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Camp Kamaji for Girls
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Cass Lake Minnesota
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Camp type: Day and Overnight
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Oh my!!!, Aug 11, 2009
reviewer: CAMP2009 from IL
I would definately NOT recommend this camp for any loving parent to send their daughter to. This was my first summer at camp and I hated the majority of it, the only redeeming features were the other girls. I have never been anywhere where bullying is ignored, the director tells staff not to worry about making the girls cry and where so many young girls leave the office after a 'Mike talk' in hysterics! One one occasion a group of 9 12 year old girls were made to canoe over the lake against a strong wind with only 3 staff with them..... (only one of which was a certified lifeguard and had been taught how to canoe, the other 2 had no idea). The staff are bullied into doing what the director wants and if ANYONE dares to question him he explodes in anger. The worst part of it is he changes his mind frequently so you have no idea what he wants of you..... there is no reasoning with the man! We've not even mentioned the food yet! The food is FULL of fat and sugar and most girls ended up leaving at least 4 or 5 pounds heavier than they were when they arrived! The ONLY way I would even consider going back to this camp is if it were run by completely different people who knew how to treat kids properly, personally I wouldn't feel safe sending MY children here and would feel guilty if I were to recommend it to anyone with kids!

Showing 1 to 1 of 1 reviews

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