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Deep Woods Camp For Boys

5 Stars based on 33 reviews (review)

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Camp Location: 848 Deep Woods Road, Brevard, North Carolina, 28712,
Ages: 10 - 14
Gender: Male
Camp type:Overnight
Session dates: June 9 - July 6, or July 13; July 14 - August 10, or August 17; June 9 - August 10, or August 17
Cost (range): $500/week X 4,5,9, or 10
Contact Person: Kells Hogan, Director
Phone: 828.885.2268
Mailing Address:
848 Deep Woods Road
Brevard, North Carolina, 28712
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Camp's Description

Founded in 1970, DEEP WOODS CAMP offers an entire summer of hiking, backpacking, whitewater canoeing and rafting, mountain biking and rock climbing.   Enrollment is limited to 28 campers ages 10 to 14.  Session lengths are 4,5, 9 and 10 weeks.  DEEP WOODS is located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of western North Carolina.
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Reviewer: Gcohen from Savannah, GA
5 Stars 4 of 4 people found this review helpful

Our 12-year-old son attended Deepwoods for the first time last summer. We chose this camp after hearing how great it was from my brother and his son who attended a few years ago. He traveled from Denver, CO. to attend. We knew from the positive feed back from my nephew that this would be an amazing experience where our son would learn to be confident, independent, and become a strong young man with a sense of value. We were looking for a truly hands on wilderness camp for our son. We sent him to a religious based over night camp the summer before Deepwoods and were taken back at the end of the four weeks that our son never used his hiking boots and did not have any true outdoor overnight camping. Most kids had their electronic devices and the whole camping idea was lost. We wanted an environment for our son to experience nature; serious hiking, that would last several days or more and learn the basics of survival in the woods, map reading, sense of direction, following a trail, getting along in a tough environment where one has to pull his own weight, think of the team, not just themselves. Jared, being 11 and never experiencing such a rigorous program before, we decided to check in with Kells the first week to make sure he was all right- then the fun began... The letters that started coming home, in his own words, “you cannot even imagine the things that we are doing!” “I am having the time of my life!” these boys were on the trail from day one- bringing their meals- and camping out night after night in the beautiful mountains and literally hiking their buts off. Learning all the responsibilities of setting up camp, gathering wood, building a proper fire, cooking, what and what not to do to protect the forest now and in the future, all the attitude that seems to be lacking due to no experience in the woods. This was a life altering experience for our son to say the least. He was a changed boy when he came home. He was more self reliant and sufficient, respectful and grateful for everything especially the things that he had completely taken for granted….Mom’s home cooked meals, etc. He learned how to be a true leader under Kells careful yet fun program on how to run a camp for boys. The program that Kells offers, I am sorry to say, is becoming a lost art and a lost outlet for young people to experience camp the way it was when I went to camp in N.C. as a young man. Too many young children today have never experienced “unplugging” the TV, the headphones, the video games, etc for an extended time. Leaving all that interruption behind and getting quiet, getting in touch with yourself and experiencing the great outdoors. We all know that kids need a sense of perspective that just cannot come from a screen! Kells’ program offers that rare perspective. Our son has not stopped talking about returning this summer. He is heading back and has already asked about staying for the whole season…We miss him when he is gone, but we would miss even more what he gets out it! George & Ruth Cohen
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Life Building experience May 08, 2007
Reviewer: Peyton from Alexandria, VA
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Deepwoods Camp for Boys is by far the best place a developing youngman could spend a summer if not every summer of his adolescent years. It has a genuine outdoor program in which its participants are engrossed in nature. This camp teaches skills rare to come by, from whitewater canoeing, rockclimbing, backpacking, mountain biking to trekking and creek hiking. It is also the best place for a boy to get muddy and dirty and enjoy that warm summer breeze that comes up a mountain slope. It is rare to find that such an environment can impart so much. It was easy for me to enroll my son for camp after my experience years before. He confirmed for me what I knew deep in my heart. Deepwoods Camp is truly a life building experience.
