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Camp Pennbrook
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Leonia New Jersey
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Gender: Female
Camp type: Day and Overnight
Session dates: Multiple
Cost (range): $1,900 - $7,000
Contact Information
Phone: (800) 442-PENN
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Camp Pennbrook
LeoniaNew Jersey 07605-0005

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Disappointed with Camp Pennbrook, Apr 11, 2011
reviewer: Concerned Dad from Baltimore, MD
My daughter wanted to attend this camp and was looking forward to the experience. Unfortunately she experienced an illness/injury during the first week. The campers are not allowed to have their cell phones during this period and she asked that we be contacted. The camp did not contact us or let her call. She attempted to send several letters home which we mysteriously did not receive. She eventually sent us a letter using her roommate's return address information and merely addressed it to "Mom" at our home address. I called the camp and we demanded to speak with our daughter. She advised that she wanted to leave and we went to pick her up. The director was very abrupt and would not take responsibility for the camp not contacting us in reference to her medical complaints. He refused to refund any money or even apologize for not contacting us concerning her visit to the medical office.

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Show me the money, Feb 19, 2008
reviewer: Nshiver from Atlanta, GA
I found that the camp was only about getting money. I found the man who runs this camp offensive and found him to be dishonest. When my daughter was homesick and wanted to come home, I was not allowed to talk to her regardless of any of the facts surrounding the situation. He assured me he had a trained Child Psychologists on staff and that he would have this person call me. After many attempts to reach this "Child Psychologists" he instead had a 20 year old first year councilor. When I called to tell him she was leaving early his only concern was to let me know I would get any money back and never once asked what the problem was. He proceeded to tell me what her problem was without having the foggiest idea which child was mine.

Showing 1 to 2 of 2 reviews

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