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Oxford Mississippi
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Bad experience with social engineering, Jun 29, 2008
reviewer: Just wanted a church camp from
We sent out children to this camp for the ususal "church camp" week. On registration day an elderly man from Jackson arrived with a carload of wayward boys obviously not related to him. He unloaded them and drove away, sure that his good deed was done and that he would go to heaven. Unfortunatley for everyone else left tending the thugs the week was just beginning. I seriously thought about calling the camp director midweek to express my reservations and concerns but then dismissed my thoughts. Sure wish I hadn't. Upon return from the camp I asked my child just how things went and was given a horrific tale, that I had to make him tell me. The wayard kids were not spread out among the several cabins at all but were housed together in the same cabin as my kid. The biggest of the boys challenged the counselor 's authority and finally confronted him until the counselor was forced to push him into a wall and more or less threaten him. This tension lasted thoughout the week and ruined that cabin's experice. After hearing this, I called the director who claimed to have no knowledge of the incident but did admit that no thought had ever been given to placing the tough ones among the good ones. She added that the Jackson man had a habit of doing this stunt every year. I noticed she was careful not to apologize. I suspected then she did not because she was not really sorry. (So she should not have.) Several months later I received their literature from the next year's camp and who is on the very front of the brochure but the one thug that ruined everyone's time and had to be restrained. I get their message. And, I hope you do as well. Your desire for a normal camp experience for your gentle, church going kid is trumped by their desire to spread peace and love to kids that apparently don't even want to be there. If you want a "cultural exchange" then maybe this is a good camp for you to send your kid to. If you just want a church camp, like the one you went to as a kid, beware.

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