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Camp High Rocks
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Camp Location
1234 Camp High Rocks Rd
Cedar Mountain North Carolina 28718
Camp Details
Ages: 7-16
Gender: Male
Camp type: Overnight
Session dates: Camp sessions from June - August, ranging in length from 1 to 4 weeks
Cost (range): ~$1100/week
Contact Information
Henry and Townsend Birdsong, Directors
Phone: (828) 885-2153
Mailing Address:
PO Box 210
Cedar MountainNorth Carolina 28718

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Camp High Rocks Continues to ROCK!, Jun 30, 2009
reviewer: Pholland from Jacksonville, FL
Two years ago a review was written when our two boys were campers, and now they have graduated to C.I.T. and Assistant Counselor; a total of seven years after their start of attending High Rocks. Our younger son returned home after the 3 week session as a C.I.T. and all we heard is ... at camp ... at camp ... he would rather be at camp than at home ... of coarse only for reasons of enjoyment! Our older son, now an assistant, will need to have his home phone number tattooed on his wrist (only kidding) because he has forgotten to 'phone home' after a months time as he is allowed to call on days off. We only attribute our boys love of High Rocks to the care and secure surroundings the camp offers. High Rocks became a second home for both of our children. An investment? Yes, and the reward of seeing you son master skills with confidence and grow as an individual is invaluable. Our older son wrote an essay about High Rocks for college entrance regarding the non- competitive atmosphere ... as a competitive child he realized winning was not always the ultimate goal, but to be part of a team was more important. Hank and Townsend Birdsong have made a huge contribution to our sons lives and we are very grateful. There is no safer or inspiring camp for your son than CHR. High Rocks Rocks!

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Great Camp, Jul 03, 2007
reviewer: Tomlogan from Lake Worth, Florida
My twin boys attended this June (2007) and loved it. I found all the counselors to be well educated and personable. The camp directors take an active role in the daily activities. I highly recommend Camp High Rocks.

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High Rocks - a Superb Camping Experience, Jan 09, 2007
reviewer: Julie penzel from Hamburg, Germany
Our son has attended Camp High Rocks for the past six years. Every year when camp is over, the first thing he says is, "I definitely want to return next year!" He hopes to go on to become a counselor at High Rocks. Each boy is given individual attention in every way, i.e. advancing athletic skills while expanding their social skills. They learn to work as a team and help each other. The staff and facilities are excellent. High Rocks is a great place for boys to spend their summers, the experience and learning will remain with them all their lives and in fact influence their development in a positive manner.

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Camp High Rock, Rocks!, Jan 08, 2007
reviewer: Pholland from Ponte Vedra Beach , FL
Our boys, Carl and Wil, have attended Camp High Rocks for 5 years! They look forward to camp each summer. The boys are a year apart and when they enter camp they rarely see each other ... each persues his favorite interest. Camp High Rocks has allowed both of the boys to grow physically, as well as emotionally. The counselors are young men and women that lead by example. Both of the boys will continue to attend CHR as junior leaders and, hopefully a senior counselor. The activities and overnight trips are unbelievable! Imagine taking off for 3-4 days to kayak or canoe the French Broad River! Overnight biking and hiking trips challenge the campers of all skill levels. There is a great comfort in leaving our children at High Rocks for 4 weeks each summer. The Birdsong's, who own and operate the camp, treat the campers as family. They interact with the boys daily. The boys have developed stong relationships with Hank and Townsend along with many of the returning counselors. PS... They enjoy the food ... especially, sundae's on Sunday!! There is not enough good that can be said about Camp High Rocks. We recommend it highly to anyone wanting to allow their child to experience the outdoors and sleep away camp experience. Pat and Carl Holland, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