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My Deep Woods Adventure May 04, 2007
Reviewer: Clayton w lowery from baton rouge, LA
5 Stars 1 of 1 people found this review helpful

My Mom sent me to Deep Woods in the 70's to get me away from the city and give me a experience that I would not have in Louisiana. She has told me many times that Deep Woods was one of the best decisions she made while raising four children by herself. If you are doing your research than look no further than the camp that is the only true outdoor adventure camp. I have been to church camp, boy scout camp and several others . They all were good but Deep Woods is special because you are truly in the mountains experiencing the outdoors on a regular basis. The camp is in Brevard which is at the base of the Pisgah National Forest. We had a wide variety of trips which included day hikes, multiple overnight hikes , canoe trips, mountain biking , rock climbing etc. I enjoyed the multiple overnight hikes. I was a camper, Ranger, counselor and than finally Ranger counselor. I hiked many miles in the mountains and visit Deep Woods in the summer when work permits. I want to say thanks to Kells Hogan because he is the heart and soul of Deep Woods and he has done a great job providing what young men need in a summer camp. Send your son to Deep Woods. It has made me a better person and while I am bragging- at 46 I can still out hike any person on this planet. Give me a map, compass and a pick up point and I will get you there. Grow for it.
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What I Did On My Summer Vacation May 04, 2007
Reviewer: Sue and Joe from
5 Stars 1 of 1 people found this review helpful

I have three college-age sons who all attended Deep Woods Camp for Boys. I've read all the other reviews, and I agree with what other parents have said. The camp is a unique and wonderful outdoor experience for boys in these high-tech, over-protective days. My most important observation about Deep Woods and the leadership of Kells Hogan the director, is that every year when my boys came home from their stint at camp I felt that I was seeing in each of my sons a little glimpse of what kind of man he would become. And what I saw was varying stages in the development of a confident, independent, self-sufficient, environmentally aware young man who would be a natural leader among his peers. I'm proud to say this is just the kind of men my sons have grown into, and summers at Deep Woods are partly responsible. I recommend this camp to any parent who's son loves the outdoors. I'm certain your son will grow and benefit from his weeks at Deep Woods. I'm equally certain that one day your son will look back on his summers at Deep Woods as some of the best days of his life.
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Absolutely the best summer experience May 02, 2007
Reviewer: Aemq000 from
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Deep Woods camp is an unparalled outdoor experience for boys. Activities are rich in their simplicity, whether hiking for a week on the Appalachian Trail or canoing down wilderness rivers. Boys learn to face physical challenges with confidence and to be leaders. The clock is provided by nature, not by whistles or bells signaling a new activity every hour. In the evenings when the boys are in camp, activities are limited only by the imagination. A beautiful pond for canoing and diving, a field for ball games, a piano and fireplace for singing all provide the raw material for entertainment. Boys learn to rely on their own ideas and creativity within a small, safe and supportive camp environment. This camp is purposely old-fashioned in its goals. Boys learn self-confidence, self-reliance and a love of nature. Our son has attended for 5 years and the Deep Woods experience has been a foundation for his strength of character and resilience. We thank Deep Woods every day for the lessons it taught and skills it imparted to our son and to all of his friends who have attended.
