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through fine and manual arts, technology and collaboration.  Every summer campers collaborate on the spectacular Beam Project and engage with our full-time and visiting staff of professional architects, videographers, builders, engineers, designers, and makers of all kinds.

They practice the tools, techniques and temperaments of creation to apply to their own plots, plans and schemes. We believe that by making and collaborating, kids acquire the strength, confidence and knowledge that they can do and accomplish anything they want to. They learn to transform ideas into artifacts and action, personal achievement into community success.

Whether swimming and hiking, playing ball, telling stories, learning something new or building something spectacular, we do it with a commitment to collaboration, curiosity, openness and sense of place.

Our tools are as much imagination and perseverance as drill press, dance, camera and fabric. Our twin lakes, fields and mountains are as much our workshop as our computer lab and machine shop. We put all of it to use to inspire creation, play, and teaching kids how to bring ideas to life.">
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