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This Camp Rocks!, Jan 04, 2007
reviewer: Debbie and Mark from Atlanta, GA
Kevin has been a camper at High Rocks for the last 2 summers, and will return again for the 3 week session this year. If it were up to Kevin, he would spend his entire summer at High Rocks! We chose High Rocks based upon the recommendation of a neighbor who was a camper and counselor at High Rocks years ago, and we have been extremely satisfied with Kevin's camp experience. High Rocks is the first overnight camp that Kevin attended. His counselors made sure that his adjustment was successful. Kevin has taken advantage of many outdoor opportunities at High Rocks, although he had no previous experience in sailing, and little experience in horseback riding, canoeing, and backpacking. He has thrived and grown in this non-competitive environment. He is especially proud of his accomplishments in climbing. Last year Kevin was invited on an overnight trip with the oldest campers because he had become proficient enough in climbing to keep up with them. We are very pleased with the directors and counselors at High Rocks. Kevin additionally gives rave reviews about the meals.

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A great experience, Jan 02, 2007
reviewer: from New Jersey
Our three boys will be attending the 4 week session at High Rocks for the 6th, 4th and 2nd year in a row. These weeks are the highlight of their summer and they look forward to seeing returning counselors and campers year after year. We live in the Northeast and all of our kids play plenty of competitive sports. When our oldest wanted to go to camp, we looked for a place that could offer a new environment, rather than more lacrosse or soccer drills and games. He came home having discovered canoeing and rock climbing and southern accents! High Rocks is a small camp (about 140 boys per session) and the staff create an environment where campers feel secure enough to try something new. The boys are encouraged to challenge themselves, but they don't need to defeat another team to win. The challenge they take on might be a 3 day hiking trip, a difficult run down a river in a kayak or working with their counselor and cabin mates to keep the cabin clean. Over the years, we have been particulaly impressed with the quality of the counseling staff at High Rocks. Many were campers here themselves, and they share the same set of goals for the campers: help each boy gain independence, confidence, and an ability to adapt to new situations. This is a great camp, and we expect to be back for many years to come.

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The Highlight of our Boys Summers!, Dec 25, 2006
reviewer: George MacBain from Charlotte
Our oldest son spent 5 summers at High Rocks and his younger brother is heading back for his 4th this year. High Rocks has become part of our family fabric as both boys have so many memories from Camp! We like the ratio of just six campers per cabin, the many activities the boys can choose from, getting merit badges for scouts and the quality of staff is terrific. The setting in western NC is just perfect for this special camp! Our boys love the overnight campout trips, the food and all the new buds they have met over the years! I have and will continue to recommend High Rocks highly to parents interested in a wonderful experience for their boys......

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A Great Place for Boys, Dec 23, 2006
reviewer: from Jacksonville Fl
This will be my son's 3rd summer at High Rocks. He has enrolled in the 4 week session each time. He loves High Rocks and the 4 week session gives him time to settle in, acquire skills, and develop relationships. He has particularly enjoyed horseback riding and pottery. High Rocks is a wonderful place for him. I think that out of the entire calendar year, he matures most in the month he is there. We also like it because he can work on Boy Scout Merit Badges. Our second son, who is nine, is itching to go because he sees what a terrific time his brother has. I forsee a long relationship with High Rocks and our family!

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A Wonderful Camp!!!, Dec 22, 2006
reviewer: Meg Boyles from Charlotte, NC
I can not say enough wonderful things about Camp High Rocks. My son went first to the 2 week session and then last summer he attended the 3 week session. He loved both experiences. This camp teaches these young men to have the values that you want your son to have. It is also beautiful and interesting. My son loved the sailing and the hiking and wants to try mountain biking this coming summer. He can not wait to go back!!!

