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Deep Woods Camp For Boys

5 Stars based on 33 reviews (review)

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Camp Location: 848 Deep Woods Road, Brevard, North Carolina, 28712,
Ages: 10 - 14
Gender: Male
Camp type:Overnight
Session dates: June 9 - July 6, or July 13; July 14 - August 10, or August 17; June 9 - August 10, or August 17
Cost (range): $500/week X 4,5,9, or 10
Contact Person: Kells Hogan, Director
Phone: 828.885.2268
Mailing Address:
848 Deep Woods Road
Brevard, North Carolina, 28712
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Camp's Description

Founded in 1970, DEEP WOODS CAMP offers an entire summer of hiking, backpacking, whitewater canoeing and rafting, mountain biking and rock climbing.   Enrollment is limited to 28 campers ages 10 to 14.  Session lengths are 4,5, 9 and 10 weeks.  DEEP WOODS is located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of western North Carolina.
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From Dubai to Brevard December 01, 2011
Reviewer: Taras from Dubai, United Arab Emirates
5 Stars 5 of 5 people found this review helpful

My wife and I are from Germany and Austria and we live in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. As a young kid I used to spend my summers in British Columbia and the father of my host family would take me and my host brothers and cousines on hikes across Canada. The West Coast Trail obviously in particular left a lasting memory in my head. As our son turned 13 last summer I was anxious to send him off to have the very same experience; be out in nature, find the path, go hungry and enjoy your meal, put on a fire and sharing stories with your buddies as you cuddle around the fire at night. My research took weeks and Deep Woods Camp for Boys would come up over and over again when I laser focused on my requirements: no TV, no cell phones, nature, hikes, more nature, more hikes; in short none of what I call Wellness Camps for spoiled kids. I then contcated Kells Hogan, the founder of the Camp, and discovered in him one of the most remarkable personalities: straight forward, fast responses to my questions, at all times assuaging my concerns, a man on his mission and most important of all, a true gentleman in the way he communicates. Kells is what we would call in German Alte Schule or Old School. You can rest assured that your boy will be in good hands; the leadership is handlded by former Deep Woods campers who now are young men, attending college, but who see it as their duty to guide the boys as Rangers through nature and provide support and guidance. What Kells has created is not just a camp; it is a life philosophy. Our son Jarek will be attending Summer Camp 2012; perhaps the two boys from Venezuela (!) he met there will also be there again. Get this: the smallest camp on earth draws boys from Dubai and Venezuela. Trust me: if you want for your boys to experience a little challenge amidst this computerised world of iphones and Playstations then take the initiative, send an e-mail to Kells and sign him up for an unforgettable experience. I am deeply impressed with this camp. Kells and his Rangers are running not only the smallest camp in this universe but also the most authentic and coolest in all of the United States.
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A Family Favorite April 26, 2010
Reviewer: Ann Oliver from Sewanee, TN
5 Stars 4 of 4 people found this review helpful

My two boys spent their early years exploring our small farm in Virginia, then their early teens hiking and caving in Sewanee, a small village in Tennessee. It was there we met Kells Hogan and began our long association with Deep Woods Camp in the mountains of North Carolina. Deep Woods is a camp where boys go for a life of outdoors away from the norms of society. Deep Woods lets you appreciate NATURE, the natural environment, and how to live in the outdoors with the bare essentials. My boys emerged from these summers with increased confidence and practical skills, both physical and social. These skills are beyond what a few days with Dad or Boy Scouts could have provided. When the boys' younger sister was old enough to go to camp, I agreed to cook at Deep Woods for their few in-camp meals - an easy task with a big stove and many eager helpers who found it easier than cooking on the trail over a camp fire. My daughter tried for 11 years at four different camps but never found a similar camp experience offered to girls. I stayed on as cook for 14 years. Not that camp life was that of hardship. They had hot showers and weekly laundry service. This laundry service was provided by the older campers - the Ranger group is open by invitation to former campers in training for possible counselor positions in the future. Laundry night is led by the director, Kells, who made the necessary activity FUN. For the few hours spent in camp after trips or evenings, there were plenty of activities including the rope swing, swimming, the zip line, and night games. Not only did my sons attend Deep Woods as campers, but both of them went into the Ranger program, and then on to be counselors. My three grandsons were lucky enough to attend as well. One even set aside computer games long enough to spend 10 summers there building relations with people, with nature, and with himself.
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This is my home. April 02, 2010
Reviewer: 12jack20 from
5 Stars 2 of 2 people found this review helpful

