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Camp Consequence

5 Stars based on 5 reviews (review)

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Camp Location: Jacksonville, Florida,
Ages: 6 to 17 years old
Gender: Male and female
Camp type:Day and Overnight
Session dates:
Cost (range): $200 - $1,000 a week
Contact Person: Glenn Ellison (Owner/Director)
Phone: 904-624-1PHC (1742)
Mailing Address:
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Camp's Description

Camp Consequence is a wake up call for good children making poor choices. One visit to our wilderness camp is usually all it takes. We put today’s children in a wilderness environment: no air conditioning, no TV, no video or computer games, no running water, no bathroom, no comfortable beds and no phones. One camp without their things helps children gain a better appreciation for everything their parents do provide for them at home. Our children wake at 4:30 every morning to begin their workday. We cut trails, clear brush and help the forestry service maintain the environment. In today’s society, we teach children to be “little consumers”. But we don’t teach our kids how to “give back.” We rob our children of the positive feelings we receive when we help or do for others. Working just at Camp Consequence not only helps children understand that every behavior has a consequence it can also help children feel better about themselves. Giving parents more options is what we are all about. In addition to the Camp Consequence experience, we can help you learn to motivate your children and change unwanted behavior without fighting or arguing. We don’t control our children, but as parents, we do control everything in our house. Helping you duplicate the Camp Consequence experience at home is what we are all about.

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A miracle June 16, 2009
Reviewer: Bhygema from Jacksonville Florida
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I was making some pretty bad choices recently in my life. My attitude was non chalant. I didnt care about anything. School in general though. My grades started too slip and i just started having some bad behaviors like throwing objects, cussing at my parents, smart mouth, disrespect etc etc. I blamed these behaviors and this attitude problem on my parents. My mom specifically. My parents got divorced wen i was about 6 years old. My mom was the one who divorced my dad so i held a grudge against her for divorcing my dad. It is very hard living in a divorced family, so hard most people do not understand. But the divorce was no excuse for my behaviors. So my mom, my stepdad, my dad, and my dads girlfriend, found camp consequence. Camp Consequence is NOT a fun camp. And kids that attend are NOT bad kids, they are kids making bad choises. I learned at Camp that disrespect will not be tolerated. At camp consequence we (the campers) slept in a little 3x5 military tent. no pillow, no blanket,NO a/c no t/v no nightlite, and no mommy or daddy too tell you goodnite. All that u have in that tent at nite is a sleeping bag, yourself, and wild animals all around you!! IT was very scary, but i had alot of time to think why i was there. The reason i was there is because i was making bad choices. We take soooo many things for granted at our homes. We focus on the negative, wen you should be focusing on the positive. Wen i came back from camp i was a new kid. i changed my ways, dedicated my life to God, and sence then have bein living my life. Is it a perfect life? NO!! and nobody is gonna have a perfect life. But let me tell you something, its alot closer too perfect then i was before. and im alot happier then i was before. I reccomend anybody that has a child that is disobedient, or disrespectful (etc etc) too send them too camp consequence. It does cost money, but it is well worth it!. Thank you and God Bless
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Camp Consequence August 05, 2008
Reviewer: Mryterry from jacksonville, fl 32222
5 Stars 9 of 11 people found this review helpful

Honestly, I don't know where my son or I would be today if someone had not taken the time to tell me about Empowered Parents and Camp Consequence a year ago. There was no peace in our home, only arguing, yelling and fighting day after day. I had taken my son to therapist and psychiatrists for 12 years and he was on several medications. He was so angry and it was all directed at me. I felt like I was a complete failure as a single parent and I must be the only one going through this. Things where so out of control, the police were at my house many times either for my son's breaking things or truancy. No matter where I turned to try and get assistance, there was none to be found. I attended the Empowered Parents Conference and found that I was not alone and here is plan that has worked for many other families. It took a few months, but eventually, my son and I attended the camp and it was an awesome experience for both of us. Things are not perfect, but there is no more fighting or yelling. My son did not miss any school the last 2 nine weeks-this was a huge milestone. He has learned that he is in control of his consequences, either good or bad. I learned that as parents, we cannot control our kids, only their things. I am so thankful that someone told me about this program. It has completely changed our lives in a most positive way and I have made so many good friends. Life is good!
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THE ANSWER August 04, 2008
Reviewer: Jagsooner from Jacksonville, FL
5 Stars 4 of 5 people found this review helpful

When we found camp consequence I was one step away from having my son removed from my home, I attended the parenting class when my son came back from Camp Consequence I had a different child. Mr. Ellison who runs the camp is one of the most motivational person I have ever had the privledge of being associated with. Camp Consequence saved my son, my sanity and my marriage. Every child needs to be exposed to this life changing experience
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The help we had been crying for was close at hand. August 04, 2008
Reviewer: Reformedterribledad from
5 Stars 4 of 4 people found this review helpful

My son has some mental and personal issues that made life challenging and even threatening for my wife. He was arrested twice for hitting her, and had been hospitalized too many times to count. Home was hell. Our Psychologist suggested Camp Consequence and we signed up for the next parenting class which was only a week later. We received a strong dose of hope on the first Friday night and by Sunday we were elated. The camp follows the parent training. My son said the camp did not work, but he strongly desires not to go back even as a helper. He has a chart on the refrigerator where the most minor act of disrespect or anger will cost him a point. He seldom loses any. He is not perfect, the devil and his disability keep working on him, but this program is a major influence on his actions and most importantly our responses to his actions. I think I learned a lot more about life from camp than he did. I have only missed two since we went almost two years ago and in the process I found a fantastic church home in one of our parental meeting sites, First Coast Christian Center. I am now very close with God and my son. Again I warn he is not the perfect child. He is a respectful and more considerate teen than he started out two years ago, and now I only occasionally think of kicking him out of his birthday in September. One last word for parents whose children are wonderful and are doing well. I heard there are some out there. I think this program will set a great baseline for them and you and your spouse. One of the worst problems between my wife and I were our parenting style differences. The program preceeding Camp Consequence goes a long way toward uniting the home team in the battle to make our children the kind of adults we hope we model. The parenting goups that follow camp make you the parent you wished you had, or if your parents were great, you will be even greater. Invest a couple of weekends in this program and even the best of families will be made stronger.
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Life Changing Camp Experience August 04, 2008
Reviewer: from Jacksonville
5 Stars 18 of 20 people found this review helpful

My 17 year old son and I attended Camp Consequence together in October of 2007. This camp is located in North Florida, near the Fl/Ga border. We had begun having problems in our home: low grades in school, arguing and fighting in our home, and lack of respect toward authority. I was searching for help and found Camp Consequence as part of a program called Empowered Parents that offers hope to families just like mine. We arrived on Friday night weary from the battle of trying to live through each day and left on Sunday morning with hope and a plan to meet each new situation with calm resolve. Camp Consequence changed our lives. It showed my son there is no place like home and just how good he has it at home. He was able to realize that he can work as part of a team and accomplish great things. He felt such a sense of accomplishment and pride in seeing the results of his effort. Camp Consequence also made him realize that he is in control of himself and his choices. Good choices bring good consequences - bad choices bring bad consequences - it is just that simple. Camp also taught me how to parent without yelling and screaming. It taught me to shift the responsibility of my son's choices from my shoulders to his in a calm, loving, responsible way. By attending camp as a family it sent a clear message to my son that I love him very much and I am willing to do whatever it takes to help him succeed in life. I cannot recommend this camp highly enough. I think every family in America should attend. There is no new material; it is simply presented in a format that is easy to implement for every family. As a matter of fact, my son and I now volunteer every month to help other families who are searching as we once were.
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