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Camp Pinnacle For Girls and Boys
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Camp Location
1 Wolfe Lake Drive
Hendersonville North Carolina 28739
Camp Details
Ages: 8-14
Gender: Co-ed, single gender acti
Camp type: Day and Overnight
Session dates: July 7-July 20, July 22-Aug 4, Aug9-Aug 12 (Family Camp)
Cost (range): 495-2,695
Contact Information
Ben Lea, Camp Director
Phone: 855-348-1928 or 855-EST-1928
Fax: 828-698-0339
Mailing Address:
PO Box 1339
Flat RockNorth Carolina 28731

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Without question the best summer camp, Aug 06, 2012
reviewer: GinaKugler from Palm Harbor, FL
My boys (10,13) went to Camp Pinnacle this summer as their first sleep away camp experience and it was better than I expected and exceeded what I was even hoping for. My husband and I were very impressed with the quality, cleanliness and condition of their grounds, cabins and equipment. They have their own lake unlike other camps that share lakes. Every activity that my kids could have wanted to do was available to them. My boys told me the food was great and they even have some new favorite foods so I was really happy about that. The counselors were so upbeat, creative, fun and caring. They are opinion leaders to my boys because they are young enough to be "cool" and old enough that my kids looked up to them. Some of the counselors have come from the Adventure Trek program which my son described as "Extreme Camping Teens" in such a way that showed he wanted to be just like them (and he will!). The way Camp Pinnacle's program is laid out, my kids were learning things they will use in real life without realizing they are being "taught" something (manners, community, supporting each other, relying on others, being relied on, responsibilities, appreciation of nature, learning to overcome fears, doing something challenging and succeeding, etc etc). The first letters we got from the boys had a mixture of homesickness with excitement over the new things they did. With every new letter we received, I read more sentences with exclamation points of how happy and excited they were about what they were doing. I was nearly in tears of happiness for them. The camp posted pictures of the boys' activities just about every day so I felt really in-the-know about what they were doing. The camp directors stay in touch with the parents so you never feel like you don't know what is going on at camp. I also have to commend the registration process of this camp. There are a lot of forms required to be filled out when sending your kids away (medical forms, info forms, travel forms etc) and the on line process was SO EASY. Camp Pinnacle is extremely organized which was very helpful to me. After only two weeks, my boys came back changed- more mature, more appreciative of things, more THEMSELVES. They already told me they can't wait until next summer to go back and this time for 4 weeks. My oldest son wasn't really into going away to a camp at first. He thought it was going to be "lame" and he just wanted to stay home and relax and play video games this summer. Now that he has returned, not only does he want to return to Camp Pinnacle next summer but he wants to follow that up with an Adventure Trek right after!! I am completely satisfied with this camp and I sound like a commercial but it's because I am a very, very happy and satisfied parent. :)


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