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Banzai Surf School

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Camp Location: CA-1 S, Newland St., Huntington Beach, California, 92646, United States
Ages: 10-60
Gender: Male and Female
Camp type:Day
Session dates: June 7-August 27
Cost (range): $180
Contact Person: Jaz
Phone: (714) 499-3315
Mailing Address:

United States
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Camp's Description

I have experience with Corky Carroll's Surf School and Banzai Surf School. I can honestly say that Banzai tops Corky Carroll's Surf School by far. Both schools spend time teaching you the basics and water safety. The difference here is that Jaz (Banzai Surf School) does this in a calm, non threatening way.


Banzai Summer Surf Camp package costs $35 more than Corky Carroll's. However, Corky Carroll's is so much over booked with kids that in a 1/2 day surf camp (3 hours), the students have a 1 hour break. During this 1 hour break, you may go out for "free surfing" if there are any boards available. If you are a beginner and your child is rather young (not 15 years old +), the child will only get a 2 hour instruction.


Now, doing the math, the cost per hour of surf instructions (on the board) per surf "camp" would be as follows: 


Corky Carroll's Surf Camp at $145 for 15 hours minus 5 hours of laying in the sand doing nothing or talking about some more safety that they received on the first day of surf camp totals $14.50 per surf instructions in the water and on the board.


Banzai Surf Camp at $180 for 15 hours totals $12.00 per surf instructions in the water and on the board.


While I believe that Corky Carroll's Surf Camp could be a quality lesson for you and the kids, I much more strongly believe that the better quality lessons and time with the instructor is with Banzai Surf Camp for the money.


Jaz and/or his team of instructors will be with you the entire time of the lesson. You are encouraged to try to stand on the board the first day. However, if you don't you will most likely be standing on the board and taking a wave into shore by the second or third day of camp.


Jaz and his instructors do everything possible to make the lesson fun and memorable for the students. My basketball playing, suburb, hoity toity, and stuborn son reluctantly went to the Banzai Surf Camp in Huntington Beach, CA and came out every day saying that he now has a new hobby that he absolutely loves and is begging for more lessons. Of course, that means that he is now researching the top name brand and most expensive surf gear (the hoity toity, keeping up with the Jones' side of him).  :-(


I believe that my son's reaction to Jaz and his instructors is due to Jaz's love of the sport, the ocean, and the respect of the creatures that live in it. I believe it is also due to Jaz's enjoyment of teaching his own children to surf over the years and watching them grow to be fine adults who, like Jaz, appreciate and respect the ocean and surfing.


When leaving your child or your own fate in the hands of a surf instructor, I highly advise that you do your research and look for someone like Jaz who genuinely loves what he does and is not in it purely as a numbers game and business. You will be much more safe in an ocean that has predators and where you can drown if you are with someone like Jaz and his instructors who truely love what they do. A school that is full of kids (50 to 100 at a time) is NOT always safe. DO YOUR HOMEWORK.


~ Shari Fisher

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