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iD Tech Camps at Macalester College
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Camp Location

St. Paul Minnesota
Camp Details
Ages: 7 to 17 years old
Gender: Male and Female
Camp type: Day and Overnight
Session dates: June- August
Cost (range): varies
Contact Information
Phone: 1-888-709-TECH(8324)
Fax: 1-408-871-2228
Mailing Address:
42 West Campbell Ave
CampbellCalifornia 95008

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Highly Recommend, Jul 19, 2010
reviewer: DM from Rochester, MN
We have a 14 year old son who has attended this camp and I would love to highly recommend it. Our son went to the 2009 session and went back for a second session because he had so much fun and wanted to keep learning more from the Game Modding course he was in. This year he wanted to go to 2 courses in a row and do the overnight option so that he could have more time at the camp and be able to do more activities. It was a great decision for us! He had the best time and the counselors were great! His experience overnight was terrific and he now aspires to be an id tech counselor. He has gained so much self-confindence and knowledge from his experience there and we are looking forward to going again next year.

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My boys love this camp, Aug 12, 2009
reviewer: Abbyha from Minneapolis, mn
Extremely well run, amazing staff, and great product! Both my boys and 2 different levels enjoyed every moment of their week at camp. We'd highly recommend it!

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Great camp, May 01, 2009
reviewer: Abbyha from Edina, Mn
I would definitely recommend this camp to anyone looking for a fun educational summer activity. Staff is great and the curriculum kept the kids engaged and excited. My 10 year old son plans to go every year until he is old enough to be a counselor there.

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Best camp, Aug 13, 2008
reviewer: Vicky from Minnesota
The staff at this camp is outstanding, to a person! What a combination of impressive computer knowledge and great people skills. It is also the most well-organized camp my kids have ever attended. The number of students is just right, not too many, not too few. Lots of individual attention. It's the one camp my kids beg to return to every year because (1) they love working with computers, (2) the counselors are so smart, funny and capable, and (3) they get along so well with the other campers due to their common interests. The camp was at Macalester College for summer 2008 and it was a very nice venue. Good food, and roomy air-conditioned dorms for the overnighters.

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Disappointing. Better Options for Less $$ in Twin Cities, Jul 26, 2008
reviewer: CamperParent from Twin Cities, MN
This is the most expensive day camp our son has ever attended in 8 years, and so far, the low-light of his summer. Weekly rate is more than the internationallly reknown language overnight camp that he will be attending shortly. It is not good value given other programs available in the Twin Cities, MN. Two different classes held at the same time sharing one classroom were distracting and noisy. Staff was friendly and enthusiastic, but short on experience as skilled educators of children. Macalester College campus is beautiful. If you'd like your child to have exposure to such a campus, a better quality and less expensive program is the MN Institute for Talented Youth (MITY) which has summer classes at Macalester in June and July that are taught by highly experienced educators with years in their field of expertise. Less than half the price of iD Tech and a much more satisfying experience. Also, check out Science Museum of Minnesota classes for more experienced staff, better facilities and much better prices (about 1/3 the cost of iD Tech). We enrolled our son as a special treat (outside of our normal budget), and it was a huge disappointment.

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