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 Kids And Pros will hold four camps in the Atlanta area in 2008. The five day camp feature individual/group instructions by current and retired NFL Greats and local college and high-school coaches/players. (Tentatively Scheduled: Bobby Butler, Buddy Curry, Stacey Bailey and others) Each day highlights a character principle (Sportsmanship, Integrity, Perseverance, Excellence, and Teamwork) lesson from one of the pros. This camp is open to athletes of all skill levels ages 7 to 13. Campers are to bring their own lunch daily Monday through Thursday. On the last day of camp, parents are invited out for our “Superbowl Fun Friday” and Awards Ceremony. For more info go to

Name of Camp: Kids & Pros Football Camp

Times: 8:30 - 2:00 pm (M-Th) 8:00 - Noon (Fri.)

Cost: $225.00

To register go to:

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