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BBL "Learning and Loving Lax" \"Fun
These camps combine the best of both worlds - a terrific learning environment in which kids markedly improve, and a really fun experience that the kids will love.
Our camp day consists of fun skill development, games and activities designed to build your athletes skill set, while increasing their lacrosse intelligence. They are fun, age specific excersizes whereby they will absolute learn while increasing their love for lax!!
Session I - July 11th - 15th
Session II - July 18th - 22nd
Both Camps are at nearby Summit - Summit High School - GIRLS and Oratory Prep - BOYS
BBL Academy Specialty Camps\"2017
These camps are for the athlete who has experience playing lacrosse at a competitive level, or for those skilled athletes who want to really understand the facets and nuances of settled and transition Defense and Offense. Taught by All Americans Brodie Merrill/Chad Weidmeier and Brian Hubschmann/Billy McCutcheon, these camps offer the absolute best in training and development.
Building Blocks Lacrosse Defensive Specialty Camp - BBL is very proud to present this camp created in conjunction with Brodie Merrill and Chad Weidmeier, two of the absolute best defensive players in the game and considered by many experts as the best defensive player in the wold.
Building Blocks Lacrosse Offensive Specialty Camp- Taught by BBL Coaches and former All Americans Brian Hubschmann (Notre Dame & LI Lizards) and Billy McCutcheon (Hopkins and Towson), this camp specializes in individual offensive skills ranging from power shooting, to dodging, to off ball dominate play. This concentrated program helps players sharpen tier skills and broaden their vision as offensive minded athletes.
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