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Camp Quinebarge is located on Lake Kanasatka in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire, with easy access to the entire White Mountain region. The camp property, consisting of 75 acres of pine forest and 1,100 feet of lake front, is 134 miles north of Boston.

Background and Philosophy:
Quinebarge was established in 1936 as a camp for boys. The program became coeducational in 1975. Quinebarge provides a varied and exciting program of activities for boys and girls, with campers determining their activity schedules with the assistance of counselors who are trained to encourage new interests within the framework of a balanced program. The Quinebarge philosophy is non-competitive, rather, the emphasis is on personal growth through individual achievement. In the camp family, interests are shared and lasting friendships flourish. Because staff members get to know each child personally, Quinebarge is free of the regimentation required in a larger camp. Many of the activities are new and challenging - Quinebarge is a place where kids have fun!

Campers from throughout the United States and from such countries as France, Estonia, Latvia, Russia, Mexico, Spain and Germany attend. Camp maintains an open enrollment policy; campers thus represent diverse interests and ideas. In each session, 100 campers share cultural and religious backgrounds in a harmonious community.


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