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Deer Hill Expeditions
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Camp Location
PO Box 180
Mancos Colorado 81328
Camp Details
Ages: 13-18
Gender: Co-Ed
Camp type: Overnight
Session dates: June 28 - August 12
Cost (range): $1,000+/week
Contact Information
Richard Malcolm (Outreach Director)
Phone: 800.533.7221
Fax: 970.533.7221
Mailing Address:
PO Box 180
MancosColorado 81328

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Deer Hill was an Amazing experience, Sep 03, 2010
reviewer: NaeemahC from Bay Area, California
Deer Hill Expeditions is not your average summer camp. Deer Hill is more than just camp games and singng funny song. Deer Hill is an experience that me and many of my group mates found life changing. My experience at Deer Hill has changed me greatly by showing me that I have the potential to achieve my goals and be a strong leader. Deer Hill helped me come out of comfort zone and let myself have fun . At Deer Hill I was able to connect to people on a level i never thought was possible. I had worried that i wouldn't fit in like my previous summer camps; but at Deer Hill you spend 24/7 with people and they become your family which makes it impossible not to fit in. Deer Hill allowed me to be myself and figure out who I really am. I left Deer Hill with a new found confidence,a want to help others and great friends that i still hold close relationships to. Going to Deer Hill is so far the greatest experience of my life and highly recommend that whoever reads this goes to Deer Hill and figures out how life changing it is for themself.


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Career Launch, May 06, 2009
reviewer: Palmerjr from Brevard, NC
As a student of Brevard College, majoring in Wilderness Leadership and Experiential Education, I realize what a great program Deer hill has. I spent the summer of 08 working at Deer Hill and I am going back this year as well. Deer Hill Expeditions has played a significant role in my professional development.

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the best part of my year four years running, Dec 08, 2008
reviewer: Allison from Los Angeles, CA student at New College of Florida
I participated in a Deer Hill Expeditions course every summer of my high school years, starting with River & Mountain (the expedition open to the youngest age group) and ending with the advanced Wilderness Leadership through which I earned wilderness first aid certification. An expedition with Deer Hill offers the adventurous adolescent a communal backcountry and service experience that is challenging and singularly genuine. Closely operated by its founding family for 25 years, Deer Hill Expeditions is first class as an outdoors company, and very personal as an experiential program.

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Integrity, challenge, inspiration and adventure!, Dec 08, 2008
reviewer: Clendaniel from Portland, ME
I have been both a participant and staff member at Deer Hill almost every summer for the last 10 years. Deer Hill stands out to me as a program with incredible integrity, a sincere commitment to facilitate growth, learning and inspiration for young adults, a diversity of meaningful and exciting activities and an incredibly qualified and skilled staff. As a participant at Deer Hill over the course of three summers, I experienced a significant amount of personal growth and learning. Deer Hill provided me with an alternative to summer camp and a way of fulfilling my interests in wilderness travel and adventure. I learned all of the hard skills necessary for mountain and canyon backpacking and river rafting from fun, supportive and very experienced instructors. I developed deep appreciation for the wild lands of the southwest and made cross cultural connections with many members of America's native peoples. I built self confidence, learned how to live well in small groups and began to develop my leadership skills. As a staff member at Deer Hill for the last seven years I have learned to appreciate what the program has to offer from a different perspective. I have significantly developed my skills as an outdoor educator, a backpacking and rafting instructor and a small-group facilitator. Deer Hill has always had a deep commitment to both protecting the southwest's wild lands and developing meaningful, sincere and mutually beneficial relationships with members of America's native peoples. The cross-cultural service-learning component of Deer Hill's program is one of the ways that Deer Hill sets itself apart from its competitors, and is at the heart of Deer Hill's mission. I have been continuously impressed by the professionalism and creativity of Deer Hill's staff, and I consider this to be the program's greatest asset. In summary, Deer Hill is a program that I would very highly recommend. Deer Hill has incredible experience in the outdoor industry and a fabulous staff!

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Incredible experience for young people, Dec 08, 2008
reviewer: Julia A. from Hailey, Idaho
I went to Deer Hill Expeditions as a camper twice, in 1998 and in 2001 and I had a really meaningful experience both times. It was so amazing to meet people from all over the country and become friends while learning about the outdoors. The thing that really stands out about Deer Hill Expeditions is their dedication to service work. I learned so much about myself, the natural world, and other cultures when I helped the forest service work on trails and after visiting the Navajo reservation and assisting an elderly man with his gardening and yardwork. I would recommend this camp to anyone!

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