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Boys into Men May 01, 2007
Reviewer: Mariamulcahy from
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Deep Woods Camp is one of the last true adventure camps. It is a place where boys play, work, revel in their boyhood, challenge themselves in every conceivable way and come out not just stronger, not just more able, but more certain of who they are in the bigger picture. I think it's the unexplainable effect that nature has on us as human beings. I also give credit to the effect on boys after spending weeks at a time with a band of brothers. My brother was a camper back in the 70s and he still talks about it being one of the best experiences of his life. He decided to give my son his first Summer at Deep Woods as a gift five years ago. In his mind it was something that absolutely HAD to happen for his nephew (my brother has only girls). Each Summer my son comes home having made unbelievable strides both physically and emotionally. This year he is 17 and entering his 3rd year as a ranger. To my utter surprise and delight he has decided to use the proceeds from his very first job to pay his own way to camp this year. For such a thing to be his first priority speaks volumes about the person he is on his way to becoming and how important Deep Woods has been to him in that endeavor. What a wonderful place. Kells (camp founder and director) deserves a standing ovation! Maria Mulcahy
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A boy's dream April 30, 2007
Reviewer: Rhirschfield from Raleigh, NC
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Two summers ago, I was looking for a camp to send my stepson. We had recently moved to North Carolina from Baltimore and all he knew was an urban camp setting at a community center. I'd gone to sleepaway camp as a girl scout and knew that it was a great experience. I wanted to find a camp where my stepson would have to rough it a bit -- not one of these "country club" camps with air conditioned cabins. I found Deep Woods on the internet, and got in touch with Kells Hogan (director). The setting was perfect and the price was right. We signed him up for the first 4 weeks. Other parents have already written about the changes in their sons upon return from camp -- this was true for my stepson as well. We found him to be more mature, confident and self-sufficient after that first summer. We signed him up again for the next year, and after the first 3 weeks, he called begging us to let him stay for the entire 10 weeks. He was promoted to junior ranger for the second session and took on a new level of responsibility. Kells has invited him back as a ranger for this coming summer's first session. We are immensely grateful for the experience that Deep Woods has provided for my stepson. There aren't too many camps out there with the same emphasis on integrity, teamwork and appreciation of the outdoors. We hope that he will continue to grow with Deep Woods, and perhaps return as a counselor in the years to come.
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Have fun while developing skills and maturity April 30, 2007
Reviewer: ADevx from Charlottesville, VA
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I have heard many stories from and about former Deep Woods campers who, years later, still emphasize the important role that the camp has played in their life and who refer to former campers and staff members almost as if they were family. This tells me that there is something unique and very powerful about the Deep Woods experience. I believe the camp offers an exciting and stimulating range of activities in a spectacular natural setting; the combination is something that few, if any, other camps can equal. Deep Woods Camp for Boys operates an active outdoors program that makes full use of the wilderness of western North Carolina. A typical week might include one day mountain biking along secluded and challenging trails, one day rock climbing one of the many spectacular rock faces of the region, two nights and three days camping out on a trail hike, one day canoeing a white water river, and one day on a day hike through the high altitude evergreen forests that cloak the highest peaks east of the Rockies. In the course of a four-week (or longer) session, campers will make new friends, they will have fun, they will learn new skills, and they will accomplish things they most likely thought themselves incapable of before going to Deep Woods. The stories that parents hear when their boys come home will revolve around how much fun the rope swing was or how their counselor taught them to start a fire in a downpour. But beyond these stories, parents are likely to notice something else in their sons: a bit more self-reliance, a bit more confidence, a greater tendency to stick with a task even when it doesn't come easily. This happens because at Deep Woods boys can engage in a variety of high energy outdoor activities that they enjoy but that also challenge them in a non-competitive environment. Along the way, some responsibility is expected of them - they will learn to do a camping set-up in a matter of minutes that will protect them from the elements; they will learn how to cook over a fire; they will learn how to work with the other boys in their cabin to get from Point A to Point B. In short, Deep Woods creates an environment that lets boys be boys while simultaneously developing the discipline, judgment, and responsibility that will be necessary in adulthood. My relationship with Deep Woods Camp goes back over two decades. I spent five summers there as a camper during the 1980s and then returned to work there as a counselor during the 1990s and 2000s. Based on my own extensive experience with the camp, I would recommend it wholeheartedly to boys who enjoy an active lifestyle out of doors. The camp provides a wholesome setting (zero tolerance for drugs, alcohol, & tobacco products) and the staff create a controlled and safe environment for the campers. During the weeks away from cell phones and e-mail, boys will live in a world in which nearly all communication is face-to-face: stories are told around campfires, jokes are told in the cabins at night - the ability to deliver a punchline becomes more important than sending a text message. In this environment boys can forge friendships with boys from other parts of the country, they can meet and surpass challenges, and they will form memories to last a lifetime.
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Both our sons have gone to Deep Woods April 29, 2007
Reviewer: Nancy Fields from Massachusetts
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Deep Woods Camp has been a wonderful experience for our 2 sons. Both attended when they were 10 years old, and each looked forward to their return in hopes of becoming camp rangers when they got older. Our younger son, who just turned 17, will be returning for his 8th summer at Deep Woods Camp. This program taught both our boys self reliance, independence and gave them self confidence in a variety in real life situations. They love the outdoors, and especially enjoyed their hikes along the Appalachian Trail. Our sons also made many friends from other parts of the country, whom they would never have met, otherwise.
