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Camp Blue Ridge

3.5 Stars based on 7 reviews (review)

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Camp Location: Mountain City, Georgia, United States
Gender: Male and Female
Camp type:Overnight
Session dates: Multiple
Cost (range): $650 - $1,000
Contact Person: Joey Waldman - Director
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United States
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Camp's Description

Located in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains , Blue Ridge Camp is a family operated, activity oriented, coed, residential camp. We offer activities for children 7-16 in the areas of Outdoor Adventure, The Arts, Athletics, and Aquatics.We have a beautiful facility, complete with with indoor/outdoor activity areas, swimming pool and 2 lakes, dining, lodging, infirmary, and auditorium facilities,and CBS constructed cabins. At Blue Ridge Camp we strive to develop an independent camper in a community setting.

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Nothing To Be Desired - Much Undesireable February 22, 2014
Reviewer: Reedpres from Tennessee and Georgia
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Disorganized. Beginning with arrival. People signing you in were more interested in talking with each other then assisting people that were arriving. It was pouring rain and there was no assistance available getting to cabins with belongings. My grand-daughters cabin was overbooked. Trip dates changed as did trips. (I had different age groups attending camp.) When I picked up my grandchild they didn't even know she was leaving. This goes back to being disorganized. Facility is not the cleanest. Counselors thought nothing of cursing all the time with the kids. My grand-daughter thought it was great because she could do whatever she wanted. She was 12 at the time. The cursing didn't bother her either. My grandson left after 4 days. He's 12. He said he was sick but he told us afterwards that he just hated the place. In total I sent 5 kids there for two weeks. I had good intentions as I hoped the kids would enjoy it but none of them would consider going back and I wouldn't send them it it were free. Summer 2013
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Best Camp Ever! July 10, 2012
Reviewer: Eherman from MIami, FL
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My sister and I attended Camp Blue Ridge for MANY summers and loved every minute of it! We both made friends that we still have today (many, many years later) friendships are a special bond that no one understands unless you have attended sleepaway camp. I cherish my memories from Camp Blue Ridge. The owners of the camp are amazing people and always made the campers feel like we were home....the counselors were amazing too. I highly recommend Camp Blue Ridge to anyone and everyone!!!
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Camp Blue Ridge is AMAZING! July 09, 2012
Reviewer: Tennisdoc from Miami, FL
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AMAZING!!! Summer camp is most definitely a child's home away from home and there's no better place to send your kids then Blue Ridge. My child LOVES the camp and couldn't be happier. At Blue Ridge, you get to choose your activities and you stay in that rotation for only a few days. Then you once again choose your activities (some kids choose new ones and some stay with what they did previously) and camp NEVER gets boring. You have the chance to do things you love and the chance to try new things (by having that activity rotation for 3 days, you're not stuck doing something you find may not be your favorite - but at least you tried something new!). New experiences, great friends and a home away from home - CBR is the best!!! We love Joey and Lori for all that they do!
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Wouldn't send my kids anywhere else! July 09, 2012
Reviewer: Momof2boyz from Miami, FL
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There is no other camp I’d ever send my kids to! In the 80’s I was a camper for 8 amazing years & in the 90’s, I went back as a counselor. Both of my boys went at age 6 and did NOT WANT TO COME HOME! This is our 3rd year as a camper parents & every summer I live vicariously through my kids sharing the same stories & songs from 30 years ago! I’d do anything to go back and re-live those days but I am overjoyed that my boys get to have this incredible experience now. From the bunks to the activities, CBR offers everything you’d want for your kid’s camp experience; campfires, bunk sing, color war, friendships that last a lifetime & much, much more… even great food! So many former campers come back as counselors, helping the kids get the same amazing experience they had. Did I mention that a HUGE majority of the camp are kids of alumni? The Waldman’s are amazing people and treat all of the kids as if they were their own. Call, text, or e-mail them any time of the day and within minutes, they know where & what my boys are doing... and that is not because I am an alumni. That’s because of who they are & what they stand for; happiness, safety, fun & family! Bravo to Coach, Morris & Shelia for creating such an amazing camp. To Joey & Lori Waldman for continuing the legacy that has defined so many, and now, preparing their girls to one day insure that CBR is and will always be… “your mountain of fun!”
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Great place to send your kids. February 28, 2010
Reviewer: Bankiedrummer from Scotland
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As a returning counsellor, I laugh at two out of the three reviews I've read. If you are considering sending your child(ren) here then don't pay much notice to the bad reviews of this camp. OK there may be some down points to it (none that I can think of) but they're nothing compared to what these people are stating. Every summer camp has their strengths and weaknesses. For one, snakes are not disposed of by shotgun blasts. Not in my experience anyway. Counsellors in my time being there have been able to give the kids in to trouble for something that they have done wrong and they especially don't swear. At least not the younger ones. The camp has very good facilities and although the swimming pool may not be Olympic sized, many of the campers opt to swim in the lake anyway. Counsellors are not asked to instruct in activities that they know nothing about. There are however times when a counsellor who is not a professional in the field of the activity is asked to help supervise the children. I also had no problems with bugs in the cabins although in saying this you should expect there to be bugs when you stay in a forestry, mountainous area. All in all Camp Blue Ridge is an extremely good camp with friendly staff if you are looking to send your child(ren) to this camp DO!!!!!! Camp Blue Ridge Counsellor (2009, 2010) Sorry for the lack of paragraphs but the system doesn't allow it.
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Camp Hoax November 24, 2008
Reviewer: Sira from Miami
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As a former counselor at this camp I would never send children of my own here. The owners put on a good face for all of the parents, and I will hand it to them they're good sales people but as soon as the parents are gone the attitude towards staff changes. No matter what, the camper is right and we are wrong. I had children swear at me and call me vulgar names and when we tried to punish them WE were reprimanded. Every staff member threatened to leave because of the obscene expectations that were set. Staff was often told to INSTRUCT in activities they no experience in, which is unsafe for the children. While the children always look forward to coming back, because the owners bend over backwards to make sure they get the parents money for the next summer, I can see why they have such a high counselor turnover rate. They also lecture during staff week about recognizing cliques and how to disband them, this is never done and we are actually reprimanded if we try. Blue Ridge was a hoax.
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The BEST place for your kids!!! July 12, 2008
Reviewer: Debbismail from Fort Lauderdale, Florida
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I could not have asked for a better camp to send my children!! These people are amazing, my son was a bit homesick in the beginning and they were so wonderful to him and me!! They kept in touch with me daily to let me know how he was and what I could do from home to help him! He was better by the end of the first week! My 11 year old daughter didn't want to come home!! It was the most wonderful experience for both of them. They came home ranting how "amazing" the food was and cannot wait to go back next year. The owners give you personal attention (the parents as well as the kids if need be, trust me, they know my voice on the phone now!) the counselors were wonderful with the kids. They lacked for nothing! They said the cabins were clean and unbelievably comfortable. The activities were the best and there were so many to choose from, they were never bored!! I cannot say enough good things about this camp.
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