enough training in dealing with teenagers. For example, my son had a problem with another boy, and rather than being separated, the boys were required to share a tent, which inevitably led to more conflict. A couple of the counselors seemed to have a somewhat authoritarian approach that may not be the most effective way to deal with teenage boys (again, this is only my impression, derived from speaking to my child). Out of 23 kids who went on this trip, three were sent home. There were five or six counselors present on this trip, so it was surprising to me that they did not seem to be able to cope with this relatively small group of kids, or to manage situations and behaviors that were less than perfect. My son said that one of the counselors told the kids that they were the worst group of kids she had ever worked with, which does not seem like the best way to motivate teenagers. Four days before the end of the 19-day trip, we got an email from the director, who was apparently trying to put a cheery spin on the fact that things seemed to be going badly -- one counselor had unexpectedly departed, two kids had been sent home due to "self-care issues" (whatever that means), multiple kids had the "stomach flu" (and I learned from my son that one child was taken to the emergency room for treatment of dehydration), everyone was "tired and cranky," the second of two planned backpacking trips had been canceled in favor of taking the kids to a movie, and the director himself was flying in to replace the departed counselor and presumably to try to get things back on track. An hour later, I got a call from the head counselor, saying that my son was being sent home. I had to pay over $400 for a last-minute, one-way plane ticket and pick him up at the airport at 6:00 a.m. We had spent several hundred dollars on the required equipment and clothing for this trip, and at least half of his camping equipment and clothing did not come home with him. He was upset about having been sent home, and did not understand why it had happened. He was also exhausted. He had apparently been having a great deal of difficulty sleeping due to headaches (quite possibly caused by dehydration) and I am sure that his being exhausted and somewhat ill contributed to whatever problems he experienced on the trip. I do not think that my child is perfect and I think there should be consequences for misbehavior. But even assuming that everything that the counselor told me was true, I was surprised that they felt that sending my child home four days before the end of the trip was the only option. However, I was not there, don't have all the facts, and can't accurately assess the situation. I do know that between the cost of the program, the airfare, and all the gear, this was an expensive undertaking, and the results were certainly not what we had hoped for. Despite all that, my son actually had a good time, for the most part, made some good friends, and described some amazing experiences like kayaking among seals. So it was not a complete disaster, but I would be very hesitant to recommend this program to other parents.
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