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10 Things to know about Windells Camp
  1. Windells is the only snowboard/ski camp with its own private campus
  2. For 21 years Windells has been the leader in snowboarding camps
  3. Park and pipe maintained daily
  4. Skateboard campers at Windells take day trips to visit Oregon's legendary skate parks
  5. Every US Olympic medal-winning snowboarder has attended Windells
  6. Windells has camp sessions in the summer, winter and spring to help you progress year round
  7. Windells features poured concrete obstacles throughout the campus
  8. A majority of campers come back year after year
  9. Everyday campers enjoy the best coaching on the hill and a variety of activities in the afternoon and evening
  10. Windells is called the "funnest place on earth" for a reason
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