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Reality Ranch Military Camp
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Camp Location
HC 65 Box 527012
Concho Arizona 85924
Camp Details
Ages: 10-15
Gender: Male
Camp type: Overnight
Session dates: 14 - 27 June, 29 June - 26 July, 29 July - 25 August
Cost (range): $1900/2 weeks; 3800/4 wee
Contact Information
Commandant J. Denton Sr.
Phone: 1 (928) 337-4500 or Toll Free (877) 2RE-SHAPE
Fax: (928) 337-4600
Mailing Address:
HC 65 Box 527012
ConchoArizona 85924

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Trouble with the Sheriff, State health inspectors., Feb 05, 2010
reviewer: JerryB from AZ
It was all reported in the local news for that area. Here are links.

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Review on Reality Ranch Military Camp, Aug 18, 2009
reviewer: JScott from Dallas, Tx
I sent my son to Reality Ranch during summer 2009 and he had a good time. There were pictures and camp updates sent home several times per week, and the staff were great. I had a positive experience with this camp, and so did my son. He came home with his chin up... something I haven't seen in years.

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This camp helps our children to believe in themselves, Mar 27, 2009
reviewer: Anthony from CA
My son had low self esteem and started hanging out with a bunch of trouble makers. He was getting into all kinds of trouble in school and did crazy things so he could fit in with the popular kids. When a 12 year old gets caught vandalizing his own school, you know something is wrong. I sent him to Reality Ranch in 2006 and he was so angry and me and my wife. My wife felt guilty but we knew we were doing all the wrong things because we were too close to the situation. The staff at the camp didn't just tell him to stop doing things that were going to get him into trouble. They got down to the root of the problem which was WHY. Joey had the summer of his life. We are sending him again this summer because he wants to go back. Check out the camp and see what a difference it can make in your kid's life.

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My experience with Reality Ranch, Feb 18, 2008
reviewer: Sameldrum from Newville, PA
I also registered for Reality Ranch last summer (2007) and paid well before camp started. Then they cancelled and all I got was the run-a-round for getting a refund. I complained to the Better Business Bureau and after a long delay they finally responded that the refund was still being "processed." That was in December! Fortunately, I put the charge on my credit card and disputed the charges in November of 2007. In January, my credit card company made the reversal of charges permanent; otherwise, I would still not have a refund. The camp directors (Denton's) are very arrogant and self-righteous when it comes to any problems. It is always the campers or parents fault; they never took any responsibility for anything when I communicated with them. I would not trust this amount of money in advance to this organization. Scott Meldrum

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DO NOT RECOMMEND!!!, Jan 15, 2008
reviewer: Hpickens from
I enrolled in the camp in June 2007, and sent them my $3800. They cancelled the camp and told me I would get a refund of my tuition. I have tried calling, sent emails and a certified letter requesting my refund. I have contacted the Better Business Bureau and the District Attorneys office. I am still waiting for my refund. I have also done more research on this camp, and I am seeing horror stories. Please go to the Eastern Arizona Courier website ( and look at the articles on 7/24/2007 and 7/29/2007.

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Still Waiting for a refund from cancelled camp, Nov 28, 2007
reviewer: Elissastewart from San Antonio, TX
I can't vouch for the quality of the camp because it was cancelled a few days before my son was supposed to attend on July 29, 2007. I do know that I am still waiting for a refund of the $3800 I paid in tuition, even though I was assured that I would receive a full refund. First I was told 30-90 days, and now, almost four months later, I am told that Commandant Denton has no idea when he will be able to refund my money. I am getting ready to complain to the American Camping Association and the Attorney General's Office in Arizona. My travel insurance did not cover camp cancellation, so in addition the equipment I purchased and the tuition, I have $500 in useless airline credit. Altogether an expensive and a disappointing experience from a camp that claims to teach integrity.

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