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350 Island Pond Road
Harrison Maine 04040
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Ages: 7-15
Gender: Female
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Jim Gill (Director)

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Couldn't be more happy-2 girls and 11 years at this camp., Apr 29, 2012
reviewer: Jm from virginia
My children have had a very different experience of this camp than the previous reviewer. Both began young (my first in 4th grade and my second, who always wants to do what her sister does, only sooner) right after 2nd grade. While I have not always been completely thrilled with the activities provided, my children have been, and have never been bored. Even when they have not gotten their first activity choices, they have learned something new, or made a new friend, or been able to appreciate a different counselor. In all our years there my kids have never not eventually gotten the activities they requested-- they just don't get them all the first week. Far more important than the activities throughout the day, though, are the relationships made at camp, between bunkmates, with older (or younger kids and "Cove Pals") and with counselors, who come from all over (in the past few years my daughter has had counselors from Australia, New Zealand, Scotland, Israel, Denmark, and many others.) There have been one or 2 less than cuddly counselors (not everyone is perfect) but on the whole they have been supportive, fun loving, zany, inspiring, creative, skilled, and above all, very present. Neither of my kids ever had any issues with bullying or being left out-- in fact, my sense is that a huge amount of care goes into insuring that all the girls are included and accepted. My daughters have loved becoming friends with kids that they might not have been friendly with at school-- my daughters carefully explain to us that there do not exist the kinds of cliques or labels at FC that there are in the "real world," and they love that about camp. ANother thing about this camp that I have really appreciated is the fact that they have 2 discrete sessions, each about 3.5 weeks long. This means that my kids can have a camp experience, but it does not monopolize our entire summer. The 2 separate sessions mean that no child has to either leave an ongoing experience early (while others stay on) or jump into a moving river, where relationships have already formed and the dynamics of a bunk are already set. Here everyone begins and ends together. Clearly, the previous reviewer thinks in absolutes. While any camp may have 'pushy, cold spoiled kids" our experience over the last 11 years has been quite the contrary. It is such a kind, caring, and supportive atmosphere that my elder daughter, now finishing her 2nd year in college, is about to return as a counselor so that she can help other kids have the wonderful experience she has so cherished. Nothing "cold" about that. No place is perfect, and certainly each child has to find the right atmosphere to nurture her individuality. Fortunately for us, FC has been the right place for my children, and they have looked forward to returning each summer. In fact, they might even tell you that they just put in time the other 11 months of the year so that they can get back to "the 04040."

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Don't believe the marketing materials!, Aug 16, 2010
reviewer: Superhappymom from The Midwest
This camp has wonderful marketing materials, but as my daughter told me in her letters home, the camp is nothing like the video. First, the activities in the handbook are not really offered. Second, older girls seem to get priority when it comes to anything performing arts while the younger girls are stationed at arts and crafts -- BORING. Third, this camp does not believe in communication even when a child is having problems. And, instead of learning who a camper is and why they might be homesick, the staff just decided that "blunt" was best. My daughter survived this experience, but I feel so cheated. This was an expensive camp. Our other daughter attended a camp much less costly, but with a completely different outcome. We have a basis on which to compare. Don't send your daughter here if you think your daughter is smart, happy, sweet or fun to be with. She won't be happy. This is a place for pushy, cold spoiled kids.

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