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Well Structured Adventure Program April 27, 2007
Reviewer: Jonlambeth from Atlanta, GA
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Deep Woods has a very well run adventure program that your son will remember for the rest of his life. With trips such as a simple day hike to picturesque waterfalls, canoe and rafting trips, rock climbing, mountain biking, and overnight hikes through the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, the program is well rounded and a must for any boy 10 to 14. In addition the Ranger Program, consisting of boys 15 to 17 that have been invited back to assist in camp activities, is an excellent way for your boy to gain valuable leadership skills.
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Deep Woods Camp ROCKS!! April 27, 2007
Reviewer: Sandy Mayfield from Atlanta, Georgia
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Deep Woods Camp for Boys far exceeds my greatest hopes and expectations. My son has attended this camp for the past three years, attending at age 10 for the first time. At age 13, he is already looking forward to this year's session. After seeing the camp's mountainous and deeply wooded acreage. with the lake, dock, rope swing and zip line -- I was ready to sign myself up for camp! I cannot imagine a more beautiful camp anywhere in the world -- with so much fun waiting for the boys. Each year, when I pick up my son from the camp session, he talks non-stop for the whole drive home from Brevard to Atlanta. He is just full of laughter as he tells funny tales of camp and backpacking life. He starts talking so quickly, with such excitement, that he can't get the words out. The stories continue being told and retold for a couple of months and then they fade out. But then, around January or February of each year, he starts looking forward again to camp ... and the stories start all over. Also, each year after camp, I find that my son's level of maturity is richer and deeper. He comes home from camp with more of a "do it yourself" and "take personal responsibility" attitude -- not just responsibility for chores but also responsibility for his own personal fun and happiness. Perhaps this is the camp director's and camp counselor's leadership qualities rubbing off on him. Over these past few years, I've gotten to know Kells Hogan, the camp director. When he retired from the Army Rangers, he purchased hundreds of acres of mountainous property -- with a vision to develop the land into a camp for boys. Then he personally built the dam that created the lake and built each of the cabins, bathhouse and lodge. He saw what he wanted and he worked to make it happen. Kells is exactly the kind of role model I want my son to have. Through each camp session, Deep Woods camp is "developing" the next generation of camp counselors -- and what a great group of guys they are! As a rule, the counselors are clean cut (no tattoos or earrings), salt of the earth, smart college students who want to "give back" to the current generation of counselors. Without exception, I would be proud to have any of the camp counselors as my own son. My son has enjoyed Deep Woods camp so much that I have pleaded and tried to negotiate with the camp director to offer a girls session -- so my daughter could attend. She's missing out on these great summers. With hesitation, I recommend Deep Woods Camp for your son(s). They will thank you for the great experience.
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A Perfect Boy's Place April 27, 2007
Reviewer: Allain and Mary Catherine from
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Our 2 sons, now 13 and 16, have each gone to Deep Woods for several summers. The camp is unique in that almost all days - and a fair number of nights - are spent out of camp on backpacking trips, canoeing, rock climbing, river hiking, mountain biking and similar activities. For our boys it is the perfect break from school and the rest of their programmed (e.g. soccer, piano, homework) home lives. Since each day for each cabin has one main, high-energy, group activity, the boys have plenty of time to just be boys. Although there is is not much structured in-camp programming, the boys often have late afternoons and evenings in camp, which is in a beautiful secluded-feeling mountain setting. There is a small lake for swimming and paddling and a great rope swing into the lake. There always will be a ping-pong game going in the main dining hall, and some of the boys will just be relaxing and reading. After dinner the boys often will play a pick-up soccer game or capture-the-flag. The staff at Deep Woods has been excellent. Most of the counselors have been campers previously and all have extensive experience in the camp's outdoor activities. They have done a very good job of providing appropriate supervision and safety while still letting the boys enjoy their experiences. We are a second generation Deep Woods family. I was a camper and counselor during the late 70's and 80's. It is a pleasure to see our boys developing the love for the outdoors, confidence, and a sense of independence that were such a big part of my Deep Woods experience.