I am 15 years old and attend this camp every summer. Its what i look forward to every year. My dad also went to this camp when he was my age. It teaches you responsibilty, teaches you to test your limits, over come your fears, and when you leave not only will you be fit but much braver, and stronger as a person. theres a beautiful pond right on the camp with a diving board and a 20-25ft high dive, the best rope swing i have ever seen or even heard about, and a awsome zip-line. a easy day at this camp may be jumping off a waterfall and just a nice hike. we do something new everyday. You get to explore places that you would never find on your on. we go rock climbing, backpacking, canoeing, white water rafting, mountain biking, pretty much everything and anything outdoors. Theres a small number of campers every year but thats actually a good thing because then we get to do more. the kids in your cabin will become long time friends. Send your boys here you WONT regret it, if i could give this camp more stars i deffinatly would!!
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Great Camp February 17, 2010
Reviewer: Alex from
5 Stars 1 of 1 people found this review helpful

Deep Woods was established in the 1970’s and has just recently finished its 40th year. Through its years it has housed three generations of my family, so I’ve been hearing stories about Deep Woods my entire life. My initial introduction came from my two uncles; both were campers and enjoyed it so much that they became counselors as well. Their stories were so impressive that my grandmother joined Deep Woods as a cook, and spent 14 years with the camp. I came into camp at the age of 14 with some familiarity of the outdoors. But those adventures were nothing compared to what Deep Woods has to offer. Everyday was a new experience, a new challenge, and an unbelievable time. Camp activities include hiking in the Pisgah National Forest, rafting on the Nantahala and Pigeon rivers, white water canoeing down the Tuckasegee, tubing the Green river, climbing on local rock faces (including Ranger rock, Looking Glass, Rumbling Bald, and Cedar rock), mountain biking in DuPont State Forest (a location known nationally for its biking trails), and exploring cave systems found locally and in Tennessee. In a single session the camp also provides at least four backpacking trips, with one trip exploring Bear Lake and its surrounding rivers. The final backpacking trip is a week along the Appalachian Trail. This is a tradition of Deep Woods and it provides the capstone event. As you can tell by the description, Deep Woods activities are fast moving. There are no “in camp days”. A slow day at Deep Woods could be tubing down a river or sliding down a couple of waterfalls. This is the appeal of the camp and why campers return. When we are at camp (which is before and after the day’s activity) we stay entertained with our private lake, the zip line, rope swing, table tennis, board games, and the daily night game. I have been attending Deep Woods for 10 years, four as a camper and six as a counselor. My two cousins have attended, and my younger brother will be returning this summer for his second year. The many challenges and opportunities offered at Deep Woods instill in a teenager confidence and self-esteem. They create a passion for the outdoors and the skills needed to confront a situation boldly and courageously. It provided me guidance through my teenage years and instilled a desire to explore nature. The many experiences I had at camp have become a key aspect of who I am today.
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The Last Holdout January 09, 2010
Reviewer: Svete from
5 Stars 1 of 1 people found this review helpful

