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Edmonton Alberta
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Tuition is not in line with experience. Not recommended., Aug 13, 2011
reviewer: Horsenut671 from
Overnight camp has a max of 20 girls. One lesson per day was offered rather than two. There were no wash facilities except the horse racks. Flush toilet in barn is not operational so portapotty is used. There are no washroom facilities in the 'garage' where the kids sleep, unsupervised. Range of students is too great to offer a valuable experience for intermediate to advanced riders. Facility is in disrepair and horses are not on a vaccination schedule, haul ins and boarders are advertised so questionable safety for outside animals and disease risk. Owner/operator claims that students were 'bumming around' the majority of the day because they were unmotivated to ride. Claims to have offered her private bathroom for showers to 16 students and they declined. Students report, matter of factly, they have used hand sanitizer before meals for a week, as the tack room bathroom was locked and there was no other place to wash up. Research the difference between CHA (Certified Horsemanship) and EC (Equine Canada) or AEF (Alberta Equine Federation) instructor accreditation before enrolling so you are certain you are aware of the scope/application of all and can make an informed decision as to the appropriateness of the trainer/credentials to your student/situation. Tuition is approximately $200 more than comparable camps in the area who provide more comprehensive instruction and cleaner facilities. Barn and grounds are in disrepair and open excavation, debris and unstable structures are also of concern when students have such a degree of unsupervised time. If possible, visit the facility before enrolling, and then you can decide. Although owner/operator is in process of rehabilitating an old facility, she is not at the point where she can safely offer a residential camp, and definitely not to 20 riders. Evident instructional staff were numbered at three and they instructed together so could not even offer the possibility of 1:6 ratio all day. Opted for 3:6 ratio for an hour a day. Too many students for staff. Lack of accessible facilities to attend to hygiene while working with animals. Lack of herd vaccination or disease control measures. Expensive tuition for level of instruction accreditation or facility suitability. The food was nutritious and acceptable. However, was not catered but prepared on site by owner/instructor. Sleeping facilities were clean and in good repair although no phone or running water available in the building. Research thoroughly before enrolling. We most certainly should have and, having done our research post camp, realize that there are significantly better options available in the area. The limiting factor is the haul in option. Most other camps use their own horses. If you need a camp/experience for student and horse to work together, would suggest you research horsemanship clinics in the area.

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Not As Advertised, Aug 06, 2011
reviewer: Horsenut from Alberta
Too many students (up to 20) to accommodate two lessons per day, so one lesson was offered, limited to trot because levels are so wide ranged. Not appropriate for novice and higher levels. No low level jumps, no farrier/vet visit, and limited theory. Students are unsupervised and 'bumming around' most of the day. No flush toilet or wash facilities for food prep and consumption. Hand santizer was used before eating...E.Coli is a definite possibility ...manure, live animals, food, porta potty. This young owner needs to make some changes quickly in order to sustain any business.

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