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Long Lake Camp for the Arts

4 Stars based on 9 reviews (review)

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Camp Location: Long Lake, New York, United States
Ages: 10 to 16 years old
Gender: Male and Female
Camp type:Day and Overnight
Session dates:
Cost (range): $1,000 - $2,000 a week
Contact Person:
Phone: 518-624-4831
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Camp's Description

Long Lake Camp for the Arts goes beyond the traditional idea of a summer arts camp with a unique program that caters to campers ages 10 to 16 who want to immerse themselves in a PERFORMING ARTS CAMP and FINE ARTS CAMP. You choose what you want to do in Drama, Dance, Music, Fine Arts, Film, and Circus, concentrating on what you like best. By creating your own summer arts camp program you get exactly what you want in rewarding arts summer camp fun. Our campus, located in NY state, is a stunning country setting with lush green lawns nestled along the shores of a clear blue lake. Beautiful fieldstone buildings, professional performance and studio spaces are all a part of the fresh mountain air and views that surround us. You will be inspired by our extraordinarily gifted and nurturing staff members especially chosen for their unique ability to reach young people. Professionals, teachers, directors, artists and counselors who are eager to share their knowledge and talents.

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Great performing camp September 09, 2014
Reviewer: Dutgun from Zurich, Switzerland
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Our daughter has been attending to Long Lake camp in the last two summers and it gets better every year. The staff, the acitivities, performances, individual care for our child, food, the setting, the interactions of kids between each other are beyond anyone's imagination. We are very happy about this camp which introduced a totally new dimension to our daughter. She discovered her hidden talents which were brought out by the camp people
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Disappointing ! October 06, 2012
Reviewer: Alex202 from france
2 Stars 3 of 4 people found this review helpful

My child attended this camp for 3 weeks this summer. We chose it for music & vocals, not production. She is not yet a very accomplished musician, as she started piano a year ago, and guitar 2 years ago, but she is quite talented, and her life is all about music. She loves singing too. The setting of the camp is quite nice. Food is good. But unfortunately, she could not much practice her music there. By the time she understood how things worked, as the kids do have to customize their own schedule, everything she tried to do or attend was already full. So she found herself with loads of free time. Her supervisor called us a week after arrival, and as I had just spoken with my daughter on the same day I asked her to help my daughter out. But nothing was done! I did repeat my request on the next phone call, a week after. 3 weeks go fast! And it is not even 3 weeks, if you take out the arrival day, and the parent weekend at the end. To cut the story short, she did not even get one vocal lesson. She did get 3 30-minute guitar classes and one 30-minute piano lesson. It was even difficult for her, to find a piano available to practice on her own. Very disappointing! I do have to add, that she had a good time anyway, was a bit disappointed but she says it does not matter as she made great friends there. But I do feel that the advertising for the camp promises much more than it delivers, and considering the little music she did, the price is outrageous ($5500/3weeks)
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Reviewer: Sparkles101 from
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This is my first year at long lake camp and the 3 weeks I was there were the best 3 weeks of my entire life!!! Everything was wonderful the activities, the counslers, the unit leaders, the kids, the food, EVERYTHING!!!! I don't know how ANYONE could say anything negative about this place. Some of the girls wanted their phones and had an "I hate being unclean, and I need to paint my nails" attitude, but I can't imagine anyone not loving everything about this place! For the mom who talked about the "innapropriate" movie, yes some of the movies are for older kids but you don't have to go and there are TONS of other things to do besides that activity. Nothing should feel humiliating for a kid at this place and it's really a shame he didn't love it as much as me and my friends did. Overally I TOTALLY reccomend this place and for the caution for the number of $$$$ just remember you get what you pay for, and this place gives even more then you pay for!
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Serious concerns about Camp's Judgement July 27, 2012
Reviewer: IMOBC from New York
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I really hate when reviews sound like sour grapes, so just know that I have been a huge fan of the camp. This is my son's second year (6 weeks each time). Although I've had minor concerns with how issues are handled, none of them have shocked me like this. The camp decided to take all the kids to see Dark Knight Rises. My 12-year old son was honest and told them that he didn't think he was allowed to go, so everyone else went and he was humiliated and devastated. As I went up the ranks to discuss what I viewed a huge lack of judgement I got nowhere. When I asked the Camp Dir. if she had seen it she said she had not, but they saw no problems sending the younger kids. I suggested that they should make some calls to check with other parents before taking the kids. They refused as they felt it was unnecessary. Plus they were already doing it. When I did get Marc, the Camp Owner, on the phone he was confrontational from the first word. To paraphrase our conversation he said "I love Batman, it's a great movie, everyone should see it and I'm not going to worry about what one parent thinks." (Not that any other parents were given the opportunity to weigh in). I couldn't get a word in edgewise and to the extent I was able to say something he literally bullied and mocked me. The final message to me, before saying "I'm hanging up," was "If you don't like how I do things don't send him here next year." Oh, it bears mentioning that they did NOT take the youngest campers (ages 10-12), but opted to go see Spiderman (far more appropriate). So help me understand the logic-- it wasn't ok for 10-12 year olds in the Bunk 1, but it WAS ok for 11-13 year olds in Bunk 2...yes I know you see the overlap and the irony. Taking the specifics out of this review I am horrified by Marc's treatment of me. I had read other reviews that expressed that the camp owners were not very respectful or responsive to the camper's parents and that had not been my experience. Of course that was when I was writing a check for $8795. I really hate writing this, but if I were a parent thinking about sending my child to Long Lake Camp I'd want to know whether or not I could trust my child into the camp's care and if I had problems how I could expect to be treated. I'm not sure what we'll do about next year. Since he's the owner I don't expect anything will change about their judgement when it comes to our kids. So disappointed.
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My daughter's home away from home October 03, 2011
Reviewer: Jm3kids4me from
5 Stars 2 of 2 people found this review helpful

