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Sandwich Massachusetts
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The Water Was Freezing Cold, Jul 07, 2012
reviewer: Sonny from key west, fl
In 1958 I was nine years old and I found the idea of spending a month at Camp Burgess compelling of course but daunting as well. Anywaythe experience itself was at first all consuming from the moment they made you jump into the lake until lights out. The dining hall was very noisey with all of us talking at once, mouths full of food too, forgetting every meal manner we had ever been tauught. I couldn't swim the 50 feet or get from the deep water into the boat without assistance. I didn't like making things out of beads either and the tray I made my mother edged in rope was truly a sight for sore eyes and I knew it, even then. She kept it displayed for years reminding me that Camp Burgess taught me the process of elimination. In 1958 I discovered mostly what I didn't like to do. At the top of the list...freezing cold water. So thank you Camp Burgess because now I live in the Florida Keys where the water is warm and the temperatures are balmy and I am very comfortable..not making beaded anything nor varnished serving trays. In a strange way camp led to my awakening and I am very grateful therefore for the month I spent in Sandwich Massachusetts.


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