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4-H Camp Marshall & Massachusetts Horse Camp
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Spencer Massachusetts
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Camp didn't give the riding lessons they were supposed to!, Aug 18, 2008
reviewer: LM from MA
My 8 year old daughter attended this Camp July, 2008 as she wanted to learn to ride. The 'Saddle-Up' program was supposed to be a beginner riding program w/ lessons,horsemanship, and barn chores the 1st 3 periods daily.We called 2-3x before to verify what was posted relative to our expectations. We were entirely MISLED by the website information. This program stated that “Campers will spend an hour a day in the saddle learning the basics of horsemanship.” this NEVER happened. Sun, no lesson;Mon, 30 min; Tue, 30 min; Wed. 15 min; Th. 15 min, and Friday 3 min.@ family demo. Eleven (11) children to 1 instructor ratio.We requested 'Western' lessons, she was taught English; She cried at night several times and asked to call us; they refused to let her call and didn't even tell us she had some homesickness!! I wrote a 2 page letter asap letting them know and they never called or looked into it at all. No professional managment, no accountability. NOT RECCOMMENDED

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Best place on earth, Jul 02, 2008
reviewer: Dbradley20 from Framingham, MA
you meet plenty of cool new people and everyone makes you feel at home. for new campers, you wont get homesick, theres too much to do there to have time for that. you go swimming, on river walks, boating, arts and crafts, ropes course, archery, dance, night activitys, rifelry and all sorts of other things.

Showing 1 to 2 of 2 reviews

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