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Spencer Massachusetts
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Camp type: Day and Overnight
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Phone: 508-885-4891
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Be careful what you think you are getting, Sep 09, 2008
reviewer: LM from MA
My 8 year old daughter attended this Camp July, 2008 as she wanted to learn to ride. The 'Saddle-Up' program was supposed to be a beginner riding program w/ lessons,horsemanship, and barn chores the 1st 3 periods daily.We called 2-3x before to verify what was posted relative to our expectations. We were entirely MISLED by the website information. This program stated that “Campers will spend an hour a day in the saddle learning the basics of horsemanship.” this NEVER happened. Sun, no lesson;Mon, 30 min; Tue, 30 min; Wed. 15 min; Th. 15 min, and Friday 3 min.@ family demo. Eleven (11) children to 1 instructor ratio.We requested 'Western' lessons, she was taught English; I wrote a 2 page letter asap letting them know and they never called or looked into it at all. No professional managment, no accountability. NOT RECCOMMENDED

Showing 1 to 1 of 1 reviews

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