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Pine Crest Swim and Dive Camp
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Camp Location
1501 NE 62nd Street
Ft. Lauderdale Florida 33334
Camp Details
Ages: 10-18
Gender: Male and Female
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Session dates: June 10th-July 28th
Cost (range): $695 per week
Contact Information
Jay Fitzgerald (Camp Director)
Phone: (954) 492-4173
Fax: (954) 492-4169
Mailing Address:
1501 Northeast 62nd Street
Ft. LauderdaleFlorida 33334

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[b]WORST CAMP EVER![/b], Mar 28, 2013
reviewer: Stephaniek from Hollywood, Florida
the worst camp i have ever enrolled my kids was last summer. let me first say that i had high expectations of their camp as their swim club has produced some excellent swimmers and it was expensive. I have 3 children and enrolled them all. They took my just turned 4 yr. old son in the day program without any prior swim instruction. They took him even after I spoke with a director and made them aware of his age and ability. They were not equipped for him and should not have taken him in the program. I watched as they just pulled him across the pool on kick boards because he was not able to follow as instructed. He received no help changing into/out of swim wear. I had to enter the boys locker room each afternoon to help him as he was the last camper in there. While that was all unacceptable, I had to witness on his last day of camp a high school counselor mocking him to his peer instructors while they all laughed at my sonís expense. It was heartbreaking. Of course we spoke with the camp director and they apologized but it was still inappropriate and unacceptable that they would hire such insensitive counselors. My 6 year old was also enrolled in the swim day program. She is a swimmer and swims daily with a swim club that practices year round. Pine Crest was lousy program for her as well! Again taught by high school swimmers and one adult that was supposed to oversee the various groups of campers ó she had no idea how my kids were progressing when asked even though there were no more than 25 campers enrolled at any given week of the 3 weeks we were there. the campers "fun" time consisted of free play in the pool (no organized fun games or activities) and an extremely lame arts and crafts program. each day they came home with a coloring book page --the arts and crafts highlight of the week was coloring in a section of an inflatable beach ball! also no help/adequate supervision at lunch time. my kids came home the first day saying they only ate corn because the other choices were hamburgers/hotdogs (which they don't eat). not one counselor made sure they got a peanut butter & jelly or cheese sandwich. My husband had to call the camp office to rectify the problem. And to top it off when my daughter returned to her swim club for practices her coach said she gained time in all her strokes. My oldest daughter attended the overnite swim program and it was equally as shameful. she was 11 yrs. old and was allowed to go down to the hot tub at the hotel with another camper. she was supervised and trained by 20-somethings who used to swim in college. many of those instructors haven't swam competitively in years. the olympic guest athletes indicated on their brochure were non-existent and the olympic coach on deck never visited her age group once! Her coach too was unimpressed with the knowledge/time cuts she was supposed to gain. i know two other parents that enrolled their children and were equally as unhappy with the programs. i feel like i paid a lot of money for the pine crest name without getting any substance out of the specialized program they offered. I could go on and on with a lot more detail. Iíve never experienced a camp like this (not in my childhood or for my kids). My children have been enrolled in numerous programs in south florida over the years --from sailing, robotics, golf, gymnastics, arts & crafts, and performing arts to general ones ó all of which I was pleased with and were enjoyed by my children. While I couldnít have known the details of my oldest daughterís program as she didnít come home for 3 weeks, I should have immediately removed my younger ones from the day program as I had watched and learned some of these issues right away. I guess I thought they were isolated and things would improve. Shame on me to letting it linger so long.


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