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Camp Highlander
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Mills River North Carolina
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Camp type: Day and Overnight
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Phone: 828 - 891-7721
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An Interesting Experience, Mar 09, 2009
reviewer: Pinkywinky32 from Los Angeles, CA
I went to this camp as an expirement. I had never ventured so far from my home state, California. I must say that there were a few very enjoyable parts of Camp Highlander. I adored canoeing, althought the insturctor got furious at us for getting stuck under a bridge, we laugh back at it now. The kids there were nice, I guess. One clamied she has animal blood, and another a fantastic break dancer. Defidentaly a variety of kids there. All of the parents must know a few things before sending your child to this camp: 1. Color War! Terrible! We had to sit in a gym while a few 7 year olds restled eachother for a football! All apart of color war, red vs. blue. The stero music was going to make me deaf and unbelievably loud! I went to the nurse because I needed to get away from all the madness. We (my friend and I) wanted to sleep because we weren't allowed! It was 11:30! We were going into 4th grade! Although my team won, the other team started to cry. My best friend (please note: NOT MADE AT CAMP! IMPOSSIBLE TO MAKE FRIENDS AT THAT CAMP! From School) was on the other team, and when she looked around (she disliked the camp as much as I did, so she didn't care about color war) everyone was sobbing. Including the mocho boys. Terrible time, but only lasted a week (a week of only 3 weeks!!!) 2. If you find different reviews, and choose not to pay any attention to this one, send your child with several friends. Because I didn't make any, the three friends from school were a great deal of help. No one made any friends, everyone brought friends from home. 3. Hefty tutition! Very expensive, and town is VERY hard to get to! Overall, I don't think it was a good experience. But, they get their props for having nice counselors! They were so friendly and optimistic about everything. They comforted me when I got homesick, but we were all jealous of their comfy beds. *hahaha* Friends: No stars Activities (not including color war): 3 Stars Special Events (marti-gra, color war ect.): 2 stars Counselors: 5 1/2 Stars for sure (put of 5) Facilities: 5 Stars (beautiful) I would reccomend a different camp, like Fernwood Cove. I went there and had a great time! The girls were all nice! If you don't have a budget problem (lucky!) I reccomend Riverway Ranch Camp.

Showing 1 to 1 of 1 reviews

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