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Camp Wild Moon is featuring a Summer Riding Camp for 10 to 17 year old boys & girls who love horses and are interested in an environment that allows fun and learning as well as challenge and adventure.   Our certified, ranked and experienced trainers will guide campers through hands-on riding experiences and demonstrations.  Our program is designed to teach basic equestrian skills and enhance the skills of more advanced riders.

This co-ed residence camp is located in North Georgia, 30 minutes south of Chattanooga, TN on Lookout Mountain and is offering four weekly sessions from Saturday to Sunday beginning July 12, 2009. We provide a safe, fun and non-competitive camp environment featuring Western saddle and offering both a General Equestrian session as well as Specialty Skills sessions in Roping and Barrels.   Our campers will also have an opportunity to “horse around” with fishing, canoeing, hiking and exploring our 3,000 acres and complete their camp experience with cookouts, campfires and friendships.

For more information, call 1.877.600 GO WILD (877-600-4694) and ask for Camp Wild Moon to reserve your space today and give your child an unforgettable summer experience!

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