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Camp Mechuwana
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Winthop Maine
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Camp type: Day and Overnight
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Home, Dec 08, 2010
reviewer: Kgrant from Gray, ME
I have had the ability to attend this camp for many years, this is my fifth. I would recommend it to all lifestyles. During the summer there is a range of one week long camps for any appetite. We have sports camps, arts camps, musical theatre camps, environmentalist camps, and even hiking camps to Baxter and Acadia. What makes Mechuwana special is that you can come for the first time and really feel like you belong. I know tht sounds cliche but its true. I have attended 4-5 different summer camps throughout Maine and New Hampshire and it was to Mechuwana that I've always come back to. Another great thing about Mechuwana is that they have rallies. Rallies are weeklong events for middle and high school kids. They have games, themed discussions (like "overcoming adversity" or "teamwork") a dance Saturday night, and a worship service Sunday morning. The nice thing about the service is that the Camp is open door, all faiths are welcome from Catholic to Methodist to even non-Christians. Mechuwana will always be available to you no matter who you call God and even if you don't believe in one. If you're afraid you might not be able to afford the camp, please look into it anyway. At camp we try to have A LOT of scholarship money we give out to campers. We try not to turn anyone away. Please consider sending your child here-it will be worth it!


Showing 1 to 1 of 1 reviews

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