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Brian Orakpo Football Camp
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Camp Location
George Mason University
Fairfax Virginia 22030
Camp Details
Ages: 7 to 18 years old
Gender: Male and Female
Camp type:
Session dates: June 28-July 1, 2010
Cost (range): $650 - $760 a week
Contact Information
Debbie Thompson
Phone: 800-555-0801, 301-575-9400
Fax: 301-575-9439
Mailing Address:
Sports International
LaurelMaryland 20723

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Unsurpassed excellence, Jan 08, 2009
reviewer: Revjake from
My son and I had a wonderful experience at the Brian Mitchell Camp in Fairfax VA in 2008, and we will be returning in 2009. The experience helped changed my son from a good football player to a great one. Shortly after we began practice in August after attending the June camp for my son's second year of anklebiter football, other coaches in our league noticed a change. In 2007, my son was a durable short-yardage fullback on offense and played defensive tackle for a few downs. He scored 3 touchdowns and had a half a dozen extra points and 5 or 6 tackles. In 8 games in 2008 Desmond rushed for over 1100 yards and scored 11 touchdowns as a tailback, and had 81 tackles, forced 8 fumbles and recovered 4 as a linebacker. He also was the team's kicker, so he never left the field! The numbers speak for themselves. We credit the unsurpassed excellence of the staff at the Brian Mitchelll camp for this amazing transformartion. They analyzed Desmond's technique to find his strengths and weaknesses. They pushed him to the limit of his strength and endurance. They taught him how to make the right choices, for himself, and for his team.They gave Desmond personal attention that honed his skills to a fine point, and inspired him to always give his best effort to help his team. I unreservedly recommend the Brian Mitchell camp. The experience was enjoyable for my son and I and I believe it brought us closer together. If you have a child that loves football, take some time to look into this camp. I believe that you will not find a better one. Sincerely, John D. O'Connor

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Don't waste your money, Jul 15, 2008
reviewer: Nygiant from Pa
My son attended the Brian Mitchell Football Camp in Wincheser Va, beginning 7/14/08. Don't waste your money sending your son to this camp. My son is 14 years old, and a beginner in football and the reason I selected this camp was the information in the brochure that this camp was for the beginner in football. Thats a crock!! My son knows nothing about the plays, or how to block or tackle. And no coach is spending the time with him to learn this. All the coaches do is yell at the players, and intimidate them if they can't remember the plays. This is hardly the atmosphere for learning. The brochure talks about making the game of football fun, and says how they don't want the players to get frustrated. Nice Talk....but they don't deliver. Yelling and intimidation are poor tools to learn by. Please don't believe the crock in the brochure about how they make the game fun. The brochure touts this camp as having enough players of different abilities to form groups to practice together. Another crock!! My son is competing against kids who have played football for 7 years. All the yelling , intimidation, and the lack of showing beginners the fundamentals leads to frustration..exactly what this camp says it does avoid. Another crock!! I would not recommend this camp to any beginners. I am sorry I allowed my son to attend. The only good thing about this camp is the food. Thats alot of money, $759 to eat well for 4 days. This camp is for high school teams who want to get ahead of their opponents by getting in some team practices before the season starts. Please don't allow your 14 year old to attend a camp like this. Please don't make the same mistake I did.

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