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Camp Tecumseh YMCA has been the Midwest\'s premiere summer camp for over 80 years.  Our 500+ acres is nestled along side the beautiful Tippecanoe River.  Camp\'s private lake offers campers a variety of waterfront activities such as canoeing, swimming, blobbing, rope swinging, fishing, and paddle boating.  Camp also has two swimming pools, 40+ horses, archery ranges, riflery ranges, zip lines, rope courses, climbing towers, tennis/basketball courts, nature center, Health Center, Creative Arts Center, Equestrian Center, stables, mini farm, and many hiking trails. 

Along with being dedicated to maintaining our wonderful facilities and program areas Camp Tecumseh YMCA remains committed to hiring a "cream of the crop" staff team.  We spend countless hours recruiting positive role models that will help promote the core values of caring, honesty, respect, responsibility, and faith.  We purpose to help all campers to make life long friends, feel a sense of belonging, experience success, and grow in their faith.

Camp Tecumseh YMCA is a year round operation that also has many non-summer programs.  The Outdoor Education Department serves over 120 schools each year.  Our Retreats Department serves groups such as Y Guides, churches, scouts, quilters, families, and conferences.  The Tecumseh Leadership Center offers a variety of programs that focus on teambuilding and leadership development.">
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