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Welcome to College Voyage! We are glad that you have chosen to learn more about our company and programs. College Voyage designs programs for high school students during two separate times in the year: 1) Summer and 2) Winter Break Our winter programs are designed for high school ski/snowboard clubs and summer programs are designed for college visits.

Additionally, we have developed our website to be extremely user friendly with online applications that gather all necessary information. We have incorporated a College Voyage Pipeline that is a password protected area where you may update any user information or manage any aspect of your College Voyage account. The SUMMER is a very special time for College Voyage because we get to visit colleges around the US with 100s’ of high school students. Currently we operate programs at the University of Vermont, University of California Berkeley, and Northeastern University.

We offer two types of programs during the summer: 1) US Pre-College and 2) College Admissions Prep. Each program provides countless benefits for high school students who will soon be entering college. The following list names a few of these benefits:

·         Engage in an SAT prep, TOEFL, or General English course taught by Kaplan Representatives (US Pre-College Only)

·         Feel prepared for college and have a better understanding of where you would like to go based on our college search workshop

·         Experience dorm life and roommates - Become familiar with admissions standards and filling out college applications

·         Explore and utilize university facilities such as the dining hall, athletic center, classrooms, bookstores, and libraries

·         Gain confidence with team-building activities such as ropes course, academic competitions, and athletic challenges

·         Have a blast on weekend and evening excursions to locations such as Alcatraz, Lake Champlain, Fisherman’s Wharf, Telegraph Avenue, to name a few.

·         Make lifelong friends and follow up with College Voyages unique reunion program

·         Work on staying in shape at the university’s athletic center

·         Learn exactly what admissions representatives are looking for in our workshops

·         Meet wonderful staff members all of which are highly educated

·         Join a network of progressive individuals that travels throughout the year WINTER Currently, we offer programs to various East and West Coast Mountains for high school students who participate in ski/snowboard clubs.

As is the case with all College Voyage programs – we include background checks on all of our staff, design the whole trip with a micro-site feature on our homepage, and work with advisors every step of the way. Below is a list of a few College Voyage ski/snowboard trips: - Mt. Bachelor, Oregon - Snowbird and Alta, Utah - Park City, Utah Thank you for taking a look at College Voyage.


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