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The USD Girls Soccer Academy is intended to challenge ALL LEVELS of players in a fun, yet competitive atmosphere.  Excellent technical and tactical instruction is provided by outstanding colligate coaches and players.  This week offers high-quality demonstrations and training to help every field player better herself in the game of soccer. 

Goalkeepers will receive their own expert training separate from the field players in which they will be shown the tools needed to reach the next level.

USD Soccer Camps are geared towards girls and boys ages 6-12.  All players will be grouped by age, sex, and ability unless otherwise requested.

Ages 6-9 will be exposed to all of the fundamentals of soccer.  Our curriculum includes 3 hours of instruction, demonstrations by USD players, and fun soccer competitions.  Each session will end with small-sided match play.

Girls and boys ages 9-12 will be challenged in skill and tactical areas through a fun and competitive environment.  Our 3 hour session will conclude with a small-sided match play.

We want every camper to have a great idea on how to perform the skills and know what they can do to improve.  The USD players and staff are looking forward to helping each camper become a better soccer player while having fun at the same time.

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