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#1 After School Karate & Wesley Chapel Summer Camp / Day Camp

Benefits of Wesley Chapel Summer Camp

Whose kids are going to develop more self confidence, self esteem, self defense skills, physical fitness and weight loss this summer?

That’s RIGHT, Yours!!!


At Wesley Chapel Summer Camp, Fun is number 1!


Learn Martial Arts with up to 10 lessons per week


That’s 100 lessons in the 10 weeks of summer camp


Our nationally recognized Bully Proof program included!


Attain life skills while having fun at Wesley Chapel Summer Camp


Children are coming down with carpal tunnel syndrome in their hands & wrists from sitting on the couch staring at video games


Set a goal to help attain and maintain your child’s fitness


Physical activity all summer to combat carpal tunnel, obesity and promote healthy bodies


We can’t stress enough the need for fitness in our children


Exciting karate games to help disguise repetition but remember repetition is the same as practice and practice makes perfect


Healthy Snacks & Drinks can be provided


Swimming every Tuesday at local Rec. center


Skating, bowling, movies, etc. Planned field trips every Friday


Bi-Weekly morning trips & lunch at the NEW, Wesley Chapel Park


8 Foot in - house movie screen


We have daily, weekly and complete 10 week programs


Discounts for every friend your family refers!




Hey MOMS guess what else? FREE UNIFORM included


Hours: 8am – 6pm daily Monday – Friday


So don’t DELAY, call TODAY, we usually fill-up by mid-MAY!!!


The best choice in Summer Camp in Wesley Chapel, Florida


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