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Camp Canadensis
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Canadensis Pennsylvania
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Ages: 6 to 16 years old
Gender: Male and Female
Camp type: Day and Overnight
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Cost (range): $500 - $1,000 a week
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Phone: 215-572-8222
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My kid was Traumatized at this camp!, Mar 12, 2012
reviewer: RippedOff from Plainview NY
It took many weeks for my 12 year old childs nightmares about this camp to fade away. Seeing my child step off the bus on the last day looking so damaged and sad. After a few hours of talking with my kid I knew my child was traumatized and abused by the staff at this camp. They have teenagers in group leader positions that decide on what kids they like and don't like and then treat them accordingly. The staff actually lies to parents and punishes kids for really small issues and then threatens and scares the kids into not telling their parents the truth. They punished my kid on the final night of camp for saying a curse word during color war like my kid is the only one out of 300 kids who said a bad word during camp. The entire camp should have been punished on the last night of camp if they treated all kids the same which would be fair. This camp is still around only because it's alumni keep sending there kids there, without it's alumni it would be defunct. During first week my daughter was warned by the other girls in her bunk (all alumni) that the new ones never make it through the whole summer. In the prior year a new girl their age had run away from the camp. The turnover on counselors is huge because they treat counselors who attended as campers better than the rest. I understand a camper was hurt pretty bad in a zipline accident because one of my kids counselors who also was a zipline intructor became distracted and a child got very hurt and had to leave the camp with a back injury, and the camp covered up this accident and still allowed the same counselor to continue to be a zipline instructor. This counselor threatened my child to not repeat and talk about what happened at the zipline or else. This camp treats your child like a commodity and values them with dollar signs. What is each child worth now and in the future as income. If you represent lots of $$$ you will be treated like royalty while those few kids (like mine) not worth the big bucks without siblings and consecutive years of attendance are mistreated and punished for every little thing that they consider to be wrong. This camp should be called Camp Cruel!

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