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Cedar Lodge
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Camp Location
Cedar Lodge
Lawrence Michigan 49064
Camp Details
Gender: Male and Female
Camp type: Overnight
Session dates: Multiple
Cost (range): $300 - $500
Contact Information
Stella Edwards, Amy Edwards
Phone: 269-674-8071
Fax: 269-674-3143
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small, very friendly, family-owned horse camp, Apr 30, 2007
reviewer: Dburton from northern Chicago suburb
Cedar Lodge is a small, friendly, family-owned horseback riding camp in Michigan. It is mainly a girls camp, although there was one cabin of boys when my daughter was there. I appreciated the fact that campers can choose to attend any or all of the 8 weeks since that made it easier to schedule with another camp. However my daughter mentioned that having campers come and go eadh week prevented her from getting to know them as well as at a camp where all campers are there for the same several weeks. Some of the girls are very experienced riders, and some even bring their own horses to camp and come to train for competitions. But my daughter had never taken lessons before. She did the "full riding program" (for an extremely reasonable extra fee of $125/week), with riding lessons every day and an overnight trail ride). Campers who don't do the riding program still get to ride twice a week. The cost for two weeks (which is how long my daughter stayed) is still only $1000 which is quite inexpensive for a riding camp. The camp has a variety of horses to suit girls of all different levels of riding ability. There were lots of all-camp games and other things to do besides riding. All the staff seemed very friendly and I just felt that it had a very warm, caring atmosphere. It was a great camp, and the only reason that my daughter went there only one year is that she has wanted to explore some other interests at other summer camps. But of the 5 different resident camps she has attended, I still feel that Cedar Lodge was the friendliest.


Showing 1 to 1 of 1 reviews

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