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Kids Culinary Academy of Vermont
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Highgate Vermont
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Ages: 10 to 16 years old
Gender: Male and Female
Camp type: Day and Overnight
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Cost (range): Over $2,000 a week
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Phone: 802-868-3030
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Disappointing, Aug 03, 2011
reviewer: NJ3Mom from Englewood, NJ
My 12 year old was there for 2 weeks and the program was at times OK, but overall a big disappointment. Chef Dietrich took long stretches of time away during the day for "errands" or he was in his bedroom watching TV for hours, as the girls reported who bunked down the hall from his bedroom on the 2nd floor of the house where the facility is located. The website is quite misleading and kids really do not get anywhere near the training and exposure to culinary education that it suggests. The food tours are also very disappointing, mainly trips to gift shops located at places within a few hours drive and quite disappointing. In fact, my child's visit to Ben & Jerry's took place while the factory was being cleaned and kids could not go through the building and instead were stuck in the gift shop and adjacent area to watch a video. Kids do not learn about gardening or farm animals. There is way too much downtime and more than five kids I know left before the end of their week because they were bored, the place was dirty etc. There was no milk for the entire week my child was there for the kids to drink or use in recipes. Very little done creatively with the kids. Bathrooms were filthy with overflowing trash bins. Kids are left to their own devices when they aren't in the kitchen. Counselors are dull and provide little attention, support. No organic farming or work with animals, as site suggests. A big disappointment.

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Great Experience, Jul 04, 2011
reviewer: Momof5 from Boston, MA
My Son opted for Culinary Camp this year and we are glad he did. He came home offering to help cook left and right. He pulled me and his father into the kitchen to explain how to properly hold knives, what ingrediants are in certain soups and stocks, even cleaning up after! The camp is the perfect amount of so manyt things: Kitchen instruction, camp field trips to Montreal, Lake Champlain Choc., & Ben & Jerry's just to name a few. He also made some great new friends!

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