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Bryan Adrian Basketball Camps
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Multiple locations North Carolina
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Ages: 5-18
Gender: Male and Female
Camp type: Day and Overnight
Session dates: Multiple
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Phone: (704) 377-6387
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response to "never again", Jun 06, 2010
reviewer: Cdf from NC
My son attended approx 7 Adrian camps. Every camp had an division I all star player there. Every camp sytressed fundamentals. Triple threat, defense, box out and....maybe just as important...what you refer to as "street ball." My friend, without that wide open scrimmage time...the camp wouldn't be worth going to! But, It represents the bone marrow of the camp! It is where the kids get to (hopefully) use what they have been taught there. From your post, you strike me as a chronic complainer that no one could ever satisfy or keep happy. On behalf of Bryan...allow me to address you. Take you son and teach him yourself instead of blaming it on hard working people with organized camps. Or, (I hesitate to say this so that you won't bad mouth anyone else), send hi tom another camp. But again, I don't think anything would satisfy you. I can show you thousands of kids that became very good players from Adrian camps....especially in NC.

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Never Again, Jul 13, 2007
reviewer: Ccarli from Prattville, AL
I sent my son to the Bryan Adrian Basketball camp in Atlanta, GA. July of 2007. It was a huge disappointment for us and my 15 year old son. For $500.00 they did not do or learn any fundamentals, they did not work on skills, they were offered the exact same food choices everyday at every meal. No snacks or drinks were provided outside of the three meals per day. The first day of camp we had to check in at Emory University. No instructions or map of the campus were provided we literally had to search the campus and ask strangers where we needed to go to register. Once we did find the building, our reception by the director was very cool, and uninviting. We received the same attitude when we went for the "championship games, and awards ceremony." These so called championship games were nothing more than street ball games, and as we and other parents came to realize, that is all they did at this camp was play street ball for 5 days at $100.00 per day. Only 61 kids attended this camp and not one parent was approached or spoken to by the director or any other staff member. I will certainly do my homework next time and research thoroughly any camp we are considering sending our son to. This camp was a waste of our money and a waste of my son's time.

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