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Best Boys Camp in the USA April 27, 2007
Reviewer: SusieQ from Orlando, FL
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Crafts, horseback riding, fancy bedding, gourmet food, video games, IPods - you won't find it at Deep Woods camp. Hiking, zip cording, swimming in the lake, canoeing, cooking over camp fire, sleeping under the star, fresh air, this you will find. If your son loves the outdoors and is in good shape to hike the mountains in North Carolina..... you may want to look into this great camp. This camp is right outside Ashville, N.C. or 45 minutes from Greenville, S.C. in a beautiful spot in the mountains. When my son was in middle school I threaten to find a camp and send him to it as soon as possible one day when he and I were at opposite ends. He begged me to let him find it and off to the internet he went and came back with a print out of Deep Woods Camp. He is a senior in college and still going to camp, but as a counselor now. This camp lasts a minimum of 4 weeks and up to 10 weeks which seems like a long time for a Mom, but my son would call at the end of a session and ask to stay longer. I would complain that we didn't get to see him all summer and he would say "You have me all school year - I love this place and want to stay". The ratio of camper to counselor is amazing!! He would come home and talk for hours about all the fun he had. Now this is not a camp for whiners or babies. You do a lot of hiking and no one is interested in your tired bones or sore legs. They start out with day hikes, work to overnight, then 3 day trips and end with a week on the trail. The boys carry everything in their backpacks for the trip. This includes extra clothes, cans of food, matches to start the campfire, sleeping bags, etc. The owner, Kells Hogan, believes that kids these days don't have time in their busy schedules to enjoy the outdoors which I am in complete agreement. My son is not heavy by any means, but when he gets home from camp - he if very buff!! Leave your electronic equipment home for it is not allowed at this camp. My son would say there is nothing like being on top of the mountain, breathing clean fresh air, and listening to the wildlife. He loved sleeping in a hammock tied to trees under the stars at night. The boys all have duties when at camp such as helping with dinner and keeping the grounds clean. When on the trails they have responsibilities such as cooking, gathering wood for the camp fire, cleaning up, finding water, etc. They will bath in the river (now I am not sure how much bathing middle school kids do) Looking back over all these years I can write about the things my son learned which never dawned on me at the time but as a senior in college - I can see it now. Deep Woods Camp helped him to: 1. Get along with kids his own age, those a few years older and respect his elders. 2. He learned how to survive in the woods. I really feel my son could be dropped in the middle of a forest and find his way out and find food to eat until he did. 3. He learned to respect the environment and to appreciate our wildlife and how precious it is to our future. 4. He learned responsibility of caring for others and patience in teaching those younger than himself. 5. He learned how to cook on an open fire and cook in general. 6. He learned all types of trees, plants, how to purify water. 7. He learned how to endure blisters and sore legs. 8. He learned how to handle a canoe and rock climb. 9. Just recently he told him that camp taught him how to be away from home and be happy. He said you have no idea how many kids are homesick for months when they first go to college. 10. He learned how to keep good grades in school to be able to attend and stay at camp as long as he wanted. 11. He learned not to be a picky eater. 12. He learned to keep his space neat and clean. 13. He learned how to teach boys younger than him all the above. This is a very wholesome camp. Leave all illegal items at home for it will not be tolerated and kids will be sent home that do not abide by the rules. Don't get me wrong, there is a lot of fun, horsing around and games that boys that age play. I always felt that my son was safe when he was at camp and around boys with the same interest. I still do!! This camp is very inexpensive when you figure it last for 4 weeks and they are housed and feed well this whole time along with all they get to do. You will be investing in a good form fitting backpack, hiking shoes or good tennis shoes, light sleeping blanket, (bascially hiking gear) My son loves to spend time in outdoor stores and reads many reviews to make sure he gets the best deal and right equipment!! But he hates a shopping mall. You can't go wrong with this camp if you have a son that loves the outdoors and everything that goes along with it.
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