The name says it all, Deep Woods Camps for Boys. DWC is deep in the woods, and it is definately just for boys. In fact, it is one of the last places left where your son can truly experience boyhood. Kells Hogan, the director, has, for the last forty years, stubbornly kept the idea alive, of a summer camp where boys can be boys. Kells provides boys what they really crave, a chance to test their limits, to push them beyond what they thought they could ever do, and all the while, have the most fun they probably will ever have. It is a simple philosophy, but one that has been forgotten in our over protected world. I was the “first camper” at DWC in 1970. I can say that DWC was the biggest influence of my life. It got me through that tough adolescent stage, from boy to young man, and provided me with my most cherished memories. That first summer was the best summer of my life, bar none. I didn’t want to come home, much to my mother’s regret. I eventually became a ranger, then counselor, then slowly drifted off into adulthood, and DWC became a memory. I was only too happy to send my son to DWC when he was old enough, and he says now, that those were the best times of his life! He is now a cadet at West Point, and he admits, DWC gave him the inner strength to enter military life. He went to camp with his best friend, and when we all get together and tell two gernerations worth of Deep Woods stories, there are howls of laughter long into the night. Thanks to Kells’ dogged refusal to alter Deep Woods’ schedule, your son’s days will be pretty much like mine were forty years ago. The summer was a blur of overnight hikes in the prettiest mountains God has to offer, canoe trips on whitewater rivers, sliding down waterfalls, day hikes up river gorges, rock climbing, and plenty of tree climbing. During all this, you developed wilderness skills without even realizing it because you were having so much fun. Your son will learn to build a fire in a pouring rain, read a map, use a compass, set up a shelter, pack for a week long hike, and generally feel at home in the woods. He will be pushed beyond his limits, and be a better person for it. He will come home with much more self assurance and quiet confidence. He will learn how to relate to others, how to behave in a group, how to help others, and how to accept help. This all happens, not in an “instruction,” school type atmosphere, but one in which having fun is the first priority. Kells accomplishes all this in a safe enviroment. Food is plentiful, good-not fancy, and there is plenty of hot water in camp to wash off all the dirt. I continually thank Kells, and my parents, for giving me the best summers of my life.
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The Last of a Dieing Breed January 04, 2010
Reviewer: Gradybl from San Diego, CA
5 Stars 0 of 0 people found this review helpful

As said below by all the other excellent reviews, this camp is, in a word, excellent. It's certainly been character forming for myself, as well as everyone else who I was with throughout my time there as a camper, and later, as a ranger. Granted, its not for everyone. If your kid wants to play video games or watch tv, its definitely not for him. Come to think of it, maybe its EXACTLY what's for him?! As Kells, the director, loves to remind us, we don't do arts and crafts at deep woods. All there is to find is generous helpings of intense hikes, gnarly river trips, spectacular cliff jumping and sliding, and all the engaging games played at our actual camp (which in fact we spend little time at -since we're always out in the wild having an amazing time). Bottom Line: This Camp is NOT for Everyone, But for Those Who it Is, Its Everything!
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Super Fun! May 18, 2009
Reviewer: Chambers from
5 Stars 1 of 1 people found this review helpful

Our son has been a camper at Deepwoods for 7 summers now. The only summer he did not attent was his "worst" summer ever! Deep Woods has done an outstanding job in making sure that he (and every kid there) leaves with great memories! We will hear stories around the dinner table months after he has returned from DeepWoods! Highly recommended! Even my husband (who was a camper there nearly 30 years ago) still has fond memories and is always eager to share a story or two!
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One of the Best Experiences of My Life November 20, 2008
Reviewer: Michaelboh from Beverly Hills, CA
5 Stars 0 of 0 people found this review helpful

I went to Deep Woods first at age 9 and ultimately left the camp after I turned 17, so I think it's pretty obvious that I grew to love it. Deep Woods was a key part of my childhood. The life philosophy of the Director Kells Hogan helped shape me. My core values of independence, self-sufficiency, courage, strength, faith, teamwork, friendship, and overcoming adversity all grew out of my experiences at Deep Woods. There was more to camp than just climbing mountains or canoeing rivers. I will never forget - Deep Woods taught me personal strength. My dad died when I was eight, so I needed to learn how to deal with life. Little did I know that Deep Woods was just what I needed. It taught me critical lessons about how to cope as well as how to appreciate those little moments of hard-earned-success. I would think it's program would be especially important in today's computerized world. It was tough at first, but if your son sticks to it, it will be the best thing that ever happened to him. He will be a better, stronger individual for it. Feel free to email me ( if you want me to tell you more. I cannot recommend this camp enough. I would go so far as to say that I'm a great success today because of the life lessons I learned at Deep Woods. It gave me the strength to leave home, work for Senator, move to NYC, start multiple companies, and ultimately be a mentor to many young people. It helped make me the role model I am today. I owe much of it to the life lessons Kells Hogan taught me. On the lighter side, it gave me some of my greatest childhood memories. I will always LOVE Deep Woods camp. Deep Woods "Old Timer" and FAN - Michael Boh
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An exellent camp November 09, 2008
Reviewer: Scrappy from Edgefield, S. C.
5 Stars 1 of 1 people found this review helpful