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#1 camp for boys, Dec 22, 2006
reviewer: David and Beth from Birmingham, AL
My son will be going back to High Rocks this summer for his 5th year. He started with the 2 week session when he was 8 years old. That year he didn't know anyone from home that was going and as a parent I was a bit nervous. Hank and his staff do an excellent job of watching after all the campers. Being able to see the photos from camp each day certainly put my mind at ease. I don't think he had time to be homesick. My son's counselors and various instructors over the years have been outstanding. He has been encouraged to try new activities - hiking and tennis are his favorites. He also enjoyed the horseback program. The camp's non-competitve atmosphere is a huge plus. Each child is able to set his own goals and see the progress year after year. This is great for their self confidence. My son is still proud of making a tough hike last year and now continues to really push himself on scout hikes with his local troop. High Rocks is a perfect camp for my son. He will be going as long as they will have him.

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Great Summer!, Dec 22, 2006
reviewer: Shelton and Bill Bosley from Hilton Head, SC
This will be our son's fifth summer at High Rocks. He started with the three week session and for the last two summers he has attended the four week session. Each summer he has had a great time. In addition to all the fun, he learns new skills and develops new friendships each year. At the end of camp, he always says that one day he wants to be a High Rocks counselor! As parents, we appreciate the daily pictures posted each night on the website. We see our son's picture several times a week and know by his huge smile that he is having a blast. Also, communication with camp staff is excellent.

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High Ratings for High Rocks, Dec 22, 2006
reviewer: Wendy Lupas from Cashiers, NC
My Son will be attending High Rocks for the 4th summer of fun... He has been to two 2 week session and was there for 4 weeks last year. We could not be more pleased with the camp- We chose High Rocks because we knew of three other families that are involved with All-girls camps in NC and this is where they chose to send their Sons!!! Knowing that these families could choose from ANY camp in the US, that was THE absolute best recommendation for us. Every summer, my son comes home a little more mature and a lot more confident due to the tremendous instruction and challenges he had received. He also has an entire new list of "best buddies' that he can not wait to see again next year. We know that he is in a very safe and nurturing environment with Hank and Townsend who have raised two wonderful sons. The counselors are also "top notch"-great role models for my son. You should visit the camp and take a tour... you will not be disappointed!!

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The Best Weeks of Summer, Dec 22, 2006
reviewer: Missy Kaish from Marietta, GA
Our son has been to High Rocks for five years and is anxiously awaiting his sixth year. He says the weeks at camp are his favorite of the entire year! He loves the activities, the campers that he sees year after year from all over the country (and the world), and the counselors. Since High Rocks is a smaller camp, the relationships built there are very meaningful. The activities offered are ones that improve independence, self-confidence, and overall coordination and athleticism. We can't say enough about how much our son's weeks at Camp High Rocks have meant to him and our family through the years. It will remain a huge part of his life forever!

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We'll be back, Dec 21, 2006
reviewer: Alan & Catherine from North Carolina
Our son attended Highrocks for the second summer in 2006. It is a great fit. During this time he evolved from boyhood to becoming a young man. We are very proud of how he navigated this transition, and Highrocks played an important part. We like Highrock's approach of building skills in a non-competitive environment. Highrocks helped our son see the connection between effort/positive attitude/fun and personal achievement. When he speaks of climbing or canoeing, he flashes a pirate smile and announces "I got skills." Grammar aside, he learned a valuable lesson in how to approach new and scary life endeavors. With a background in outdoor education and climbing, I appreciate Highrocks attention to safety. I looked at Highrocks credentials including certification from the Association of Experiential Education. While I'm not familiar with Highrock's staff hiring criteria, I do know that their staff exhibits an uncommon level of maturity and professionalism. Catherine and I also enjoyed being able to see daily photos from camp on the HR website (password protected) and the letters from camp (both our son and a counselor). It was a great way to keep us informed without interfering in our son's experience. Bottom line - this is a camp that we trust. We would recommend that parents speak with Highrocks about which session (2, 3 or 4 week) is most appropriate for their child. Hank and Townsend helped us make the right choice. While Catherine and I appreciate Highrocks for many reasons, our son wants to go back each year because it is FUN! Great camp. Great staff. Fun. We'll be back!

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