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Camp Modin
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Belgrade Maine
Camp Details
Gender: Male and Female
Camp type: Overnight
Session dates: Multiple
Cost (range): $1,000 - $2,000
Contact Information
Howard Salzberg, Lisa Wulkan
Phone: 212.570.1600
Fax: 212.570.1677
Mailing Address:
Camp Modin
New YorkNew York 10021

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Camp Modin is Terrible, Jul 25, 2008
reviewer: Yussi1870 from
This was the worst summer camp I ever attended. The kids were mean and the activities were awful. For example, they had races at the beginning of the summer in the woods and they told me to slow down because I could get hurt. Then we were supposed to have horseback riding and they cancelled it with no reason. To announce the start of color wars (the date is always a suprise) they had the entire camp line up under the guise of a suprise trip to an amusement park. You can imagine the entire camp's disappointment when it turned out to be a trick and instead of going to an amusement park we had color wars. There's a Jewish fast day in the middle of the summer, rather than have food available immediately after the fast for those campers fasting they made those campers wait the extra hour for dinner for the entire camp. DO NOT GO TO THIS CAMP.

Showing 1 to 1 of 1 reviews

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