If there ever was a camp that provided a positive experience for boys, Deep Wood is definitely the one. The opportunities afforded the campers is far above that of any other camp. Each young man learns the importance of caring for and enjoying our environment, interpersonal skills and working as a team, the ability to learn first aid, and enjoy the gift of laughter and fun...something every young man need to reound out the hecticness of our world. If it were possible to give more stars, I would without question. If any young man is looking for the ideal camp, look no further. Want to talk to me about Deep Woods send me an email.
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Last Camp in the Woods October 13, 2008
Reviewer: George from Solvang, CA
5 Stars 1 of 2 people found this review helpful

I attended Deep Woods Camp from 1970-1980. I progressed from camper to Ranger (Jr. Counselor) to driver to Ranger Counselor. I also progressed from a shy city boy to a confident man with a love of the outdoors. I frequently tell anyone who will listen that Deep Woods Camp had a greater effect on my upbringing than any other influence in my life. That holds true to today, and I still wax nostalgically for those summers in the mountains of North Carolina. Deep Woods is a camp that gives a boy the chance to be a boy. No video, cell phones, computers, etc. The typical day is spent out of camp hiking, canoeing, tubing, sliding, backpacking. My best memories of Deep Woods are of experiences that challenged me beyond what I thought I was capable of accomplishing. Climbing a trailess ridge in a downpour to reveal a lush meadow and a rainbow, spending a night huddled together under a tarp with 50 MPH winds, canoeing a wild river, sliding down a waterfall, finding camp for the night with only a map and compass for direction. These are but a few of the activities that set DWC apart from the typical summer camp filled with regimented schedules and internet connection to the outside world. Deep Woods Camp gives a boy something different from home, different from any other camp, and a chance to develop differently from their peers. These differences translate to a man that is aware of the natural world and the need to preserve what is left of it. Deep Woods Camp is a world apart from other camps that claim to be outdoor oriented, and that is due to the dedication and hard work of Kells Hogan, Deep Woods owner and Director. Kells maintains all of the camp facilities and fills any role that is needed. He is the reason for the success of Deep Woods maintaining the same philosophy despite pressure to change. Returning to Deep Woods year after year is as much about the camp experience as it is to spend time around Kells learning valuable skills. So if you are looking for an experience for your son that will challenge him, teach him valuable skills, develop his self confidence, and give him an appreciation for the natural world; then look no further. Deep Woods allows boys to be boys and have a boy's fun.
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ONCE AGAIN, Deepwoods provides ultimate in boy to man! August 28, 2008
Reviewer: Gcohen from Savannah, GA
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This was my son's 3rd. Summer at Deepwoods. After school ended this year all he could talk about is how soon could he get back to western NC and Deepwoods. What on earth could possibly motivate a 13 year old to want to go back to a hard camp to master a strenuous activity program that nevers seems to let up? LEADERSHIP! Once again Kells Hogan and his incredible couselors sufficiently motivated my son to become all he can be and more.... more leadership skills, hiking, camping, rock climbing, canoeing, cooking, cleaning, reading the map and most importantly how to get along with others while physically/mentally being tested. This year he yearned to lead the other newer campers, strived to be like the other rangers and counselors so that he might follow in their footsteps sooner rather than later. Yes, again he returns to us calmer, wiser and more intouch with himself and the world. I don't think he touched the video games for at least a week after being home! Words can not express how our family feels about his experience at Deepwoods. I can say how proud we are of him, how we all notice the maturity and presence of mind he derives from those weeks in the Mountains...being a boy on his way to becoming a great man. Make no doubt, Kells trully provides the ultimate boy to man experience, like no other camp can.
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I wish 10 stars were an option... August 22, 2008
Reviewer: Stephani from South Carolina
5 Stars 1 of 1 people found this review helpful

