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Camp Manitou
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Camp Location
47 Camp Manitou Cv
Oakland Maine 04963
Camp Details
Ages: 8-15
Gender: Boys
Camp type: Overnight
Session dates: June 28 - August 15
Cost (range): $9650
Contact Information
Derek Worley, Enrollment Director
Phone: 800-326-1916
Mailing Address:
119 W 72nd St Box 107
New YorkNew York 10023

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Camp Manitou Review, May 24, 2011
reviewer: Soxfan58 from New England
At Camp Manitou, everybody knows each other's name, from the 16 year old CITs to the 7 year old low sophomores to the camp owners. No one is excluded. Camp Activities like College League, Color War, and Inter-camp sports promote bonding between campers. As a current camper, my life has been shaped by my time at Manitou and I could not imagine my life without it. I have made some of my closest friends there, friends that I get together with outside of camp too. The Camp facilities are overwhelming as well. Although it is a sports camp, you do not need to be athletic to have fun and this shows in the creative center and waterfront. For the athletic ones, there is a state of the art baseball field, although you would do best to stay off the infield lest risk the wrath of Athletic Director Joel, and a basketball/weight room facility, alumni hall, that is nicer than my school's basketball facility. My first summer I was homesick, but luckily there are staff members specifically dedicated to helping homesick campers. Also, campers get plenty of phone calls and letter correspondence to keep up with news from home. Camp Manitou is my home away from home, and you should all consider coming to such a wonderful place.

Showing 1 to 1 of 1 reviews

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