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Darrow Wilderness Trip Camp is based on an island in a remote part of northeastern Maine known for its pristine waters, breathtaking scenery, and superb fishing. Since our founding in 1957 by George and Janie Darrow, two Quaker educators, Darrow has offered wilderness trips that are truly challenging to mind and body

At Darrow we use wood-canvas canoes, wooden paddles, and cook over a fire every night, enjoying a style of travel essentially unchanged since the 19th century. Darrow is one of the few camps that still exclusively uses wood-canvas canoes, even for whitewater. We travel in small groups of up to 10 campers with two or more experienced staff.

Darrow offers a variety of fun-filled and exciting co-ed wilderness trips for ages 10-18. Our trips range from 1 to 6 weeks.  Junior trips explore the local lakes and rivers of the St Croix and Machias watersheds.  Intermediate trips are challenged by running the whitewater rapids of more remote rivers such as the Allagash and the St. John in northern Maine.  Senior trips explore the extremely remote and breathtakingly beautiful rivers of northern Quebec and Labrador on extended six week expeditions.

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