Another summer at Deep Woods for my son, and once again, my gratitude is overflowing. While my son experienced homesickness, he stuck out the four weeks, and has since said he was grateful he did. He has talked nonstop (once again) about the funny counselors, tasty food, and challenging hikes. Mountain biking was also a huge hit. For the past 2 summers, my son has returned a different boy. More mature, more settled, more focused. Ready to start the school year with determination. I am sure that determination was built each step of each hike, each step of the Appalachian Trail. My son was encouraged, comforted, and challenged by camp director Kells Hogan. Without his daily presence, I am sure my son's camp experience would have been vastly different. Kells simultaneously allows freedom within camp yet has his eye on all happenings. I never worried for my son while in his care. Deep Woods is a beautiful camp, a wonderful destination for boys who are determined to be boys. My hope would be that my boy grows up to be as wonderful as his counselor, Alex, or any one of the wonderful role models at Deep Woods.
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Experience of a lifetime May 28, 2008
Reviewer: Gibbons Burke from Austin, TX
5 Stars 3 of 3 people found this review helpful

Having spent a total of 14 five-week sessions at Deep Woods over the course of nine summers, you might understand why I would give Deep Woods five stars. I loved attending camp, first as a camper, then as a Ranger (counselor-in-training), and two summers as a counselor. Deep Woods was the perfect antidote to hot, humid New Orleans summers - an escape into the air- conditioned mountains of Western North Carolina. * * * The first regular day of camp of my first session clinched it for me - the entire camp was loaded into the back of "Big Green" a modernized Army Deuce-and-a-half truck and we drove for 45 minutes and unloaded. We, ate a nutritious sack lunch, and hiked up the stream bed - a watery path through a narrow granite-walled gorge. At the end of the water hike was a waterfall cascading over a smooth rock face where we eagerly climbed to the top of the falls, sat down in the stream, and slid down the falls into the pool below. It was a great day of fun in the wilderness. The climb up the hill to my cabin that day was a tough one - I was so sore. But by the end of the five week session I was running up that hill barely breathing heavily, I was in such good shape. * * * I attended my first year at Deep Woods in 1974, second five- week session. I couldn't wait to go back. The next summer, I attended first session, and then when it got nearly time to go home, I called my parents and begged them to let me stay another session. I was so happy when they agreed. * * * Backpacking was a major activity at camp, and, like rock sliding, Camp took you on the trail less travelled. Hikes avoided heavily travelled trails when possible, and especially on weekends in favor of hikes along abandoned railroad grades and other unmarked trails. Cabin leaders often carried axes and machetes to clear a trail through forgotten and overgrown lumber railroad grades which course through the Pisgah mountains. Over the course of my time at Deep Woods I reckon I covered just about every section of the Appalacian Trail from Springer Mountain, Georgia as far north as Crandon, Virginia, except for the Smokies. * * * One of the best experiences at Deep Woods was getting to know Kells Hogan, the proprietor and director. Kells is gifted with an amazing array of talents perfectly suited to the running of a camp, not the least of which is a keen wit - one of the funniest people I have ever met. He built camp mostly single-handedly - the lake, the cabins, the dining hall the vehicles - I don't think there's anything Kells can't do from metalworking to engine rebuilding to fine carpentry. He is truly a jack of all trades. * * * Deep Woods Camp for Boys is a national treasure - a much- needed refuge from the sedentary world of electronic video games - a place where a boy can find adventure and challenge himself to achieve things he would have never thought possible.
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An Important Camping Experience May 12, 2008
Reviewer: AnDrew from Charleston, SC
5 Stars 2 of 2 people found this review helpful

