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Government Camp Oregon
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Cost (range): Roughly $900
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Phone: 503-337-2230
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Mt. Hood Summer Ski Camps
Government CampOregon 97028

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Look for another camp, Jun 28, 2008
reviewer: Anton from San Francisco, CA
Generally an ok camp for 13+ year olds. Very marginally organized. Do not count too much on your children to be taken to Government Camp to rent demo ski equipment - this happens on an ad-hoc basis. Last week they lost an 11 year old in GC... The kid was found only after discovering not everybody was on the bus upon arriving to the camp, and driving back to GC. As a result, 12 year olds and under were not permitted to go to GC for demo equipment any longer – unless you will take them there yourself. How's about "Do your own burger" picnic where kids are given raw meat from Cosco to handle and bring to BBQ with no supervision? I just hope your kid is old enough to re-use the plate and wash hands or e-coli and other dreadful things are just a gimmick invented by the press! Although MHSSC advertises ski instructions for 5-8 year olds - don't even think about it unless you are prepared to be on the mountain with your children at all times. Children as young as 5yo are frequently left completely unsupervised for a prolonged period of time. Given grown-up racers coming down at 60+ mph just feet away this is a disaster waiting to happen. Besides, do not count on any specialized instructions for the little kids – they are more likely to end up in a “misfit” group of 5-13 year olds. Their only teenage coach is completely overwhelmed (and I don’t blame the coach!). Seriously, I’ve heard from the senior coaching staff that a 5yo is disruptive since he cannot get on a chair by himself, cannot ski 60 mph, and had to be helped on a bathroom break! Ah??? You forgot he is also not good with calculus… Given the organizational shortcomings some of the coaches are truly great, on an individual basis. My hut is off to them. Bottom line, this is a no-frills camp that may be good for mature teenagers. Not as good for 9-12 year olds. An absolute “no” for 5-8 year olds. We ended up pulling our kid (9yo) out of the second week even though it may cost us $1000 they refuse to refund. On the same week several other kids were pulled out as well.

Showing 1 to 1 of 1 reviews

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