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Coach Wootten Basketball Camp
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Ages: 6-18
Gender: Male and Female
Camp type: Day and Overnight
Session dates: Multiple
Cost (range): $210 - $485
Contact Information
Phone: 301-805-4667
Fax: 1-800-591-9766
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Coach Wootten Camp
Hyattsville 20782

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This is the best Basketball Day Camp Ever!, May 22, 2013
reviewer: Anw from
I have sent my 2 son's to this camp for the last 5 years as well as my daughter last year. This year my sons are going to go to the overnight camp! I can't rave enough about this camp! This is the first camp that says they are going to teach the fundamentals and actually teach them! Staff is excellent. Camp is large, but has so many counselors on campus and provides additional facilities to provide a positive and spacious learning environment. There has never been a year that there has been more than 10 campers on my son's teams. The review below said that campers spend a lot of time outside..that was simply not true. My kids spent maybe 40 minutes outside in the AM and maybe 45 minutes outside in the afternoon. The rest of the day was inside in the air condition...which is what they advertise. Coach Wootten is the only sports camp director that I have ever seen actually teach everyday all day!My kids have been to camps where the guy on the brochure shows up in the morning to say hello and then again in the afternoon to say good bye. My kids were so excited to actually see Coach Wootten everyday all day. He even ate lunch with my daughter's team last year. She was so excited to tell us that night at dinner! You just can't ask for a more positive camp experience for your child. My boys are so excited to be moving up to the overnight camp this summer and my daughter has recruited 6 of her friends from school to attend the day camp with her. If you are looking for a camp that is going to get your child excited about basketball and actually care about them this is the camp for you! They are everything they advertise and more!

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DAY CAMP REVIEW, Jan 05, 2013
reviewer: VA MOTHER OF BOYS from mclean VA
Sent my boys here and was unimpressed, sadly. The camp just takes on more than it can handle. There are waay too many participants. Kids spend a lot of time outside in the NoVa summer heat and humidity or they are being bussed to other schools to practice in other gyms. Many kids are asked to play without their shirts - which can be awkward for some. At the end there is an award ceremony that is just meaningless with so many kids and many kids received multiple awards. Dismissals are chaotic. If your child gets overwhelmed by large groups, this is not for them. On the positive side, the general coaching and knowledge being shared is excellent. It's just too bad they choose to have such a large program because it all gets lost. I would not recommend this camp.

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I Love This Camp!, Oct 01, 2012
reviewer: Basketballmom from maryland
Do you love basketball? If yes than this camp you want to go to. This camp is located at Frostburg University in Maryland.This great camp offers basketball every day for almost the whole day. The kids and coaches love it. People come from as far as California to go to this camp. The coaches are brought from college and professional basketball. The coach that runs the camp is Joe Wootten. He is the son of Morgan Wootten, the basketball hall of famer. The camp lasts five days and four nights. The coaches and players sleep in college dorms just like they’re in college. There is unlimited food and drink refills for the meals. There is pizza, corndogs, pasta, soft serve ice cream and much more. The camp has a high price, but it’s definitely worth it.

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The good and the bad, Jun 22, 2012
reviewer: VA parent from Ashburn, VA
This is a great camp to learn basketball skills. It seemed like the coaching was really good and the kids learned alot. Drop off etc. was a breeze - very well organized. This camp is CROWDED. Probably 500 boys at a time? There is a deplorable lack of information from the camp about what to bring. Make sure you send sunscreen, as the kids play outside (on the tennis courts) ALOT. They should bring lots of water/gatorade and have a sack pac to carry them back and forth, little water available on courts. You should also throw in a light jacket with a hood in case of rain - they have to walk back and forth from dorms, courts, dining hall etc. Pool time is non-existent - they are all scheduled at the same time and the pool is dangerously crowded. There is very little supervision - the kids are expected to get themselves from place to place, and they can be wandering around alone on campus. Fine if your kids are in high school, not so much if they are younger. Send something for them to do at night (ideas - video games, playing cards, computers, movies, etc.) - there are NO activities for them in the dorms or outside the dorms. If you send electronics, I got the feeling that stealing is rampant (my son had his sac pack stolen from the dining hall and they talked alot about stealing) so make sure the kids know to keep their expensive belongings hidden in drawers in their locked rooms when not in use. There is wifi but it is locked. Send a trashbag - no trashcans in the dorm rooms. Shower shoes are a must. Not a bad idea to send a roll of paper towels for use as plates, for microwave, etc. On pickup day, there is no set pick up time. Kids are leaving at all hours.

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gpep, Feb 01, 2010
reviewer: Gpep from Washington, DC
The Coach Wootten Overnight Basketball camp is one of the most highly recommended overnight camps on the East Coast. The coaches, are skilled, extremely helpful, and care a lot about the kids—even the home sick ones. The gym sessions were always intense and purposeful. The basketball drills were explained and well demonstrated. The atmosphere in the gym & rooms was amazing, the facilities were nice, and the cafeteria food was delicious! My son attended for more than 5 consecutive years—and he was so excited about attending every year! He always brought along at least 5 friends & team mates. There was a great sense of camaraderie. My child learned the fundamentals of basketball and has used them daily in his high school and AAU games-- by far the best teaching situation that my son ever encountered. The different ways that the coaches use to make their teaching points memorable so that kids remember the skill set in their school games was phenomenal. I would recommend this program to any upcoming basketball player -- regardless of size or position.

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The best basketball camp in the country!, Jan 25, 2010
reviewer: RMK from
My daughter has gone to the Coach Wootten camp for three years and has had a fantastic time every year! It's the one thing she insists on doing every summer-and basketball is not even her first love! Her first year she was probably the youngest player in the camp, but everyone made her feel welcome and special. She never felt lost. The staff was first rate in their instruction of the game of basketball, but more importantly as a parent, I was extrememly grateful for the attentiveness the entire staff payed to making sure my daughter had a safe and fun experience. When going to pick her up, it was clear in speaking with the counselors that they took the time to get to know her. My daughter has told all her friends about the camp, and this coming year there should be about 15 girls joining her-the list keeps growing! In every case the feedback I get from fellow parents who had daughters attend was how great a time their kids had as well! I have been around basketball camps for 40 years-from a child attending one to a parent seeking one out for my children. Coach Wootten's camp is hands down the best run operation I have ever seen!


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Do not send your girls here, Jul 14, 2008
reviewer: Fido from
My childs experience with Coach Wootten basketball camp was not a pleasant one. To begin with they had placed my daughter who is 11 with her 2 friends who are also 11 down at the end of hallway next to girls that were 15 and 16 years old. These girls then teased and frighten the 3 younger girls to the point that I had to pick up all three girls in the middle of the night and take them out of the camp. The lack of security on the Frostburg campus for these kids was deplorable. When I arrived on campus at 11:00 pm there were kids walking around with no counslers or adults present at the entrances to the buildings. I noticed quite a few people not with the basketball camp around campus. I feel if you send your kid to a sleep away camp they are responsible for there safety and well being 24 hours a day. As for the basketball part I must say the girls learned alot and enjoyed the time during the day, but at night there was no supervison. So if you are planning to send your daughter there I would reconsider. My daughter attended the camp the week of June 30 to July 3. One other point. even though the camp director Joe Wootten admitted to putting the girls in an unsafe situation he would not refund any money paid for the camp.

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Coach W does a great job, Jan 09, 2007
reviewer: Nic from Washington, DC
Coach Wooten is a legend. Our son attended this camp last summer. He enjoyed it and it was a overall good camp. Especially for those who want to end up playing for him.

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