DEEP WOODS is a different kind of wilderness experience, even for the outdoor set. Something special, fun, important yet serious at the same time. When I walk into an outdoor shop looking for supplies, the “experienced staff” are not the same kind of people that DEEP WOODS creates: we have learned a survival instinct that instills a maturity beyond years and fosters an ability to be successful in any situation in life. At the same time DEEP WOODS campers maintain a sense of humor that preserves our youth. The DEEP WOODS community is close: I am still in contact with the director, have written a screenplay with a fellow former counselor, and regularly fish with another fellow DEEP WOODS “Old Timer.” I am never surprised to learn of one’s success in any field or capacity, no matter the diversity of those occupations, which is attributable to the common link of DEEP WOODS. On a daily basis, I believe my education at DEEP WOODS helps me be more successful in banking, which has nothing to do with the outdoors. Moreover, none of this would be worthwhile if it was not fun and a wonderful escape from video games and cell phones for a summer. I still hike the same trails when I have the opportunity and still consider spending my 4 weeks of vacation at camp. From an even more practical sense, DEEP WOODS prepared me for school and kept me in shape for the fall soccer, football and cross country seasons. I am in no hurry to marry and have children, but my only rush is to be able to have some boys to send to DEEP WOODS.
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Boys Into Young Men January 28, 2008
Reviewer: Kwmccarthy from Winter Park, FL
5 Stars 6 of 7 people found this review helpful

Boys to young men! In a few words, that’s what Deep Woods Camp has meant for my son. Nothing else in his otherwise prior school and carpool lifestyle gave him the opportunity to begin the journey into manhood. As a dad, I want my son to become a man of inner strength, courage, and kindness. To become a person who is bold, but not brazen. One who is personally responsible for himself, yet contributing to the community. Boys today have so few opportunities to really spread their wings, experience adventure, and get into wholesome rough housing. Defining moments in life are few in today’s highly managed school and after school schedules. Charles’ first year he was ten years old. He returned for four years. Thanks to Deep Woods Camp a sold foundation for manhood was set for him to grow into being a productive, responsible, confident, stand on his own two feet young man. He’s soon to be 17 and the long-term benefits of Deep Woods endure. Deep Woods is a special place run by a uniquely qualified and gifted leader. Kels Hogan is big than life for these boys. Part mentor, part commander, part storyteller, and all gentleman. A great (and humorous) role model for my son.
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Beyond every expectation and more! August 16, 2007
Reviewer: Stephani from greenville,sc
5 Stars 1 of 1 people found this review helpful

Deep Woods is a parent's dream camp for their son. My son, who isn't the typcial boy, had never spent more than 5 days at a camp, but loved his 4 week session at Deep Woods. He came back a much more confident, mature, solid young man. Unbelievable. He has a deep love for Kells Hogan, who is so much more than a camp director to these boys. Kells has dedicated his life to this mission of letting boys be boys, and more successfully than can be expressed. I loved the camp, cannot believe the small numbers of campers to counselors, and will send my son back next year without blinking an eye!
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The Last American Camp July 12, 2007
Reviewer: FLR from
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When I was 13 years old, I began my Deep Woods experience; now, almost 10 years later, you can still find me at Deep Woods each year when the summer rolls around. I keep coming back because Deep Woods is a place like no other. It is a diamond in the ruff. It is, in my mind, the last true American camp. I say this because the American spirit of adventure is still alive at Deep Woods, even as it dwindles elsewhere. When other camps are lining their kids up for arts and crafts activities, Deeps Woods campers are out in the woods, out in the creeks and the mountains, exploring the natural world. I can say without a doubt, that I would not be the person I am today without the incredibly positive influence of Deep Woods. Send your child to Deep Woods if you would like him to foster a greater sense of independence and self-confidence, and a link to the natural world. These are a few of the many things that Deep Woods endows with plenty on all of its campers.
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More than Satisfied May 26, 2007
Reviewer: Bouldin from Central Florida
5 Stars 1 of 1 people found this review helpful

