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Camp Location: 2305 -C #292 Ashland St., Ashland, Oregon, 97520, United States
Ages: 11-18
Gender: Male and Female
Camp type:Day and Overnight
Session dates: June - August
Cost (range): $100/day
Contact Person: Erica Johnson Program Manager
Phone: 541 842 0787
Mailing Address:
2305 - C #292 Ashland St
Ashland, Oregon, 97520
United States
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Camp's Description

LEAP Camp is an exciting, active and fun leadership development camp for teens in the mountains outside of Ashland, OR.  We use challenge adventure activities (ropes course, river trips, backpacking and camping in a primitive setting) to allow participants to discover what type of leader they are and learn how to maximize their abilities with a group.
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Leap into Adventure May 18, 2009
Reviewer: Doomender from Ashland, OR
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Leap Camp is a fun-filled journey into pristine EarthTeach park. Leap is based around being tested in teamwork-based activities while learning more about oneself. The basic goal is simple but wonderful: form bonds, with yourself and others, while exploring what makes you, you. Leap was created by two insightful counselors, Josh and Tom, and many more helpers besides. If you ask them about Leap, they'll be more than happy to tell you all about it. If you listen closely, you might hear a whisper they both share: a thanks to Fate for blessing them with a job they both find so rewarding and exciting. There might be a tear or two in their eyes, but in no time Josh will have whipped out his guitar and started playing. I have no doubt everyone around him will sing along as he plays. Leap Camp is made up of 5 individual adventures, separated by age. The aim of Leap is to progressively challenge the camper with more and more difficult activities or bonding sessions. The harder the adventure, the more it teaches the adventurer. There's always the option to take a break or to forgo a challenge altogether, and the option sometimes even encouraged. Sometimes it's hardest to say no, and the camp counselors understand and respect that. Tom is always there to give a helping hand and an encouraging word. In the end, all else aside, it is the camper's choice whether or not to continue, and their decision is respected as well. Meals are nutritious and healthy, water is in large supply. during the day, the camp makes good use of EarthTeach's challenge courses, and in the night campfires flare warmly. Around the fire, it's all fun and games: improvisational games and instrument playing make up a small part of the bonding activities up the counselors' sleeves. When it's time to head to the tents and drift off to sleep, campfire time is closed with a song or two reminding the Leapers to respect the beauty around them. Then it's off to bed and off to sleep. In the morning, campers are roused by Josh playing his guitar once again. Frankly, it's hard not to leap out of bed. Breakfast is soon served, and after some warming up, it's time to get down to the challenge course. The smiles on the Leapers' faces are infectious, and everyone's grinning in short order. It's a brand new day, and where better to be? Not only do the challenges get more difficult, but the immersion in the camp becomes more involved. Later campers will find themselves Leaping for days at a time, unbroken by outside confusion and clatter. The challenge of Leaping comes not only in what you are comfortable with sharing or doing, but in how long you are comfortable being away from civilization. Still, even in the later Leaps, the days fly by and all too soon the camp's time is over. The end brings the realization of the greatest gift of all: friends made and bonds created. You won't have to wait for the next camp, either. Around the year, activities are organized to bring the Leapers back together, such as rock climbing and game nights. The fun never ends, and the bonds created are shared for years- you may find yourself coming back to Leap without even thinking about it. More proof that your brain knows where the fun, and friends, are. You may have noticed that I haven't gone very deeply into detail about the challenge courses Leap holds or the activities Leapers get to participate in. This is because a good part of the fun of Leaping is in the surprise, and I wouldn't want to ruin that for anyone. Besides, I have full confidence that you'll be there to see. Jasper is a quirky, if insightful, longtime Leaper. He's been there since the beginning, and he can't wait for the next Leap to come. He is analytical, calculating, and honest. Leap suits him just as well as anyone else. Perfectly. There's only one problem he's found in the years he's been there... it ends too soon.
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