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Chimney Corners Camp
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Camp Location
748 Hamilton Road
Becket Massachusetts 01223
Camp Details
Ages: 8 - 15
Gender: Female
Camp type: Overnight
Session dates: June 28 - July 25, July 26 - August 22, Starter Program A: July 26 - August 8, B: August 9-22
Cost (range): $895/week
Contact Information
Shannon Donovan-Monti
Phone: 413-623-8991
Fax: 413-623-5890
Mailing Address:
748 Hamilton Road
BecketMassachusetts 01223

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The best place on earth, Jul 24, 2010
reviewer: Snowhillpool from Barrington, RI
This summer will be my 3rd summer at CCC. I cant wait to go back every year. This camp truly lives up to its saying: It's the magic within you and the love you pass on. Chimney is filled with traditions and fun filled activities! there's not one day that I don't LOVE at camp. You dont have to worry about not going to sleep at night because the days tire you out. There are so many activities to choose from you'll never be bored. The meals at camp are SO good. Especially the pizza. I love going to the waterfront because of the water trampoline and slid. The lifeguards at camp make swim lessons fun. Camp is VERY special to me. I would not trade anything for a summer at chimney corners. I would recommend camp to any girl who likes to have a good time. not everything at camp is totally planned, free times are for everyone. come to camp and have the time of your life over and over again!

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Its the magic within you, and the love you pass on..., Oct 29, 2008
reviewer: Milkywaide2 from New York, NY
those few lines from my favorite camp song that truly demonstrates what CCC gave me. It gave me the ability to believe in myself and then in return I kept coming back to camp to help pass that lesson along. I started attending CCC in '89 and as a camper, I went on to be a participant in ICEP, an AIDE and a staff member. Every step of the way I learned more about myself, and how to be independent, strong, believe in myself and try new things. I also developed life long friendships and memories that will last me a lifetime. I only hope that someday I have a daughter that will attend camp and I can share these experiences and memories with her, as well as share Mom's weekend with her. My mom always use to say during Mom's weekends that CCC made her wish she could be a kid again and go to CCC for a summer. Some days I feel like she did in that I wish I could be a kid again and go back to those amazing summers at CCC, with horse back riding, camp songs, good night circle, capture the flag, song n' sign/wiff n' poof, cabin chat, water fights, arts and crafts, evening activities, four square, tetherball, mom's wknd, and the list goes on...for now I keep these memories and look forward to when I will be able to go back again.

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Chimney Corners in the Berkshires-- Its my second home, Jun 07, 2007
reviewer: Milkywaide from New York, NY
I started spending my summers at Chimney Corners when I was 8 years old--17 years ago. Chimney Corners is a special place-- unpretentious, exciting, supportive and fun. It offers girls an unique opportunity to develop into strong independent, self aware and confident women. I value the lessons that I learned at Chimney Corners and the friendships that I made. Someday, I cant wait to have my own daughters and send them to Chimney!

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An Amazing Camp, Apr 09, 2007
reviewer: Griffin888 from New York
I cannot even begin to put into words how much I love Chimney Corners. It is impossible to write this review and not echo what my fellow campers have said. It is honestly my favorite place on Earth. It is impossible not to make friends that you will have the rest of your life. I will be going back for my 6th summer this year, and cannot even imagine a summer without the amazing people I have met there. It is not only beautiful, but even in my first summer I started to feel right at home. There is something there for everyone. I truly recommend this camp to any girl.

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My life changing experience, Apr 04, 2007
reviewer: Julia01223 from Brooklyn, NY
for 5 summers now i ahve attended chimney, and last summer i visited Australia for 5 months with the international camper excahnge program (ICEP) I wil be returning to camp for my 6th summer in a row as an aide for give back to the place i love with all my heart. Going to chimney was the most amazing decision i could have ever made for myself. it has made me a stronger and confident young women and i would trade my experiences there for anything. I would say that it is impossible to go to CCC with out learning something about yourself and other people. it is a truely amazing place filled with incredible staff and facilites. There is nothing i would chage about it and the family I have there has changed my life for the better. I can honestly say that Chimney is my 2nd home and always will be "my magical land". I fully recommendthis camp to your daughter for a fun and life chaging experience.

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The best thing you can do for your daughter, Apr 02, 2007
reviewer: Kfitz from Boston,MA
Chimney Corners is an experience I wish every girl could have. The friendships created there last a lifetime. Being a camper at CCC helped me to be more confident, to believe in myself enough to take risks and to be willing to try new things. I became a part of a loving and caring community. I'm so thankful that Chimney is there for my daughters today! The staff is amazing, the programs are excellent and the grounds are beautiful. There's no place better to be!

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I love CCC, Apr 01, 2007
reviewer: Aleven from Dallas TX
Chimney Corners is more than a summer camp. The 8 years I spent there were the best summers of my life. From being a camper, to participating in the Camper Exchange program, to being a staff member, the experiences I have had at CCC will stay with me forever. I have learned so much about myself from Chimney, and I believe I am the person I am today because of camp. I don't know a single person who has gone to Chimney and not loved it. Chimney Corners is more than just a home away from home, it is my home. Sure, there are plenty of summer camps out there, but no other camp has the same pep, the same spirit, and the same feeling unconditonal love that chimney has. I would not trade my summers at Chimney for anything

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One Word: Amazing, Apr 01, 2007
reviewer: Cjd261 from Westchester, NY
The CCC program is like no other. The camps provide a comfortable environment for campers to truly express themselves and instills morals that they will take with them. The staff, both international and local, are all great role models for the campers and help them develop and mature during the session. They also offer remarkable co-ed leadership programs for older teens during the transitional years between camper and staff. Teens do community service, travel, and learn to work as a group. I can honestly say that the friendships and bonds that are made are lifelong, and the strong sense of camaraderie is palpable to all who attend. The best summers of my life have been spent there, and are impossible to forget. The other girls become your sisters, the camp your second home.

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awesome and meaningful camp, Apr 01, 2007
reviewer: Juliaradford from CT
I have gone to Chimney Corners camp for nine years and could not imagine a summer without it. It is a warm and embracing camp which works with the campers to teach them life lessons and to help them overcome their own fears and achieve goals. I would not be the person I am today without Chimney Corners. Highly recommended.

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reviewer: Ebessone from New York, NY
Starting in 2000 I began as a camper at Chimney Corners and I've been returning ever since. Next summer i will be going on one of the BCCYMCA's youth travel programs. all throughout my camper years i have been extremely impressed with the staff especially. What makes this camp stand out to me is the dedication that the staff put in towards the camp, the great sense of community and the positive, friendly feel of the camp. the staff members are there because they want to be a part of the camp experience for the incoming campers and Many of the counselors were campers themselves. i recommend this camp for girls who are looking for new experiences and meeting new and exciting people and are not afraid to get a little dirty

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