My introduction to Camp Deep Woods for Boys was in 1994, when my older son began as a camper. He continued to attend each summer throughout his college years as a counselor. My younger son has attended the last three years and begins his staff experience this summer. Both have developed a passion for hiking, rock climbing, and camping as a result of their Deep Woods experience. The camp director, Kells Hogan, has a fabulous rapport with the campers and staff. With humor and respect for the young men, Kells encourages cooperation, self-reliance and responsibility. Both my sons returned with amusing stories about the camaraderie established while hiking the trails. They nurtured their personal strengths, learned about nature, worked with others to accomplish goals and developed pride in their achievements. I take pride in their maturity. Camp Deep Woods is old-fashioned, outdoor fun - the kind of enjoyment that preceded computers, cell phones, Nintendo, DVD's and ipods. I would recommend the camp to any boy who suspects it could be fun.
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One of the Most Rewarding Experiences In My Life May 22, 2007
Reviewer: A. J. in Denver from Denver, CO
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As I look back on my experiences at Deep Woods Camp For Boys, an avalanche of cherished memories and knowledge, unsurpassed by any other camp I've ever visited, floods back to me. I personally attended this camp when I was 12 and it turned out to be one of the most rewarding decisions I've ever made. Kells is a man who is truly familiar with skills that young men need to develop and acquire for a bright future. Kells has created a camp in which you ultimately become "unplugged" from any and all distractions, and focus on vital lifelong skills such as discipline, strength, survival techniques and courage. Unlike other camps, which I regard as somewhat of a babysitting service, Deep Woods allows for the development of young men and shows them the accurate meaning of becoming one with nature. I cannot thank Kells enough for the awareness and understanding of nature that he provided for me. I can't wait until I attend college and finally get the opportunity to revisit this distinguished camp again as a counselor. If you have been searching for a camp this summer that exceeds all expectations and breaks all status quos for summer camps, DO NOT HESITATE to enroll your son in this camp. If you want a camp that has arts and crafts, social dances, or insufficient half-day hikes, choose from one of the thousands of other summer camps that fit this mold. Deep Woods Camp For Boys is one in a million. Addison Cohen
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Boy's Camps: Then and Now...... May 21, 2007
Reviewer: AddyCo from Denver, CO
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I went to a Boy's camp in NC for 8 weeks at a time. From 1964 - 1967, this is how I would spend the bulk of my summers. While I had a MORE THAN terrific time, little did I realize just how much these 4 summers would provide in maturity for a teen, and later on as an adult in the world. Luckily, this camp had been around since the 1920's, yet the essence of its founder, the focus on leadership, the 20 different activities one could choose from during the day, the extended overnight hikes and the wonderful commraderie of having friends all over the US.....was sustained by the founders son and his staff. Looking around for an experience "kinda like" the one I had......I knew it would be VERY difficult. Insurance liability rates - cost of utilities - the cost of the land necessary to have a "camp in the woods" - cost of EVERYTHING to run a camp - finding "the right" counselors who one could TRUST with a bunch of boys - making certain they had multiple skills to teach and support the kids - and most importanly...having a camp director who had created and maintained a VISION of what the camp experience should be for just over a month and what the camper should come away with..............we knew this would not be easy. At a business function, I met someone and we got on the subject of camps. He raved about this camp in NC that he both attended and then was a counselor at. My gut told me I was on to something! After finding their website and then speaking with the Camps Director..........I knew right away that this would be the PERFECT choice of camps for my 12 yr old son to experience. We made the committment. My son is almost 17 now....and his summers are pre-occupied with working as a lifeguard, teaching swimming, making money, ane chillin'. However, he still talks about / compares his experiences @ Camp with us and others. He hopes to get back as a counselor during one of his summers' off from College. He figures that the renewal of being in the mountains, working under this camps director and leading hikes would be the most compelling diversion from a year of college he could think of!! As well as making some money...! There are VERY FEW camps left in the US that are: solely focused on boys experiencing the beauty and terrain of the mountains - working together in teams for mutual outcomes - that plan hikes away from main camp every week - that encourage self-fortitude and personal independence to rise up from ones core being - and that will both challenge and expand a boys ability to mature and become more self-confident. We all know how hard it is to accomplish this as parents during the course of a year, much less a 5 week period. Yet the affects are both immediate and residual. And there will continue to be VERY FEW trustworthy owner/ directors of camps - now & into the future - that are totally committed to making this experience for young men their personal life's work. That Camp is DeepWoods for Boys! Take your child and go see it for yourself!! Your son will thank you for many years to come. The Colorado Cohen's
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