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Maine Golf & Tennis Academy

2 Stars based on 13 reviews (review)

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Camp Location: Maine Golf and Tennis Academy, 35 Golf Academy Drive, North Belgrade, Maine, 04917, United States
Gender: Male and Female
Camp type:Overnight
Session dates: Multiple
Cost (range): $650 - $1,000
Contact Person: Joel Lavenson - Director
Phone: 1-800-GOLF-CAMP
Fax: 207-465-3226
Mailing Address:

United States
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Camp's Description

Kennebec Camps a trusted name in camping and with families all over the globe, has been the premiere summer camp of choice since 1907. Now it is the home of The Maine Golf & Tennis Academy for Junors and continues to deliver the Best Program, Finest Staff and Facility for Junior Golf and Junior Tennis Instruction.

It is theTotal Summer Junior Golf Camp and Junior Tennis Camp Program for boys and girls ages 8 -17. PGA Professional Quality Junior Golf Instruction and private lessons. USPTA Junior Tennis Instruction and private lessons. The Maine Golf and Tennis AcademyJunior Golf Camps and Junior TennisCamps gives you the American Summer Golf Camp and Tennis Camp experience.

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Be Careful! June 09, 2013
Reviewer: Lrickson from Maine
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I made two mistakes when I decided to send my son to this camp: 1. I didn't read the reviews on this and other sites. 2. I didn't see the facility in person. Don't make the same mistakes I made!
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Inspiring Great Habits September 18, 2012
Reviewer: Nightwolf39 from Mesa, AZ
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My children have been going to this camp for 5 years. The values that the enforced everyday is what we as parents want our kids to learn. I have read many of the reviews that were left before me and am awestruck by the parents writing them. A couple claimed that there are NO ACTIVITIES and that their child lost 8 POUNDS while attending camp. Let me point out to all those people - Maine Golf & Tennis Academy IS A SPORTS CAMP. Kids will lose weight because of the exercise. They also happen to be a summer camp, which means the campers have the choice of many activities - but primarily Golf & Tennis. My daughter loves learning for the Tennis Director, who has been there for 6 years. (So I don't know who that Rileytennis is that claims he was director 3 years ago). My son has excelled at golf during his stay. He surprises my friends each time he tees off. I guess the only other issue I can respond to is price. MGTA is a little expensive compared to most summer camps. But as I pointed out previously - it's a sports camp. And as far as sports camps go - MGTA is on the cheaper end of the scale. My 2 children love it there. I love the people they're becoming because of being there. I WILL CONTINUE TO SEND THEM THERE.
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Not Worth the $$$ October 22, 2011
Reviewer: Hess from NY
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I wish I had read the reviews below & on other sites before I sent my son. Most of the warnings came true. Do your homework before sending your child. Staffing seems to be a big problem.
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MY son LOVED the camp! February 26, 2011
Reviewer: Tennis Mom from
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It was his first time at this camp last summer and his experience could not have been better. He was met at the airport promptly by the staff and made to feel welcome immediately. He is a serious tennis player and recieved top notch instruction with all the pros he was able to work with.The tennis staff stayed in communcation regarding what he was working on, what we felt he needed work on and the relationship was perfect. He was able to compete in some local tournaments with the group , making it a fun team experience as well. In addition , there were many days he took an afternoon break from tennis and the other activites were wonderful, the archery, boating, fishing were all welcome breaks . The stafff is flexible and he never had to do any activity he did not want to. The weekend trips were so much fun, that he still talks about them. In addition, the boys in his bunk were from all over the world as well as the US so he got to make some new friends from different parts fo the world which was great. He is a picky eater and did not once complain about the food. Overall , the tennis and golf instuction is unparralled and the "fun" part of camp was the best! He will be back this year!!
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I love MGTA October 02, 2009
Reviewer: Campnurse from
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I have worked at MGTA for several summers. My daughters loved going there and have made life-long friends. One daughter was supposed to improve her tennis which she did but enjoyed the arts and crafts so much she now makes the best friendship bracelets in Texas. My youngest daughter made Varsity after never playing golf and attending one summer at MGTA. The staff are very caring and the Lavenson's strive to make sure all the kids have fun. The day trips are awesome...lobster, white water rafting who would complain about that? While it is expensive, so is sending your child around the world. Your kids will meet counselors/instructors from Japan, Korea, South Africa, Australia, England, Sweden, Argentina, France and best of all Texas... what a fun way to spend a summer.
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What a great place! October 01, 2009
Reviewer: Sportboy from North Conway, NH
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Maine Golf and Tennis Academy is an awesome place. I worked there this past summer and had a blast. I was able to make friends and meet students from many other cultures in the meantime. The kids generally loved the camp. It was hard for some to be away from home but they got to make a ton of good friends and learn a ton more about their sport. Tom Leinberger and Chris Langdon can't be beat when it comes to working with Jrs. I would recommend this camp to anyone looking to improve their game skills, to make friends or to enjoy a beautiful piece of Maine for a few weeks.
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this camp is awful August 30, 2009
Reviewer: Mgtasummersucks from away from maine
