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Circle R Ranch
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Long Prairie Minnesota
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Ages: 7 to 16 years old
Gender: Male and Female
Camp type: Day and Overnight
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Cost (range): $200 - $500 a week
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Phone: 320-547-2176
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3 Generations of CRR Campers!, Mar 27, 2013
reviewer: Grfnkle19 from
I am very surprised by many of the other reviews I have read on here so I wanted to write one for myself. My family has sent 3 generations to Circle R Ranch since it opened in 1969 and we all have so many great memories of our time spent there. I will admit, the camp has looked better but it is going on 45 years. If you look at the surrounding property's, you can tell how much Circle R has been maintained. I had family attend the past few years, and it seems they had a few rough years prior but things are looking to get back on track I gave a 4 rating because it does still need a bit of a facelift but last year there was a brand new deck put in around the barn, the buildings were freshly painted and the roofs were all being replaced. The dorms also seemed cleaner than recent years and there seemed to be a lot more staff members. I also noticed that they had brought back some former staff in recent years to help out (even saw a few familiar faces from when I attended!) My niece and nephew thought the food was good and they had so much fun. They met so many friends and have kept in contact with them - which is the same thing I experienced when I attended years ago. I suggest you give Circle R a try - there are a lot of fans on Facebook. If you want a clear picture of what paying customers think, post a comment to their wall or message one of the adult fans. I think you will get a similar opinion to mine. I am sad to see some of the things written on these reviews, but very happy that in my experience the last 3 summers I have really seen some change and a great experience for kids. To me - you can't beat that!

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Unsafe!, Mar 13, 2012
reviewer: Horses4Life4Ever from Charlotte, NC
Circle R was trying to get ACA accreditation in summer 2010, but was not going about it in a healthy way. The upper-barn deck has a massive hole in it, that drops about 15ft to the ground and is rotting away. The "camp-out" location uses sheds that are not well-grounded (up on stilts) for the campers to sleep in, and LET's the horses run around at night; they tend to rub against the sheds, causing the buildings to shake and groan. The horses have also been known to stamp and charge the fire pit, where the oldest campers sleep at night. The dorms are fairly clean, but there are nasty ant and spider problems; I woke up more than once with painful bites. The bunk beds are rusty and some are frail or very bent. The Staff basically run the camp and the owner has little involvement. Some of the horses have violent streaks and are dangerous (eg: one threw a staff member twice in a row and she fractured her spine the second time he threw her). Very little supplies are available, especially for arts & crafts and instructors end buying supplies with their own money. The "in- field" where the horses are caught for the campers is full of mud most of the time, and the barn where some horses are caught has almost a foot of muck in it. Most of the riding helmets are worn down and/or cracked and there are very little medical supplies for the horses. Some of the horses assigned to campers had major problems, especially the horse that broke a staff member's spine. During the winter, the horses are barely cared for and often left to fend for themselves. The owner is not against simply shooting the horses if he feels they are no longer of use to him or anyone else. The tap water smells strongly like sulfur-- even the bath water (the pipes are rusty)! The toilets flood a lot and the camp in general is not well maintenanced, although the maintenance guy does try hard to keep it up and running. The food is cooked by staff members, not by someone with a lot of cooking experience. The staff will try to tell you that all this is normal because "it's a rustic camp setting" but what's normal about crazed horses that are malnourished and huge holes in the barn deck where kids are supposed to go for dances at night?