My daughter has attended this camp for two summers in a row now. I find the staff, location and campers to be some of the best. Each camper receives personal attention and they are given the option to choose the programs they want to participate in each day. My daughter has made so many friends and truly loves this camp. The location is beautiful and the waterfront is as well. Its great to know she can enjoy the day participating in a circus program, dance and water sports. It truly has everything we could ask for in a Arts summer camp.
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My son is returning for his third year December 04, 2010
Reviewer: Pryor555@aol.com from
5 Stars 1 of 1 people found this review helpful

We think the camp is fantastic. The owners are terrific and watch over the kids as carefully as we do for our son. I don't say this lightly. The counselors have been wonderful year after year. It is a very loving camp with the kids bonding closely. The performances are amazing. Our son is a guitar player but has grown to love the theater productions. The food is very good and the accomodations are more than adequate. The girls' dorms are really nice (i've never been inside, but reportedly so) and the boys' dorms are being irmproved one by one and are almost all renovated. We give the camp our highest recommendation. Please email if you have questions.
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Reviewer: Marta from Spring City, PA
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My son is in his 7th and final year at Long Lake. It has been a fantastic experience every single year. Noncompetitive, high quality, small number of campers, and very encouraging for young artists both on-stage and off. He started when he was just 10 years old and the staff has always taken excellent care of him. His older brother went for 3 years as well. The productions are amazing ... hard to believe they pull them together in so little time and the production values are wonderful. Since first learning about Long Lake, I have started a nonprofit performing arts center and we have used this camp as one of our models for "best practices" for our center.
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Joshploof is an idiot July 08, 2010
Reviewer: GSpelvin from Liverpool (UK)
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I remember that kid....or rather he was an adult. He arrived with an attitude after caving in to his dad's suggestion that he attend the LLCA. The fact is he couldn't cut it. He was outclassed and unwilling to learn: the usual middle-school "star" attitude after discovering that he was a small fish in a very crowded pool. The fact that he cannot spell "Ferrari" should be a tip-off as to the calibre of his commentary.
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Horrible, horrible place August 11, 2009
Reviewer: Joshploof from Vernon, CT
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After 3 years of my dad wanting me to go, I finally went this year... and left after the first day. When I first pulled in, I thought it looked like a nice place, a nice stone wall outside the camp looked nice... then I got in the camp. It looks as though the camp owner takes all of the money (which when calculated, they make almost $4,000,000 per year) and spend it all on themselves. The tennis courts are all broken. The basketball court has one hoop, and two roll-on-wheel baskets. The jet skis look like they were purchased 20 years ago and the herms (where the boys sleep) have been there since the camp opened, not touched (I know because there is A LOT of graffiti written all over the walls saying which years the kids stayed like '79-'80) Also, I was told during the bunk meeting that once a week the bunk would have to scrub the toilets, scrub the showers, and mop the floors with amonia, which when paying $5,000 to get in, I don't expect to be scrubbing toilets. You also were not allowed to do ANYTHING by yourself, you had to bring a friend with you, so if you didn't make any friends you basically weren't allowed to do anything. It felt to me like I was in a prison. Also, the security there...well it sucks seeing how I was able to escape, yes, escape from the camp with ease. I packed my bags and walked out through the woods, and Noone in the camp knew, they wouldn't have known, except I asked a local restaurant owner to use his phone, and after refusing to let me use it, called the camp. So they would have never even known I was missing for the entire night. Is that really a place you want to send your kids to, a place where they can easily leave? I think not. I would think for a place that nets almost $4,000,000 in 3 months would make it a little of a nicer, less dirty environment, instead the camp owner takes it upon himself to buy 2 BMW's and 2 Furrarris, it's all about them making as much money as possible in my honest opinion.
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