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Alabama 4-H Center

3 Stars based on 2 reviews (review)

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Camp Location: Columbiana, Alabama, United States
Camp type:Day and Overnight
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Phone: 205-669-4241
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Camp's Description

The Alabama 4-H Center is dedicated to providing a camping experience that combines a relaxing natural setting with an opportunity for personal growth and the development of life skills.

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good for tween...not for toddler September 16, 2009
Reviewer: Admb from
3 Stars 3 of 4 people found this review helpful

I have had experience with the 4H Center with Camps for kids/ Coosa River Camp and as a part of a group renting the area for a retreat. I have mixed review. 4H Center has great facility and programming for The Coosa River Camp and it is GREAT.The facilities are well kept and the classes are fantastic. the group stays in dorm rooms with several bunks.the Kids get a lot of food at meal time and they do a great lesson about not wasting your food. However, for a group retreat I find the camp over priced and expensive if you are on a tight budget... especially for what you get...and if you have a child 5 or younger. The food at the lunchroom is very good and the ladies are nice but you don't get very much for your money.The lunchroom is NOT toddler/young child user-friendly. There were no high chairs for small people( I did ask) and nothing to drink but LARGE glasses of water, tea, or coffee (no juice or milk...they are only available at breakfast...once again it was asked for) and no straws. They charge you the same for children's meal as adults. We spent $42 on a meal we could get at KFC for $20 (and gotten to choose what we drank.) Curiously , though the cafeteria does not accommodate young children the TV stations in the rooms are mostly geared to young children as it carries Qubo and one other christian channel just for kids. The 4H Center charges for double occupancy and then EXTRA for others that use the room. So we were charged for extra for having more than 2 children. I liked the rooms - they are VERY well kept and clean. My 9 yr old loves the bathrooms & showers- however it was kinda small for my husband. The rooms are very close to the lake and during the evening we found a live tree frog hanging around our door...It was very cool! The 4H Ctr charges extra to rent canoes or the pontoon boat and you MUST reserve those ahead of time and hire one of their lifeguards to go with you. We had a designated time we were allowed to use the pool - a three hour blog for the weekend.The pool staff were very polite, nice, and very safety conscience. We enjoyed our time at the pool. The outdoor Chapel is very nice and peaceful and is a nice walk (or it is also easily accessed by motorized vehicle if needed). It would make a lovely place for a wedding service. All buildings on campus are easy to access for those who have difficulty getting around. The Senior Citizens in our group had little trouble getting to and into any of the buildings on the campus. I probably would not refer this facilty to friends who are on a budget or have preschoolers but would refer students to the Coosa River Camp.
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Honesty is not their policy July 09, 2008
Reviewer: Donna from Florence, Alabama
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My daughter got married at this center in Sept. 2007. Although the setting was wonderful, the planning and billing was not done in a business type manner. As the mother of the bride I had to deal with their many errors in planning and billing of our event. In spite of painstakingly providing them with written information on the plans, they didn't even get the wedding date right. I sent them emails requesting information that I could not find on their website and was treated as if I was a real thorn in their sides. The billing was the worst part. I sent them a list of our wedding guests, outlining specifically whose rooms we as the hosts would pay for. This was disregarded and we were charged for two rooms that we did not reserve and they would not remove the charge from our bill. They additionally overbilled us for $250 for which they will not tell us what those charges are for. Lynn Wilson, who does the billing, concocted many lies about what we said and what she said when we were there for the event, which is convenient, as we could not prove what was said--and this is why I emailed my intentions so that they would not be misinterpreted. However, that did not avoid many errors on her part and the fact that our clarifications on certain issues were ignored, has left us with very negative memories of our only daughter's wedding, due to the fact that the center does not operate efficiently--at least when it comes to wedding events. They did not want to bill our lodging guests individually for their meals in the cafeteria, so we incurred additional expenses for several meals for our guests. Additionally they wanted us to pay for all of our guests rooms so that they wouldn't have to do individual billing for the approximately 20 rooms that we reserved. We did not let ourselves be coerced into that as their brochure indicates that individual billing for lodging and meals is accepted. Upon arriving they wanted us to sign the credit card statement. I told them that there were many errors on the statement and that I would not sign it. The following day they cunningly got my husband to sign it, knowing full well that they were overcharging us. Lynn even went so far as concoct a tale that I had instructed my husband to pay for the bill in her presence and that did not happen. One guest was accused of not paying after the event when she had her bank information as proof that she did pay. One guest was accused of stealing towels that I'm 110% certain that she did not steal, but since I could not prove that she did not steal them, I had to pay for them. They double booked for one room and will not even acknowledge this much less give me a refund. Although the guest's air flight was changed and he actually didn't even get to attend the wedding, they charged me for additional room, with a fictitious wife and two children, rather than following my lodging list that I created specifically for their accurate calculation of the 9 rooms for 2 nights that we paid for our wedding party. He was to have joined his wife and two children in their room and we not only had to pay for that room but an additional room which he did not pick up a key for obviously. Lynn Wilson, who does the billing, is not efficient or honest. Her explanation of her billing was actually done in sentence form. For instance: From the first bill we added ___; subtracted ___. This was done to the tune of 5 inaccurate statements. I never did receive an accurate final bill. I painstakingly have substantiated my accurate billing figures, which has been totally ignored. Therefore, I sent my substantiations for my calculation of the billing to the National 4-H Center in Chevy Chase, Maryland, thinking that I would get a resolution of this matter. I sent my information with a delivery confirmation to be certain that they received it. Although they forwarded my information to Columbiana, I have not gotten one word from them. So I sent an email to the Director of Alabama Cooperative Extension Service at Auburn University which oversees the 4-H Center, only to be ignored. This is the short version of my horrible experience in dealing with this 4-H Center. If you are up to the challenge of constantly correcting their errors and additionally confirming the corrections and don't mind paying for several hundred dollars for which you get no accurate itemized final bill, book your event. You will be treated as if you are criminal, when in fact they are the ones who I'm sure not only treated me dishonestly but without a doubt makes it a normal practice, even when they are supplied with details in writing. Although my daugher commented that the wedding and reception held at the pavilion were "perfect", it wasn't perfect. Having worked as a legal secretary I know the importance of accuracy in a business transaction and I know the importance of "getting it in writing". However, even that doesn't ensure an accurate Alabama 4-H transaction.
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