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Sad to see the state of this camp has deteriorated so., Feb 08, 2012
reviewer: Dibella from
My family has been a HUGE supporter of Circle R Ranch since my oldest daughter was 8. She is now 19. My youngest daughter went here last summer and OMG. I don't know what happened in the last 3 years, but this place looks like it's ready for the glue factory. First, let me say that my daughter did have a wonderful week there. HOWEVER! For her safety and a whole host of other reasons, I will not be sending her back. I will start with registration. I sent in my daughter's registration and fee and never heard back from them which week she was to attend. I ended up having to email them the week before her 1st choice to see when she was suppose to attend. When we checked in the state of which the dorms were in was horrible and inexcusable! First, there was garbage laying around EVERYWHERE and the garbage baskets were overflowing like you wouldn't believe. The bunks appear to be the original bunks and mattresses that they started this camp out with 42 years ago. I half expected to see zip ties holding these bunks together. When we went to the horse show the following Saturday, I noticed that the hooves on the horses were horribly cracked, that was a concern. I was told by my daughter that the bathrooms had all backed up during the week and that they had to use the bathroom in a different dorm. I did smell that when we were there. She also commented that they always had leftovers for breakfast, so if they had chicken for dinner the night before and there was leftovers, they would have chicken for breakfast. This was not the case when my older daughter went here some years ago. She said they were always fed very well and hardly ever had the same thing. This raised a red flag with me, as well, that they could be in financial straits. And last, but not least, usually we would get a group picture (8x10) and a button picture to take home. I asked Jack (owner) about the 8x10 and he had told me that their was someone who could not be in the picture on the first day so they just took the pictures the day before and they will send them out. I explained the issue with the registration and he asked me for our correct address, in case they didn't have the correct address on file. I wrote this down for him. We never received the group picture. And my daughter told me that was not correct; that they did take their group and single pictures on the first day. We DID, however, receive their brochure that they send out in December for the next years camp. They obviously have our correct address. My daughter also said she sent me two letters from camp. She was instructed to put the letters in a box in the office and they would send them out. I never received the letters. In my opinion, this camp has gone down hill something terrible and it is very sad to see. This was once an excellent camp for kids. Sadly, not the case anymore. This place is in dire straits of updating and I wouldn't send my children here ever again. We are now on the hunt for a new horsecamp. We are even looking in SD. So, if our driving 4 hrs to find a decent camp tells you something, it should.

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Best Camp, safe fun kid friendly, Feb 06, 2012
reviewer: Chillyfrog from nyb
circle R is entertaining and fun and safe. TThere is a trail ride every day on your horse for the week and fun activities at night such as dances, kareoke, improve, camp out, swimming in a lake, heated pool, or pond, bumper boats, bareback/sidesaddle riding, crafts, board games, campfires, volleyball tournaments(optianal) and much more! the counselors are experiienced and know what to do, they aare able to interact and have fuyn with campers. good food including spaghetti, waffles, ice cream, soup, sandwiches, rice and more.Circle R ranch is possibly the best camp in the world and it is for that reason that you should go and check it out.

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Unsafe and very dissapointed, Sep 15, 2011
reviewer: Kadet from Minnesota
just and FYI I have not been there for years but on the same point you will never get me to go back to that ranch! The staff for the mother daughter week that was there were very unhorse savy- I informed a wrangler that one of their ponies were colicky and she said ohh really and she walked over to the horse and looked at its feet! horses were under weight- all of them! foals are allowed to ride out on trail with mares with little kids on the mares and to top it off along a busy highway! cinchy horses! inexperienced horse people with cinchy horses don't mix! horse tack was well used and unsafe! my daughter left with a big chunk of flesh taken out of her skin just for walking up to her horse. I payed for a week and left on the second morning- lost out on my money! was given a horse that is afraid of trucks- if i didn't know how to ride or read my horse it would have been a disaster seeing you ride along busy highways and trucking back roads! was pretty disappointed so if things have not changed since a few years ago i wouldn't recommend it for anyone!

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Best Camp Ever!!!, Nov 06, 2008
reviewer: Rebecca from Mpls, MN
This is by far my favorite camp ever! I've gone to the Girl Scout camps and YMCA camps but they don't even compare to how much fun and how excepted you feel out at CRR. I've been going there since I was 10 and every year I want to stay longer and longer. 1 week 2 weeks or more it doesn't matter it's never boring the counslers are always very entertaining and you'll never feel out of place or like you need to hide who you really are. Everyone that goes there makes tons of friends and never want to leave. We have people from not all over the U.S. but we've also had people from Germany and Russia to name a few other countries and they love it there too! Everyone is so excepting and fun it's my favorite place to go!! And the trails, bunks, and activities are always tons of fun!!! Check it out its amazing!!!

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Awesome!, Jun 23, 2008
reviewer: SarahJaney from Inver Grove Heights, MN
This camp is the best! I've been going there for five years and it literaly is my second home. It's what I look forward to everywhere and thats where I have met some of my bestfriends. I love this place!

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