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A Unique Camp Experience!
The All-Cape Hoop Camp affords boy and girls ages 12 to17 the opportunity to improve their basketball skills in a FUN day camp setting. Basketball great K.C. Jones is on the court ALL-DAY, EVERY-DAY to help the campers make the most of their week. Skill development is the emphasis and campers compete in 3-on-3 competitions that ensues every player is involved in every play! Coaches are assigned to stations so every player gets the benefit of the coach\'s expertise for each drill.

The camp is held on the grounds of Cape Cod Community College. This beautiful facility is located in a scenic, wooded area of Barnstable, MA, just off the Mid-Cape highway(Route 6). The facility boasts two permanent full courts with six more shooting stations. Immediately alongside the gym, there are four additional well-marked full-size courts. All our facilities are centrally located and make a great site to play and learn basketball!

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