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Blue Streak Stables “All Girl” Horsemanship Camps
Our Mission is to grasp your daughter’s love of horses, then create programs through riding and caring for horses that will improve her confidence & self esteem.  Your daughter will experience responsibility in working as a team member. She will also learn how to set her own personal goals and create a plan for accomplishing those goals.  Positive attitude and self confidence are created through accomplishments which will enable her to try new things and succeed in any endeavor.
Lesson Plans with goals are designed for body alignment, balance, leg pressures and seat weight in communicating with her assigned horse. This gives the student self confidence in accomplishment with every lesson. Horsemanship safety is always our top priority. Learn the safest way to work around horses. Professional instructors certified in their field of teaching riding in either Western or English.
Recognized by WALL STREET JOURNAL. American Camping Association Approved.  Certified Instructors
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