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joel is the cheapest person i have ever met in my life. I was just a camp counselor for the summer and it was the worst time of my life. Joel paid for the title of best summer camp by sports illustrated for kids in 2004. its all about money to this guy...witnessing his "jewish" attitude all summer was the BIGGEST joke. a Few examples... 1) It costs $600 to be in the "Gold" (Best) Golf group, and the only adv. is to be able to play 18 holes, 2ce a week. Being a counselor i can see the checks and so i know the insides and outs. JOEL had a special deal with the top golf it came out to be no more then $100 in green fess..with him making around $500 on each kid who signed up lol.. 2) Rafting trips (Costs $125 for the kids to go) joel was only paying $30 per kid. 3) the camp had LICE this year (eww sick) .. and for some reason the kids could not get rid of it..and the shampoo is around $20 a bottel..whats JOEL do.. CHARGE em $100 per treatment ahahahha... some kids had over 12 treatments...thats $1200 dollars lol... I have many more stories of this OH and by the way.. the BOYS Head Counselor and WATERFRONT Director (Thats right, the guy in charge of all of your kids) Were caught with over an Ounce of Marijuana in the middle of camp) The activites director was charged of sexual harassment at the beginning of camp.. Wow..what an ALSOME place to send your kids...
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Wow... Some people. August 08, 2009
Reviewer: Bgreene11 from
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This camp is the best Golf and Tennis camp in the country hands down. It's sad when former disgruntled workers spend their time trying to dirty the reputation of such a wonderful establishment. Kids / Parents are treated great and with the upmost respect, the food is wonderful and my son was super excited to re-enroll. Do not listen to the angry people below me, they were voted the best in the country by sports illustrated for kids, they have a truly wonderful legacy behind them and Joel and Krista are the BEST!!!
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Get serious people! July 01, 2009
Reviewer: Pqzackgolf13 from
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I've been an avid fan of the Maine Golf and Tennis Academy for years. The reviews below me are an absolutely hate-filled attack on a wonderful establishment. The kids have tons of activities to do at the camp, even if in terrible weather. The thought that they just : Golf, Tennis and Waterfront is bogus. The camp makes sure to keep every day as fresh and fun filled as possible. Joel is a wonderful Camp Director as well as a person and genuinely cares about the camp he runs. Everyone thinking the food is trash needs to perhaps sit down in the lunch room and review for themselves. They have a full salad bar, pastas and different sandwiches for most lunches. Plus plenty of drinks and it's all you can eat. I'm not sure why the people below or so angry, but I know from my experience the camp is certainly deserving of more then a 1 star rating. This is one of the only camps in the country actually on a lake/campground and furthermore that actually houses pro tennis players and golfers. People need to get serious. :-/
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Waste of time for tennis players.. May 23, 2009
Reviewer: Rileytennis from San Diego
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I was hire to be a tennis director at MGTA. What a joke ! I was place in a house with a bunch of golf instructors who were either high or drunk. I worked harder then anyone there, other then the maintance manager, and they served hot dogs for dinner. What a meal that was. The director Joel said we could not have any facial hair, but he had a beard. The tennis courts were terrible. Four hard courts that had a coat of latex poured over them. Terrible playability. Clay courts were a joke. Un-level and a mix of green clay with red-brick dust. Most of the tennis staff I worked with did nothing but hang out in their cabins. I have been a tennis professional my entire career over 30 years ..and would NEVER recommend this camp to anyone. Golf pros did seem to do a good job however. Thomas Eastler was a great pro and was always willing to lend a hand. Food was very average.
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Camp? or Institution? August 13, 2008
Reviewer: MGTAsucks from
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I must say, if i saw the MGTA website now i would be thoroughly impressed but in fact, it is NOTHING like the campers expected, and I don't mean that it exceeded they're expectations, in fact it did the exact opposite. Unless you want your children to do "Golf, Tennis, Waterfront...those are your activities for today" everyday, do NOT send your child to MGTA. It is exactly what it says it Academy, not a traditional American summer camp, but a school for golf and tennis, nothing more. Don't expect them to have the time of their lives, the time of their lives will be the trip on the way home from camp. p.s. the food is sooo bad, I would come back for the people, nothing else.
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Extortionately expensive and poor care September 27, 2007
Reviewer: Dumast from France
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My three children attended this camp in 2006. It was a bad choice for several reasons: 1) the camp's insistence on a uniform was costly and pointless. 2) it is one of the most expensive camps on the market even before taking into account all the many extras such as the charge for picking them up and dropping them off at the airport (I was charged almost $1000 for this service about which more below). 3) I specifically requested in writing that I did not wish my children to go on any day trips. This request was ignored by the camp. 4) When my daughter fractured her foot, the camp forgot to let me know. I only found out four days later when she phoned home herself. 5) At the end of the camp, my children were taken by the camp's minibus and left at the airport for five hours before their transatlantic flight, without any food or drink. For this "service", I was charged $500 each way.
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Don't PUNISH Your Kid! May 17, 2007
Reviewer: JR from
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In a word - AWFUL! My son lost 8 pounds while at this camp because of the food. And THAT was the BEST part of his experience there. The director over-promises more than any used car salesman I've ever dealt with.
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